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Mrudula Menon, Parth Shah & Sambit Datta

AgendaAbout Michael KorsCompetitive Strategy Marketing StrategyBrand ProfilingPerceptual MappingFocus Group FindingsConclusion

About Michael KorsGlobal luxury life-style brand with a jet-set aestheticsLed by the American Fashion Icon - Michael KorsOperate in 3 segments : retail (48%), wholesale(47%) and licensing(5%)288 North American retail stores117 international retail stores

COMPETITIVE STRENGTHSRapidly Growing Luxury Lifestyle Brand with Best-in-Class Growth MetricsDesign Vision Led by World-Renowned, Award-Winning DesignerMulti-Format Retail Segment with Significant Growth Opportunity

Competitive Strengths

$150 - $500$50 - $500$20 - $150$100 - $300Source : Michael Kors Annual Report

Competitive Strengths

Competitive Strengths

Competitive Strengths

Competitive Strengths

Competitive StrengthsSource : Michael Kors Analyst Call Report

Competitive StrengthsON & OFF THE RED CARPETMARKET SHARE LUXURY HANDBAGSRapidly Growing Luxury Lifestyle Brand with Best-in-Class Growth MetricsDesign Vision Led by World-Renowned, Award-Winning DesignerProven Multi-Format Retail Segment with Significant Growth Opportunity

Source : Experian Market Services 2013 16

Source : Digital Luxury Group StudyTOP 10 MOST SEARCHED HANDBAGS17

Perceptual Mapping

Perceptual Mapping Multi Dim


Handbags & Small Leather Goods - $500 - $6000Footwear - $300 - $1200Womens Apparel - $ 400 - $4000Handbags - $200 - $800Small Leather Goods - $50 - $200Footwear - $70 - $500Womens Apparel - $ 50 - $500

CUSTOMER SEGMENTATIONMaleFemale55ArtAutoBusinessCookingEducationFashionFoodHealth & FitnessHome & GardenLiteratureMoviesMusic0.3x1.8x0.7x1.1x1.06x1x0.9x0.8x1.5x0.7x0.6x1.1x1.06x2.8x1.1x0.7x1.08x0.94x1x1.4xTARGET DEMOGRAPHIC82% of Michael Kors customers are Female36% of Michael Kors customers are aged between 26-35Top 3 interests of Michael Kors customers are Fashion, Art and MusicCore customers of Michael Kors are Female & majority are YoungWhile Michael Kors is a Luxury brand, it is also Affordable & Attainable which helps in attracting Young Consumer Michael Kors products and stores cater to Fashion, Music & Art

Source : Statsocial Report on Michael Kors21Laddering Connecting Product With CustomerHow important is handbag to you?Response : Its very importantIn what way it is important to have a handbag ?Response : It carries everything I need and the color adds to my outfit instantlyWhat are the various occasions where you go with your handbag? Response : My work, meetings, shopping, parties Do you really care about our handbag when you are out?Response : Yes, because it is complementary to my style, overall look and outfit.If handbag is important, would you go out of your way to spend?Response : Yes, I am very choosy about the brand and I dont mind paying extraWhy would you like to pay extra for your handbag?Response : It helps to reflect the way I carry myself, prestige and social status. I feel confident and happy

ATTRIBUTEFunctional Aspects Of The ProductCONSEQENCESPsychological Effect on CustomerCORE VALUESEmotional Payoffs


Focus Group FindingsAttributesBrand Image, Design, Price, Exclusivity, Quality, Color ConsequencesFashionable, Impulsive Purchase, Freedom, Youthful Core ValuesAttractive, Unique, Ego-Expressive, Confident

ConclusionStyleUtilityValue for MoneyYouthfulaspirational needsesteem needssocial needssafety needshygiene needsI only carry exclusive designer handbags.People always talk about my bags.I love to use this bag for all occasions.I dont mind paying little extra for this bag.It carries everything I need.