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INTERACTIVE VOICE RESPONSE SYSTEM FOR COLLEGE AUTOMATION. Gagandeep Singh Prashant Upadhyay Satyarth Bodh. Contents. Introduction Theory Components Major Components Block Diagram Practical Block Diagram Working Model Circuit Diagram Working Advantages. Introduction. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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INTERACTIVE VOICE RESPONSE SYSTEM FOR COLLEGE AUTOMATIONGagandeep Singh Prashant Upadhyay Satyarth BodhContentsIntroductionTheoryComponentsMajor ComponentsBlock DiagramPractical Block DiagramWorking ModelCircuit DiagramWorkingAdvantagesIVRS is a complete College Automation System which takes in to account the three important dimensions of Educational system namely students, teachers and parents.This system becomes handy in order that the parents get complete information about their wards, in terms of attendance, class tests marks and also the semester examination.The main motto of this system to give the information of student learning in college such as accounts, marks, attendance . Introduction3Every student is assigned a unique pin number, which is disclosed, only to the parents. The parents can use their mobile or regular telephone and using the pin numbers they can get the complete information about their wards.Introduction Contd.4Interactive voice response or IVR is a technology that allows a computer to detect keypad inputs. Examples of typical IVR applications are: telephone banking, televoting, call center and credit card transactions.It also allows the option of choosing automated services. Information can be fed to the caller allowing choices such as: wait in the queue, choose an automated service, or request a callback.

Theory5ComponentsNameDescription/QuantityMicro-controllerIC Pic16f876a MAX232 1MT8870 1LM7805 1Transistor BC547B Light Emitting Diodes 10Capacitors 1000F/25V ,100F/25V Diodes 1N4007 Resistors 10K, 1KTransformers 0-12v 500mA LCD(16*2) Relay 126Major Component of system. LCD. Display: - It has 16x2 LCD display to see the status of the transmitter. Max232 :- This is used in the system is to convert the level of 0 to 5 to -12 to +12v. But practically its work in between (-8.5 to +8.5)Full Wave Rectifier: - The full wave Bridge rectifier is used to convert 12 ac to the pulsating dc .Filter :-Filter is a used to convert pulsating dc to constant dc. It may me capacitor, RC network.12v Step Down Transformer :- It converts 230v supply to 12V.Linear Regulator:- regulator are used the system is used to convert high voltage to +5v constant dc.

Major Components7Block Diagram

8Practical Block Diagram

9It consists of :

(a)DTMF Decoder: - It decode the up coming hardware tones from the telephone line in a binary format. Tone decoder which is 8870. (b)Microcontroller:- It is a medium between decoder and a pc to communicate. Its ASM software count the ring. When the ring is greater than 4 it energize the relay to pick up the phone.Working Model10When phone is picked it gives command to the pc which is shown in the frame and the communication is established. If user input any no. then microcontroller continues scanning the DTMF IC and the transfer code to the PC. In this system we are using Microchip Companys controller of series 16f876A which is RISC based processor.(c) Comparator:- Comparator is used to detect the ring signal. When the telephone rings comparator circuit gives output high otherwise low.

Working Model Contd.11Circuit Diagram

12When the incoming call comes, the first pin of DTMF8870 senses the incoming call and voltage of second pin of 8870 will change from 2.5V to 1V. The comparator senses the change in voltage of second pin and its output goes up. This output is connected to the microcontroller which senses the change and gives an instruction to relay to switch on the telephone hook switch. Simultaneously the microcontroller gives an instruction to the PC to play the welcome message.

Working 13The caller is asked to press any key and when pressed, this sensed by DTMF 8870 and converted into equivalent binary form.Binary form is sensed by MAX 232 through micro controller and converted into RS232 format which is compatible to PC.As per the key pressed the software decides what action should be taken and the corresponding student details will be delivered. Working Contd.14As for example when the incoming calls comes the ring is detected by the hardware circuit and a welcome message WELCOME TO TECHNOCRATS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY AND SCIENCE is played. Then it asks to enter the single digit roll no. and after dialing the roll no. again, a message PRESS 1 FOR ATTENDANCE DETAILS, PRESS 2 FOR MARKS DETAILS, PRESS 3 FOR ACCOUNTS DETAILS AND PRESS 9 FOR EXIT is played. As per the key pressed corresponding data is fetched from the database and the message is played.

Working Contd.15The biggest advantage of IVR for small and large organizations is to save time and money. IVR systems can take care of most of the frequently asked questions that an organization receives. IVR systems have the advantage of making callers and customers feel like they're being attended to. Another advantage is that IVR systems don't sleep. They don't take lunch breaks. They don't go on vacations. Thus information is given at any time.This project is used for the college automation. If database of every student of every college under a university can be provided than it can be used for the whole university automation. Advantages16Thankyou17