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March 4 Employee Engagement Event - Glassdoor



When Successful Employee EngagementBecomes Employer BrandingClick to edit Master title styleClick to edit Master title style [email protected] @holloman 1Welcome to todays webinar Assemble, Arm and Amplify.

Today we will talk about Next Level Employer Branding Strategies to Stand Out from the Pack basically how to differentiate your company to recruit top talent

We would like this session to be highly engaging and collaborative so please make sure you ask any questions you may have throughout this presentation . [email protected] @holloman In addition to Glassdoor2AgendaThe Power of Employer BrandingEmployee Engagement StrategiesAssemble Your Talent Army of Brand AmbassadorsArm Your Brand Ambassadors Amplify Your MessageHow to Top the Employer Branding ChartsQuestions? [email protected] @holloman Hi Everyone, I am happy to be here and am really excited about this topic today. Here is a quick look at our agenda:

The Power of Employer BrandingNext Level Employer Branding StrategiesAssemble Your Talent Army of Brand AmbassadorsArm Your Brand Ambassadors Amplify Your MessageHow to Top the Employer Branding ChartsCase Study ExamplesQuestions?

3The Power of Employer Branding [email protected] @holloman Employer Branding denotes a companys reputation as an employer. The term was used first in the 90s, and has become widely adopted by the global management community. [ref: Wiki page]4

84%Would leave their current job for a company with an excellent reputation

69%of jobseekers would not take a job with a company that had a bad reputationWhy Employer Branding Matters [email protected] @holloman This stat speaks for itself. People DO NOT want to work for a company with a bad reputation no matter what circumstance that they are in.5

96%read reviews before accepting a job offer

If you dont tell your story,someone else will telltheir version of it [email protected] @holloman And it would take little pay increase to get these people to move IF you have a good reputation. Also, if you dont manage your employer brand (ie. have you head in the sand) the story will be written for you. Your employees are already going to sites like Glassdoor to write what they think about what its like to work at your company.6Glassdoor adaption in the UK & Beyond6Mcontent300Kcompanies15Mjobs190countries22MmembersUK traffic growth over 5 yearsToday British jobseekers engage with,000times a month(Source: Software Advice Report, Jan 2014)British employers that engage with their Glassdoor audience [email protected] @holloman Just to tell you a little about the influence GD has on candidates, 48% of job seekers are using it. Glassdoor has become the most trusted & transparent place for candidates to search for jobs and research companies. 7But Where Do You Begin? [email protected] @holloman But where do you start? Like a band assembling in a garage how do you find out what instruments to use and who will be playing what part?8

Step 1: ASSEMBLE your army of talent brand ambassadors [email protected] @holloman First things first, you need to assemble your group of talent brand ambassadors.And where best to start assembling than within your organization. Your employees are shaping the decisions of future candidates. You also need to think about those external fans as well coming to your page to do homework on why you are a great place to work and what message they are getting.9

Step 2: ARM your brand ambassadors [email protected] @holloman So you need to arm those within and outside your org with the right instruments. What are your employees saying and is it consistent to your company message? What are candidates saying before and after interviews and what can you learn from that?10

Step 3: AMPLIFY your message [email protected] @holloman Once you have the kinks worked out in that band, turn the volume up cause youre ready to start blasting out that message to EVERYONE!11

Career SitesI love working at Marketo. We have a strong team of extremely talented people who are relentless overachievers. You can feel the buzz of energy as soon as you walk into the office.

MarketoProfessional ServicesWhere to Amplify Your Message

Networking andEventsHighlight the goodon career site andsocial media


Twitter FacebookLinkedIn [email protected] @holloman Where can you amplify that message? Companies need to ensure that all messages are consistent on Glassdoor, FB, LI, Twitter, and their career site. Ever thought of using employee testimonials on your career page or linking them to Glassdoor from your career page? This transparency helps build trust with your candidates and companies from Pepsi to smaller companies like Gentle Dental are doing this.12How to Top the Employer Branding Charts [email protected] @holloman Now a lot of you may be saying or thinking Alison Im already doing all of this.what else will separate my company from the pack so I rise to the top of the Employer Branding charts?13

Read What Others Are Saying about You [email protected] @holloman One thing that you can do is read what others are saying about you. Now as a recruiter, this might sound daunting, but Glassdoor has word clouds and other insights to make this a lot easier for you, but you need to fully understand all the pros of working for your great company, and all the place is perfect, so you should never be discouraged. Take this as a learning oppty.14

Be a Marketer [email protected] @holloman Were hearing it everywhere recruiting and marketing are becoming one in the same. As a recruiter, you have to be able to market your strengths and message to the talent that you are trying to reach. Marketo is going to give you a great case study in a bit on how they were able to do this successfully.


Join the Conversation [email protected] @holloman JOIN THE CONVERSATION! Its crucial that you are writing the story about your employer brand. 94% of candidates are interested in what the employer has to say on what makes you a great place to work, so make it easy and accessible to all your fans. Record it in videos and get that story/song out there!


Measure ROI [email protected] @holloman You have to measure ROI. Make sure you are tracking candidates when they are applying to ensure that your message is resonating to the right people your fans or fandidates as I like to call them.


Questions? [email protected] @holloman 18Claim Your FREE Basic Employer Profile!

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