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Master FranchiseOpportunities

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Welcome. | 855.624.3744

Thank you for your interest in Maid Right’s Regional Master Franchise opportunity. The Maid Right Franchise System is structured around the Regional Master Franchise Concept, which our sister company JAN-PRO has successfully grown into a multi-million dollar franchise network, receiving accolades, including fastest growing franchise and recognition in Entrepreneur Magazine’s coveted Annual Franchise 500 Awards. This concept takes advantage of a decentralized management structure where each Regional Master Franchisee offers franchises in their exclusive market.

Our Regional Master Franchise Program is truly an Executive’s Business. How does cleaning qualify as an executive’s business? The answer is simple! Cleaning itself has little to do with Maid Right’s Regional Master Franchise Format for allowing seasoned executives to capitalize on the business of ‘franchise’ cleaning. You, the Regional Master Franchisee will operate your business during normal Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 business hours in a professional office environment while your Unit Franchisees will provide cleaning services to customers supported by your office staff. There are a few things about Maid Right that are unique to any residential cleaning franchise system:

With most companies when you grow your business, you spend money, when you grow your business with Maid Right… get money, either from new Unit Franchisees or existing Unit Franchisees that choose to up*-grade their business volume. Your initial income will come from Unit Franchise sales (see enclosure Franchise Plans) creating almost immediate cash flow. Your business will also generate weekly royalties from customers serviced by your Unit Franchisees. You will manage 100% of cash flow, collecting payments and dispersing payments to your Unit Franchisees at the end of each month. The Maid Right business model, with the Unit Franchisee performing the cleaning services, addresses one of the biggest challenges that plagues the residential cleaning industry. In an industry of high employee turnover, keeping customer’s long term is difficult. With the Maid Right Unit Franchisee owning his/her own business, he/she will better understand the needs of their customers and ensure that they exceed their customers’ expectations, resulting in low customer turnover.

Maid Right has proprietary operating systems to manage all the moving parts of your business and give you a set of processes that are smooth and easy to control. If the prospect of becoming a Regional Master Franchisor appeals to you, then you will want to give Maid Right Regional Master Franchise concept strong consideration. Our state-of-the-art franchise program will provide a turnkey approach to establish your future in one of the country’s most promising industries – the franchise segment of the residential cleaning industry. Given your background, it may be a most promising opportunity for you.

I personally want to thank you for your time and look forward to partnering with you to grow your business.

To Your Success,Maid Right Franchising, LLC.

Scott ThompsonVice President of Franchise Development

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• With more than $50-billion in annual sales, the residential cleaning industry is dynamic and rapidly growing.

• Residential cleaning is fragmented with 40,000 mom-and-pop operations.You have the opportunity to use Maid Right's proven systems to create a lucrative business and give structure to an industry that lacks organization.

• With no major licensing, certifying body to offer best practices or regulate the industry, Maid Right is seen as the authority.

Why Residential Cleaning?

• The home cleaning franchise industry is resistant to economic downturns because no matter what else changes, people want to enjoy the benefits of a clean home. • With today's busy lifestyle, people don't always have the time or energy to keep up with this chore.

• The has lead to residential cleaning growing 66% over the last 10 years.

Growth Industry

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What makes Maid Right unique?

Why customers choose Maid Right

• Master Model - Through the Maid Right Regional Master Franchisee model, executives get a chance to use their upper management skills to build their territories. You will be in charge of building your customer base and selling unit franchises, NO actual cleaning involved in your position.

• Unit Franchisees - Your unit franchisees act as your cleaning crews. They are responsible for day to day cleaning and because they are owners of their own business they care more about taking care of the customer. This also lets the customer have peace of mind with a perfect clean every time with the same cleaners.

• Maid Right also has the best satisfaction guarantee in the industry. | 855.624.3744

MR Signature Clean


™ MR Technics™

MR Tracker ™

Advanced training and certification programsStrong branding with uniforms &name badgesHigh level of customer service from the owner/operator

Color-coded microfiber cleaning cloths and mopsBackpack vacuums with hospital-quality filtrationEnvironmentally-friendly “green” cleaningIndustry first disinfecting technology EnviroShield™Hospital-Grade Solutions and Cleaning AgentsRegularly scheduled quality

checksMonthly report cards from customers

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Why Maid Right?

• Maid Right offers their owner’s proprietary customer and franchisee relationship management software called Maid View that will help streamline your operations.

Manages billing statements.

Flows documentation right into QuickBooks.

Robust reporting and dashboards which are easy to use and manage.

Contains a mobile app to keep track of franchisee relations and accounts while on-the-go.

NO receivables.

Manages scheduling.

Payment processing for customers.

Quality assurance and estimator tool for franchisees

Maid View

• As an experienced executive, your leadership skills can be applied directly to building your own business. Maid Right’s unique two-tier franchise model gives you the opportunity to run a business and develop a local team of single unit franchisees who care for the customer’s cleaning needs.

• You drive the business growth via marketing, training and business management .

• Your franchisees deliver exceptional cleaning services to the residential clients. • You will build long-term annuity while helping provide a path to owning a high-growth service business to others who otherwise would never have thought it possible to be entrepreneurs.

• The longevity, expertise and success of the JAN-PRO franchise model has been adapted for home cleaning customers through Maid Right. | 855.624.3744

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Premium Franchise Brands Team

Rich Kissane

Premium Franchise Brands CEO/President

Eddie Curry

Premium Franchise Brands CFO/VP

Danessa Itaya

Maid Right Vice President

Over 30 years of franchising and commercial cleaning experience.

CEO of OneSource

President of AlphaGraphics

COO of Sylvan Learning

EVP of Wendy’s

25 Years of franchise experience in finance.

CFO of Velocity Sports Performance

VP of Accounting at Marketing Event Partners

VP and Director of Treasury

18 years with Molly Maid, most recently as Vice President of Operations

Over 10 years of experience with multi-brand franchising

President of Ms. Molly Foundation

Proven Franchising Model

• Maid Right is backed by Premium Franchise Brands, parent company of JAN-PRO, the #1 commercial cleaning company in the world.

• With nearly two decades of award-winning franchise support, Premium Franchise Brands has built a network of successful Regional Master Franchisors to help you rise to the top of the industry. | 855.624.3744

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As a Regional Master Franchisee you will receive one-time franchise fees, upgrade fees and on-going recurring revenues such as royalties, support fees, supply revenues and insurance revenues from unit franchisee owners. Those owner-operators buy franchises from you and take over the daily challenge of cleaning homes and serving clients.

Smart Business Model

• Instead of spending your time hiring hourly or weekly cleaning crews, master owners sell unit franchises to owner-operators who will directly service the home cleaning needs of their clients.

• Unlike other residential-cleaning companies, we believe that people who own a home cleaning franchise are more dedicated to quality service than are people who simply work for a paycheck.

Recurring Revenue

• Maid Right Regional Master Franchisee owners build their business by developing and supporting a local team of unit franchisees who provide the exceptional Maid Right services.

• As a Regional Master Franchisee you can help others succeed in business by providing top-notch training, support and mentorship.

Servicing the Community | 855.624.3744

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• Your startup cost is initially based on a franchise fee of$1 per qualified household. A qualified household has a $75,000 household income and above. An average territory has between 80K - 120K qualified homes. • 2,000-square-foot office space which will provide easy access for franchisees to come for seminars, training and supplies. • No inventory, equipment or major-build-outs required. • Maid Right also provides you with in-house financing on the initial franchise fee for qualified candidates.

• Total initial investment is between $208,000 and $601,000 per item 7 of the FDD.

Startup Costs

8-step Mutual Evaluation Process


Mutual Evaluation





Candidate Application

Schedule Discovery


Executive Committee


Sign Franchise


3 5 72 4 6 8 | 855.624.3744

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Thank you.

We look forward to partnering with you in your business.