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  • MULTIMEDIA ART EXHIBIT BY UPOU BAMS STUDENTS Proponents: Garcia, Louie Anne Theresse Norio, Nimrod Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for ENG157 2T 2013-2014 4
  • Background ! The University of the Philippines Open University offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Multimedia Studies. This program trains students to become multimedia specialists and in the course of the program, they are tasked to create multimedia art. At present, there is no public showcase of these multimedia art forms. 5
  • Objectives ! To encourage the development and production of multimedia art To empower the multimedia artists of UPOU To promote the appreciation for multimedia art 6
  • Benefits ! The Multimedia Art Exhibit would allow the students to showcase their talents to the public. The exhibit would allow the public to know more about the BAMS program of UPOU. 7
  • Benefits ! The students will have a general sense of what it takes to organize and execute events such as an art exhibit. The exhibit would allow the students to contribute to the art movement in the country. 8
  • Limitations ! The multimedia art exhibit will showcase the works of junior and senior BAMS students enrolled in any one of the major practicum subjects. Each student will be responsible for coming up with an artwork that features a combination of at least two of the following media: text, photo, video, graphics, audio and animation. These art works will be installed in an appropriate venue and the exhibit will last for an entire week. 9
  • How we will do it? 1. The guidelines for artwork submission for the Multimedia Art Exhibit will be made available through MyPortal. 2. A team leader is appointed by the student body and approved by the FIC chair. 3. The team leader then requests for an adviser and appoints members for the organizing team. 4. Brainstorming and project planning commence. 10
  • How we will do it? 5. Letters of request (for the venue and equipment) are forwarded to the appropriate offices. 6. Artwork submissions are collected. 7. Artwork submissions are evaluated by the organizing team and the adviser. 11
  • How we will do it? 8. The submissions which pass the criteria are then given slots in the exhibit and the authors of the artwork are informed. The authors of the artwork, who submitted video or animation, are requested to procure their own sets of monitors and headsets. 12
  • How we will do it? 9. Once the availability of the venue is confirmed, the venue may be set up and the artworks installed. All video and animation works are to be played from a main computer which will be connected to the individual monitors, in order to minimize the space occupied by the equipment and to provide more space for the visitors and the artworks. 13
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  • How we will do it? 10.Exhibit proper: the exhibit shall be monitored all week by the organizing team. 11.After the week-long exhibit, the artworks are uninstalled and returned to the authors. 15
  • Schedule WEEK 1 WEEK 2 WEEK 3 WEEK 4 EXHIBIT WEEK Appointment of a Team Leader Selection of the members of the Organizing team Brainstorming and Planning Forwarding of Letters of Request for the Venue and Equipment Collection of Artwork Submissions Evaluation of Artwork Submissions Preparation and Set up of the Venue Exhibit Proper 16
  • Qualifications - Artist A bonafide UPOU BAMS student (both local and offshore)of junior or senior standing, enrolled within the school year. The student should be taking up one or more of the following practicum subjects: MMS 171 Text in Multimedia MMS 172 Audio in Multimedia MMS 173 Photography in Multimedia MMS 174 Graphics in Multimedia MMS 175 Videography in Multimedia MMS 176 Animation in Multimedia 17
  • Qualifications - Artwork The artwork should be an original creation of a certified UPOU BAMS student The artwork should feature a combination of two or more of the following media: Text Audio Photo Graphics Video Animation 18
  • Qualifications - Artwork The artwork shall NOT feature nudity, violence and any offensive language. The artwork shall be gender-sensitive. The artwork may be a satire, an allusion to current events. The artwork shall be installed using appropriate tools such as, but not limited to, monitors, frames and projectors. The artwork shall be displayed during the entire duration of the exhibit. 19
  • Qualifications Team Leader the team leader shall be responsible for overseeing the entire process: from the selection of the organizing team members, the selection of the appropriate venue, collection of the qualified artwork, the set-up of the exhibit to the exhibit itself. The team leader should be: A certified UPOU BAMS senior student Knowledgeable on facilitating events and exhibits A capable decision-maker and proactive leader Able to assess and evaluate the validity of the artworks submitted based on specific criteria 20
  • Qualifications Gallery Technician the gallery technician will be responsible for setting up the monitors, projectors, cameras, computers and other audiovisual equipment which will be used during the exhibit. The gallery technician will be responsible for troubleshooting any equipment problems that may arise during the exhibit. The gallery technician should be: A certified UPOU BAMS senior student Adept at setting up, controlling, and troubleshooting the basic audiovisual equipment such as cameras, videocameras, monitors, projectors and computers. 21
  • Qualifications - Adviser the adviser shall be responsible for guiding the entire team through the process of venue selection, artwork evaluation, and facilitation of the exhibit. An adviser should be: A certified UPOU BAMS professor of one of the 6 practicum courses (MMS 171, MMS 172, MMS 173, MMS 174, MMS 175 and MMS 176). Approachable and available for consultations Able to assess and evaluate the validity of artwork based on specific criteria 22
  • Qualifications - Curator the curator shall be responsible for setting up the exhibit. The curator is also responsible for ensuring that all artworks are accounted for during the entire exhibit. The curator should be: A certified UPOU BAMS senior student Knowledgeable on gallery management Able to account for all the artworks submitted and displayed 23
  • Qualifications - Members there will be three members of the organizing team who will be responsible for miscellaneous activities that would need to be accomplished for the exhibit. These activities include, but are not limited to, writing letters or request for the use of specific venues for the exhibit, procurement of the necessary equipment, collection of submissions from participating students and ensuring the organization of the entire exhibit. The members should be: Certified UPOU BAMS students Resourceful and responsible 24
  • Project Costs The project aims to execute the event with minimal cost. UP campuses offer the use of their function rooms or halls for free, if requested properly using the right paperwork. The audiovisual and ICT equipment may be borrowed from the IT department or may be provided by the authors of the multimedia art. 25
  • Conclusion An annual multimedia art exhibit would provide exposure for the BAMS program of the UPOU and serve as a take-off point for the talented BAMS students. This would allow the students to demonstrate their talents and capabilities and to apply what they have learned thus far in the university. 26
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