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  • 1. Markwhat will yours be?

2. innovationtransforming the student leadership conference 3. simplicity inspiration culture 4. simplicity 5. simplicity 6. simplicity 7. simplicity 8. simplicitySimplicity is the ultimatesophistication. 9. inspiration 10. inspiration 11. inspirationThe prerequisite oforiginality is the art offorgetting, at the propermoment, what we know. 12. inspiration 13. inspiration 14. inspirationIdea Blending: The art ofblending ones personalexpertise with expertise invarious disciplines to createbig ideas. 15. culture 16. cultureBet big on creative people,give them enormous leewayand support, and providethem with an environmentwhere they can get honestfeedback from all. 17. cultureBrainstorm Analyze Executedont confuse these 18. cultureThis is my idea, how canI make it better? 19. cultureThe Yes And Principle 20. simplicity inspiration culture 21. EXECUTION 22. Analysis Paralysis: Gettingstuck in the process ofanalyzing ideas & unable tomove on. 23. Rapid Prototypingbig ideatry it outLIlGhighfive 24. In closing... 25. simplicityKeep things simple. 26. inspirationLook outward for inspiration,and forget everything youalready know about studentleadership conferences. 27. cultureLet ideas flow freely by usingstatements like yes and inresponse to new ideas. 28. Embrace discomfort with ideaexecution by using the rapidprototyping process. 29. innovationtransforming the student leadership conference 30. Markwhat will yours be?March 1st 2014 31. Location: Livingston Student Center 32. Markwhat will yours be? 33. CaptainExpectationsFriday MeetingsSummer TrainingsMonthly full-teammeetings3-5 Ofce Hours aWeek}What overlapwill occur forIgniteCoordinators? 34. Original Mark Conference Organizational Chart 35. WExpectations 36. Promotions & OutreachCreate a strategy that ensures all tickets are sold.Work with the Student Life media team to ensure conference maintains apositive brand that adheres to the values of the conference.Build a team to manage conference social media accounts in an innovative,meaningful and consistent manner.Create a strategy to ensure at least 5-7 institutions from the region attendthe conference.Work with experience captain to oversee all outreach with attendees.With the support of the conference advisors, build a team of 5-7 studentsthat will work with you to accomplish the goals within your area. 37. Conference ExperienceManage aspects of the student center reservation requests for theconference.Create a menu for the conference and work with appropriate vendors tocoordinate meals for the conference.Dream up and execute a creative conference experience. This includesstage design, the look of the lounge spaces, and any other components ofthe overall conference experience.Oversee components of the registration and check in process to ensurethat the experience of attendees is cohesive from purchasing a ticket to theclosing speaker.With the support of the conference advisors, build a team of 5-7 studentsthat will work with you to accomplish the goals within your area. 38. Team Development & CommunicationResponsible for designing and coordinating the full team meetings with allconference planning team membersCome up with new ideas to streamline communication efforts between theconference captains as well as the full conference planning teamOrganize new initiatives to build cohesion among the conference planningteamWork with the conference advisors to identify topics for training teamcaptains and coordinate those trainingsOversee the Mark Story Project--working with Promotions and OutreachWith the support of the conference advisors, build a team of 5-7 studentsthat will work with you to accomplish the goals within your area.b 39. Create a strategy to raise funds for the conference. You will set thefundraising goal for the conference, and then work toachievethat goal withhopes of surpassing it.Build strategic partnerships at the university. Partnerships that will help tobuild in unique components to conference and/or cover costs of speakers.Develop good relationships with local business that can serve asconference sponsors.Come up with creative ways to involve conference volunteers. Work withexperience captain to identify needs.With the support of the conference advisors, build a team of 5-7 studentsthat will work with you to accomplish the goals within your area.IConference Resources 40. the TBD componentExperienceCaptainStudent CenterReservationsSpace DesignMeals 41. Markwhat will yours be? 42. Whats an example of a strong, successful teamyouve been on and what made it function sowell?What pieces are important to building a strongteam?BTeamwork Makes theDream Work 43. 9Your Communication StyleHow will you communicate with your team?How will you know they are doing what they saythey are doing?How do you want your team communicating theirprogress, struggles, questions?How will you communicate expectations to yourteam? 44. HBrainstormSession 45. Markwhat will yours be?