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Have you hit a wall trying to raise capital for your business? Try crowdfunding with Kickstarter! This seminar will walk you through the steps of creating a multi-touch, cross-platform campaign using the PPLE (plan, prepare, launch engage) Method. You’ll walk away with the “Ultimate Kickstarter & Crowdfunding Campaign Kit” and a personalized roadmap that will lead your campaign to success! Presentation by Marty Koenig, CxO To Go


  • 1.Make Your KickstarterCrowdfunding CampaignInsanely SuccessfulMarty Koenig CEO of CxO To Go and CrowdfundEnergy 303-995-4523DO WHAT YOU LOVE .. WELL DO THE REST

2. Agenda Who is Marty? Expectations & Benefits Stats How NOT to do a Crowdfunding Campaign The PPLE MethodTM Q&A 3. How You Will Benefit Learn about free resources and tools tohelp set your campaign apart from therest Use the PPLE method Discover pitfalls to avoid Get the Ultimate Kickstarter &Crowdfunding Campaign Kit. Free +Bonuses Create a multi-touch, cross-platformcampaign Not a pitch, just an opportunity to learn 4. Me 5. Stats 21% raise not a singlepenny 90% of the 30%-ers meetor exceed goal Campaigns That TakeThese Six Actions Raise 8Times More MoneyThan Campaigns ThatDont 6. How NOT to do Crowdfunding Kickstarter and Crowdfunding No-Nos Post and Hope Craigslist The Nike Approach US and UK Only Prohibited Projects Set It and Forget It Dont Plan and Prepare and Engage Your Tribe 7. Prohibited on Kickstarter Alcohol (prohibited as a reward) Heating and cooling products Automotive products Home improvement products Baby products Infomercial or As-Seen-on-TV type products Bath and beauty products Medical and safety-related products Contests (entry fees, prize money, within your Multilevel marketing and pyramid programsproject to encourage support, etc) Nutritional supplements Cosmetics Offensive material (hate speech, inappropriate content, Coupons, discounts, and cash-value gift cards etc) Drugs, drug-like substances, drug Pet suppliesparaphernalia, tobacco, etc Pornographic material Electronic surveillance equipment Projects endorsing or opposing a political candidate Energy drinks Projects promoting or glorifying acts of violence Exercise and fitness products Projects using Kickstarter simply to sell existing inventory Eyewear (sunglasses, prescription glasses, etc) Raffles, lotteries, and sweepstakes Financial incentives (ownership, share of Real estateprofits, repayment/loans, etc) Rewards in bulk quantities (more than ten of an item) Firearms, weapons, and knives Rewards not directly produced by the project or its creator(no offering things from the garage, repackaged existing Health and personal care productsproducts, weekends at the resort, etc) Self-help books, DVDs, CDs, etc 8. Unsuccessful Live Campaigns My Review In Process My Review - Download 9. PLAN PREPARE Messaging Kickstarter Candidate? Keyword Search Tribe/Social Following Use Cases Competitive Research Complete Story Review Other Campaigns Target Audience Reach Out Lay out Timeframe Design Rewards ID Fans and Evangelists Frame up Rewards Script/Shoot Video Financial Plan Landing Page/Countdown Build Buzz Build Your Story Prepare Social Media Back Some Projects Press Releases 10. LAUNCH ENGAGE Open the Floodgates Relentless Communications Tribe/Social Updates on/offline Following Promote, Promote Email Campaign Focus on Tribe/Social FB, Twitter, LI Following Leverage Networks Ongoing Email Campaign FB, Twitter, LI Blogger Sharing Status Updates Local Guerilla Mktg Mid-Campaign Wild Card 11. Free Resources YouTube Blog Sites Celebrity Bloggers Facebook Relationships Social Media Your Financial Plan Your Marketing Plan Your Discipline and Persistence Books, Tools, Examples, Other Campaigns 12. Successful Campaigns 13. 14. What Projects to Fund 15. Special Offers1. Free BookInside the book: Bonuses: - 2. Kickstarter Score &3. Huge List of Crowdfunding Sites This presentation same site5. A Real Crowdfunding Review Example 16. Q&A 17. More Help? Rated Seller Status in


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