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  • 8/8/2019 KBR Energy Brosur


    Energy, Petrochemicals and Chemicals

    Serving the entire value chain

  • 8/8/2019 KBR Energy Brosur


    For more than 90 years, we have worked side byside with clients the world over to meet projectobjectives and help them succeed

  • 8/8/2019 KBR Energy Brosur


    High demand, record prices, resource shortages, geopolitical uncertainty, the growing

    complexity and rising costs o projects navigating the challenges o todays energy

    landscape takes more than knowledge and hard work. It takes the right kind o partner.

    KBR is one o the worlds largest and most diverse providers o engineering, procurement,

    construction, commissioning and start-up (EPC-CS) services, process technology, consulting

    and industrial services to the energy, petrochemical and chemical industries. For more than

    90 years, we have worked side by side with clients the world over to meet project objectives

    and help them succeed.

    Our experience spans the entire range o the energy services cycle rom eld development

    planning and easibility studies, to engineering, construction and project management to on-

    site plant operations and maintenance on some o the biggest energy projects on land and


    These eorts are backed by the ull orce o a global organization o more than 50,000

    employees in over 45 countries and six business units. Four o these business units -

    Upstream, Downstream, Technology and Services - serve clients in the energy, petrochemical

    and chemical industries. What this means to you is a deep reservoir o talent, resources

    and experience across our business that can respond quickly and eectively to your project

    requirements. When theres a job to be done and theres no margin or error, you can trust

    KBR to deliver.

    The Right Partner or Your Business CriticalEnergy Projects


  • 8/8/2019 KBR Energy Brosur


    On the Tangguh LNG project in the Papua region o

    Indonesia we achieved more than 30 million construction

    work hours without a lost-time incident with a workorce

    o 9,000 that included around 600 local Papuan villagers

    and 2,700 regional Indonesian laborers.

  • 8/8/2019 KBR Energy Brosur


    Creating Sae, Productive Workplaces


    Value or service is a oundation o every business transaction. At KBR we dene it as doing

    what it takes to ensure your projects success. In a market o tight resources and record

    demand, that means delivering projects that meet your requirements or schedule, cost

    eciency, ongoing operating perormance, as well as your health, saety, environment and

    sustainable development commitments.

    KBR has also attained numerous ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OSHAs 18001 certications

    or individual acilities signiying our commitment to quality, environmental and saety

    management. In addition, KBR is one o the rst engineering, procurement and construction

    companies to achieve Global Integrated Certication in Quality, Saety and Environment by a

    third-party certiying and accreditation agency or all KBR operating centers around the world.

    Providing Solutions to Business Challenges

    KBRs single-minded dedication to HSE has earnedKBR numerous awards from clients and leadingindustry organizations for outstanding safetyperformance and best practices, including Most

    Outstanding Multinational Contractor in 2006 and 2007

    KBRs commitment to HSE is a core value that

    pervades every level o our organization. Our goal

    on every project is zero incidents and we work

    hard to achieve that aim. In the last three years we

    have lowered our recordable incident rate rom .39

    in 2005 to .25 in 2007. During the same period, our

    lost time incident rate was reduced rom .05 to .02.

    Health, saety and environment (HS&E)

    perormance is a critical actor that can

    greatly impact a projects success. Poor HSE

    perormance can cost you time and money

    and damage your companys reputation.

    With one o the best saety records among

    EPC contractors, KBR has developed a

    system o HSE standards and best practices

    that enables us to saely deliver your projects

    whether its a small capital construction

    project or a mega project with workers rom

    all over the world speaking a multitude o


  • 8/8/2019 KBR Energy Brosur


  • 8/8/2019 KBR Energy Brosur


    The phrase work globally, think locally

    has taken on new signicance or most

    companies in this time o growing

    globalization. KBR has a long history o

    developing programs that help our clients

    meet their environmental, social and local

    content commitments.

    Beginning in 1983 on the National Fertilizer

    Company o Nigeria (NAFCON)

    ammonia plant project, KBR established a

    methodology or recruiting, training and

    developing local workers. While each project

    and client has its own unique requirements,

    we have successully employed variations

    o this methodology on projects in ar-fung

    places such as rom Nigeria to Malaysia,

    Azerbaijan and Brazil. We use a similar

    approach to identiy promising local


    More than ever, the scale, nancial

    investment and technical demands o your

    projects require the right experience to

    achieve your nancial and perormance

    objectives. KBR employs a global workorce

    o some o the best and brightest minds in

    the engineering and construction industry to

    provide solutions and help to ensure

    the success o your project. This includes

    over 700 chemical engineers and more

    than 600 engineers with masters and

    PhDs in a wide range o disciplines civil,

    electrical, mechanical, chemical, petroleum,

    environmental, structural, metallurgical,

    marine, ocean, agricultural, material sciences

    and water resources.


    KBR employes over 700 chemical engineers andmore than 600 engineers with masters and PhDs ina wide range of disciplines

    Partners in Sustainable Development

    The Right People with the Right Skills or Your Project

    As contractor on the Nigeria LNG project since 1995, the KBR has helped train more than

    15,000 workers on Bonny Island. Our partnership with NETCO, Nigerias rst national

    engineering company, has evolved into a relationship that benets NETCO, KBR and

    the country o Nigeria. The work sharing arrangement has expanded to other projects,

    including more than 300,000 man hours on the Abgami FPSO project. In 2006, KBR also

    opened an oce in Lagos, Nigeria to deliver work and maintain local content capabilities.

  • 8/8/2019 KBR Energy Brosur


    On the massive ACG phased development project locatedin the Azerbaijan sector o the Caspian Sea, KBR evolved

    a tightly coordinated production line approach or the

    six platorms. By coordinating the design, abrication and

    installation schedules and interaces and incorporating

    lessons learned, we achieved signicant reduced cycle time

    to rst oil or our client and delivered predictable outcomes o

    CAPEX, schedule and ongoing operability.

  • 8/8/2019 KBR Energy Brosur


    Executing large-scale, challenging

    hydrocarbon projects in todays high-

    demand, resource-constrained environment

    requires a rare combination o people, skills

    and proven systems and processes.

    At KBR, we provide a complete range o

    services to deliver the most ecient, cost-

    eective and environmentally sae projects

    rom consulting, through engineering,

    procurement, construction and program

    management - or the entire spectrum o

    hydrocarbons production acilities onshore

    and the oshore shallow water and the

    oshore deepwater markets. We are

    constantly challenging ourselves to nd

    better and more cost-eective ways to do it.

    Our extensive EPC experience in lump

    sum and reimbursable contracts andsubcontracts management enables us

    to add value at every phase. Whether

    identiying the best conceptual solutions,

    developing cost-eective designs,

    or providing procurement, logistics,

    construction and support strategies to

    overcome location and schedule obstacles,

    KBR helps our customers derive the greatest

    value rom their assets.

    KBR is a world leader in oating, production, storageand o-loading vessels (FPSOs), designing nine o themand perorming the ront-end engineering and design onseveral others


    The worlds largest FPSO, Agbami

    o the Nigerian coast, is a foatingactory: 13 interlocking modules with

    production trains capable o processing

    a quarter-million barrels o oil and

    nearly hal a million cubic eet o gas

    a day. Storage capacity o more than

    two million barrels allows the Agbami

    to collect several days o production

    rom 36 subsea wells, 4,700 eet below

    the surace beore ofoading. KBR

    completed the design, engineering and

    procurement support or the topsides in

    only 12 months.

    Upstream Oil and Gas Production Facilities

    Helping clients economically execute complex oil and gas production acilities has been a

    KBR specialty or more than 60 years. Since then, we have been unsurpassed in our ability to

    deliver large-scale technically complex onshore and oshore acilities, foating solutions andsubsea installations and pipelines in all regions o the world and the most dicult places on

    the planet: in the Arctic, landlocked seas, equatorial orests, the Sahara desert and in ultra-

    deepwater elds.

    Delivering Complex Projects in the ToughestPlaces on Earth

  • 8/8/2019 KBR Energy Brosur


    To achieve SEGAS LNGs record-setting delivery o 35months rom EPC award to ready or start up, KBR drew on

    three decades o LNG EPC experience, devising innovations

    in global design execution, procurement and logistics. The

    largest LNG train LNG train in operation since start-up in late

    2004, SEGAS is one o the most cost-eective LNG plants

    in the world, with a compact, elegantly simple design that

    lends itsel to greater ease o operation and maintenance.

  • 8/8/2019 KBR Energy Brosur


    KBR is currently executing the two largest

    GTL projects in the world: Pearl in Ras

    Laan, Qatar, which has a capacity to

    produce approximately three billion barrels

    o oil equivalent per year; and Escravos in

    Escravos, Nigeria with an eventual capacity

    o 120,000 barrels per day.

    Since 1976 we have built LNG plants that

    currently provide 56 percent o the total

    LNG production, and we have executed

    more than hal o the existing LNG

    receiving terminals outside o Japan.

    During this time we have set new standards

    or design, train size and delivery. We have

    also worked with our clients to benet the

    local community surrounding our projects

    by building roads, power acilities, hospitals

    and schools and trained local workorces,equipping them with skills that will benet

    their countries or years to come. Customer

    loyalty and repeat business is one o KBRs

    biggest success stories, and an armation

    o how we do business.

    Gas MonetizationWith the enormous escalation in the cost, complexity and risk involved in building new

    liqueed natural gas (LNG) acilities, the ability to deliver technically challenging projects on

    schedule in dicult environments is absolutely critical. KBR and our joint venture partner

    JGC have one o the longest and most successul LNG track records in the industry. We

    are also establishing ourselves as leaders in the technically challenging GTL market, where

    the magnitude o the projects - rom $12 billion to $15 billion, with a peak construction

    workorce o 30,000 to 50,000 - is changing the ace o EPC execution.


    Setting New Standards with Pearl GTL

    Bintulu, Malaysia is the site o Malaysia

    LNG, the worlds largest LNG plant.

    KBR has operated here continually

    since building the rst train more than

    20 years ago through the recently

    completely third expansion phase TIGA.

    The entire time KBR has maintained a

    close relationship with the client and

    the people o the community, training

    and elding an increasingly nationalized

    work orce and setting saety milestones

    including 50 million man-hours without

    a lost time incident on MLNG TIGA.

  • 8/8/2019 KBR Energy Brosur


    More than 50 ROSE units have been licensed, with

    an average on stream actor o 95 percent. KBR is also

    pioneering a ROSE in the eld application that reduces

    transportation costs rom the wellhead.

  • 8/8/2019 KBR Energy Brosur


    At the Eastman Chemical plant in Longview, Texas, KBR

    employees routinely work with the client to solve their

    daily challenges. This has included nding an alternative

    approach to adjust the cooling water in one o the plants,

    shaving o a hal-million dollars rom a $10 million dollar

    project. KBR also saved the client $750,000 by nding a

    better way to repair the foor o a heater without losing

    the reractory. It has also meant a nearly-fawless saety

    record three-and-a-hal years without a recordable

    injury, ve years without a lost-time injury.


    Todays reneries and petrochemicals plants are under increasing pressure to improve margins

    and protability in the ace o a dwindling supply o quality crudes and stringent environmental

    regulation. Continuous improvements have made KBR downstream technologies industry

    leaders in long-term reliability, superior operability and lower installed cost.

    We support these technologies with global EPC-CS and project management resources that

    can execute a sae, reliable plant. Our Canadian operations supply construction, turnaround,

    pipe abrication and modular services to the countrys leading rening and petrochemical

    operators. We also oer a ull spectrum o on-site maintenance and turnaround services to our

    North American and international clients that help combat the rising cost o plant upkeep and

    maintenance. With innovative management systems and a database o more than 19,000 skilled

    employees that can be deployed worldwide, KBR can maintain your acility in peak operating


    High-Value Solutions or Maximizing Hydrocarbon Assets

    Solving problems and saving money or clients is oneo the reasons KBRs acilities services teams haveaverage tenure o over 17 years at existing projects

    With rising eedstock costs and the need to

    process greater quantities o heavy oil and

    convert challenge crudes into high-value

    transport uels squeezing margins, reners

    are being tested like never beore.

    A leader in petroleum rening or the past

    50 years and a specialist in heavy, low-value

    hydrocarbons, KBR oers a variety o rening

    solutions to help you squeeze the most value

    rom every barrel. A pioneer in fuid catalytic

    cracking (FCC) technology, since 1990 KBR has

    designed more than a dozen FCC units and

    revamped more than 160 FCC units worldwide.

    Our market-leading ROSE deasphalting

    technology is helping reners and heavy oil

    upgraders worldwide achieve higher yields

    o high-value transportation uels reliably

    and cost eciently and with 50 percent less

    energy usage compared to conventional


  • 8/8/2019 KBR Energy Brosur


    The PetroChina Lanzhou Petrochemical ethylene plant

    in China has a total capacity o 600,000 ton/year and has

    produced excellent yields or the client, who stated that

    KBRs SCORE technology process is quite fexible, which

    contributed to a rapid startup, and the yields are excellent.

  • 8/8/2019 KBR Energy Brosur


    PetrochemicalsWhether its a modern large-scale grassroots plant, a revamp or a process unit, KBR has

    the skill sets to meet the needs o global petrochemical operators.

    It starts with our proven technology perected through years o experience that delivers

    maximum yields with the least amount o eedstock. Our Selective Cracking Optimum

    Recovery (SCORE) technology oered through a licensing agreement with ExxonMobil

    is one o the most ecient ethylene processes on the market. Depending on the eed,

    SCORE technology produces rom our percent up to 12 percent more ethylene than typical

    designs, with less energy input per unit o ethylene produced.

    KBRs SUPERFLEX propylene technology converts low value olens streams into

    high value propylene and ethylene or Polymers production, as well as components or

    clean uels. Unconverted components are recycled to extinction, maximizing propylene

    production and eliminating waste. Typically, SUPERFLEX produces olens with a 2 to 1

    propylene/ethylene ratio the exact opposite o most liquid-based ethylene plants.

    We support these technologies with seasoned engineering teams who have the know-how

    to deliver the most cost-eective and ecient design or your eedstock. We also oer

    global EPC-CS and project management resources that can execute a sae, reliable plant

    thats easy to operate and maintain all within your timerame and budget.

    With a track record o nearly 60 years o petrochemicals experience, KBR has the right

    processes or your applications and your business goals.

    Construction o a propylene plant with a capacity o200,000 tons/year, using KBRs SUPERFLEX technology,will not only sort out the need or increased propyleneduring Chinas 11th Five-Year-Plan period, but willalso provide a new approach to deep processing the

    low-value olefns byproducts rom oil refneries andcrackers in the region- Mr. Li Dianjun, vice president and chie engineer o JiHua, was quoted as saying.

  • 8/8/2019 KBR Energy Brosur


    KBR provided technology and basic engineering or the 450

    metric ton per day Tianji Fangyuan Chemical Development Co.

    Aniline Plant located in Lucheng,Shanxi, China. Tianji selected

    this technology because the process oers them a lower cost o

    production and a higher quality product.

  • 8/8/2019 KBR Energy Brosur


    In todays competitive petrochemicals market, companies must nd ways to diversiy their

    product portolio to gain higher margins and penetrate new markets.

    KBR oers a range o technologies, including aniline, phenol, N-parans and

    NExOCTANE, that can help clients bridge the gap between commodity petrochemicals

    and intermediate chemicals that utilize more eedstock and command higher prices.

    As the leader in phenol technology or

    more than 50 years and experience with

    a wide range o projects to help you

    throughout the project liecycle, rom the

    project development phase by helping you

    determine the best mix o products or

    the greatest value through engineering,

    procurement and construction o the plant,

    (and any combination o services therein),

    KBR helps you achieve your perormance



    Greatest Value

    As we increase our plant capacity to world-scalelimits, meeting our business requirements or capitalprojects is even more critical. This was an importantconsideration when choosing KBR.- Mr. Liao Zengtai, President o Ningbo Wanhua

    The DuPont aniline process allows

    Wanhua to implement a technology

    that reduces their project costs

    while ensuring saety and


  • 8/8/2019 KBR Energy Brosur


    The 2,000 mtpd EBIC project represents the largest commercial

    application o KBRs proprietary KAAP technology since its

    introduction to the market in 1992, and the rst in Egypt. KAAP

    positions the plant owner as a low-cost producer in the highly

    competitive ammonia business.

  • 8/8/2019 KBR Energy Brosur


    AmmoniaTheres a reason why operators the world over turn to KBR or ammonia technology. With

    more than 60 years experience and over 200 KBR-licensed ammonia plants to our credit,

    KBR ammonia process technology is the cornerstone o the ertilizer industry. Our plants are

    known worldwide or delivering sae, low-cost, reliable perormance year in, year out.

    KBR has a portolio o ammonia technology options rom which we select the best

    combination to meet your technical and economic needs. We oer fow sheet options or

    the three main sections o the plant - syngas preparation, syngas purication, and ammonia

    synthesis. One fow sheet option that minimizes energy consumption has demonstrated

    that it consumes less than 6.5 Gcal per ton, the industry benchmark.

    Complementing KBR ammonia technologies is a ull range o services available individually

    or as part o an integrated package - rom project development and easibility studies,

    through execution and startup, operation and maintenance and advance process

    automation. For reliable startups, reduced energy consumption and low-cost dependabilityproven over time turn to the recognized leader in ammonia process technology KBR.

    KBR has been involved in the licensing, design, engineering and/or construction o more than 200 ammonia plants worldwide, including

    almost a dozen plants in Trinidad.

  • 8/8/2019 KBR Energy Brosur


    An engineering scale, 50 MTPD demonstration unit o the TRIG

    has been in operation since the mid-1990s, at the Power Systems

    Development Facility (PSDF) in Wilsonville, Alabama, USA. The unit

    has run successully on a wide range o coals, including bituminous,

    sub-bituminous, and various lignites. One o the unique advantages o

    the TRIG is its ability to operate in the air-blown mode or IGCC power

    generation applications or the oxygen-blown mode that produces

    syngas or a variety o chemicals and uels applications.


    Alternate Energy Solutions

  • 8/8/2019 KBR Energy Brosur


    Heeding the call rom governments and

    citizens to lower greenhouse gas emissions,

    operators are seeking innovative solutions

    to one o their more complex environmental

    challenges: what to do with CO2 emissionsrom hydrocarbon processes.

    KBR oers a variety o solutions or

    capturing, compressing, transporting and

    storing CO2

    based on more than 60 years o

    experience with urea plants.

    For one major gas development project we

    used a method known as geologic storage

    to capture and isolate excess carbon dioxide

    and inject it into a brine ormation a mile

    below the surace.

    As a leading EPC contractor, we have

    experience with every commercially

    available CCS process. We will use this

    knowledge to design a solution that meets

    your application and requirements.

    Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)

    Coal GasifcationAs oil prices continue to spiral to higher levels, operators around the world are looking

    or lower cost energy alternatives to meet growing demand. For many the answer is coal,

    which comprises some 60 percent o world ossil energy reserves including vast deposits in

    North America, Europe, Russia and Asia where the energy demand is greatest.

    KBRs transport integrated gasier (TRIG) technology oers a better way or power

    generation and chemical production rom the worlds plentiul low-grade coals more

    economically, reliably and with lower emissions than any other gasier on the market. Not

    only does it eectively handle low rank sub-bituminous and lignite coal, KBRs process is

    expected to deliver power commercially at a cost lower than that o the most advanced coal

    red plants.

    Depending on your requirements, KBR oers a range o services to the coal monetization

    market rom technology and ront-end engineering design (FEED) through ull EPC

    services, commissioning and start up. We can also integrate our gasier technology withother technologies, such as ammonia and methanol, enabling you to minimize energy

    consumption and reduce water usage. KBRs experienced engineers can put together an

    entire plant using integrated process design to deliver the greatest eciencies.

  • 8/8/2019 KBR Energy Brosur


    Using the unique 360 views that the center aords them,

    the KBRTCs engineers scan technology developments

    rom university and industry R&D departments, ndingways to synthesize and combine them or commercial

    applications. An example o this is SUPERFLEX, which

    is based on a process developed by ARCO. Using our

    expertise in olens and rening and catalytic cracking,

    KBR developed a complete SUPERFLEX technology that

    uses low value renery streams to make high value

    propylene and ethylene or polymers and plastics.

    KBR Technology Center

  • 8/8/2019 KBR Energy Brosur


    KBRs Technology Center has a legacy o investing innew technology and improving existing technology thatdates back to the mid-1920s

    For more information about KBR technology and services,e-mail [email protected] or visit www.kbr.com

    Oil and gas operators the world over are

    being challenged like never beore to meetincreasing demands on energy supply.

    KBR has the experience and resources to

    help our clients to successully meet these

    challenges. Whether its providing the latest

    and best process technologies to maximize

    hydrocarbon assets; designing

    and constructing the inrastructure and

    acilities to exploit energy resources insome o the worlds most remote locations;

    or navigating the intricacies o undertaking

    major projects in geopolitically challenging

    environments, you can depend on KBR

    or single-source, integrated solutions and

    ecient, reliable project execution.

    Global Solutions to Todays Energy Challenges

    When you purchase KBR technology you have the added comort o knowing that you have

    the ull support o our Technology Center behind you. Located in Houston, Texas, the KBR

    Technology Center has a legacy in technology research and development that dates back to the

    mid-1920s when Morris Kellogg started the industrys rst research laboratory.

    The center contains a number o pilot plant and pilot plant abrication acilities, analytical

    laboratories and a talented sta o engineers, chemists, pilot plant specialists and cratsmen

    who can test your eedstock and help devise the best plant conguration or your application

    and specications. We can also quickly devise solutions should any problems arise.

    In addition to supporting our current licensed oerings and developing new technology or

    the market, the KBR Technology Center also works with joint venture partners to develop and

    commercialize new technology or the energy and chemicals industry.

    Serving Our Clients or More Than 80 Years

  • 8/8/2019 KBR Energy Brosur



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