minneapolis solr meetup - may 28, 2014: target.com search

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Target.com Search + LucidWorks #TargetSearch

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  • 1.Target.com Search + LucidWorks #TargetSearch

2. 2 Change is constantbut we always reflect on our core culture 3. work & think different bring your skills not your title be accountable be transparent progress over perfection 4. Setting sail with Solr 5. 5 We have left port Solr POC Production 6. 6 What we have learned so far Went Well Not so Well Transforming data into Solr Facets are different between the platforms Loading data to Solr using Dynamic Fields Grouping and pagination Speed of importing data Start from scratch on relevancy Relevancy strategy management Ease of adding additional data signals 7. ProductConverse One Star Men's Short Sleeve Henley - Dog Bone L14.9914.99149306170short sleeve teesshirts Data Conversion 7 Catalog Feed Solr New4919|short sleeve tees|Y|NOLEAF4921|shirts|Y|NOLEAF0|49191|4919|4921Product14.9914.99B ($10 - $15)0/field> 0Converse One Star Men's Short Sleeve HenleySize . . . 8. . . . Dynamic Fields 8 In Solr Schema: 9. 9 Signals = Relevancy Basic Question: How do you take basic information from activity on your website and use it to make results more relevant? Example: Hello Kitty 10. Solrs default strategy finds what it thinks is most relevant Untuned results 10 11. Once Solr is told to look at the most viewed/ordered items voila! Results with guest data 11 12. Questions?