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By Briony Anne Dillon


Page 2: Music video survey analysis ppt

As I attend an all-girls school, it was slightly more complicated to use an equal ratio of boys to girls. However as I know that I took a wider range of people from different backgrounds with different preferences so I could reflect on more types of people rather than those of different genders

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I tried to use a range of people of different ages, but as you can tell, I used more ‘teenagers’ who would be more aware of this genre or atleast the target audience of this type of music.

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These results gave a good veriety of artists I was very happy to find that rizzle kicks came out most popular. This meant that by using a Rizzle kicks song, I have a good amount of people who like them and would be able to give me critisism on my ideas for my music video in reflection to rizzle kicks traditional style.

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I found these results very beneficial as I gained a wide variety of results; this meant that I could look at several different artists to incorporate things I like from these videos.

For example, whilst watching ‘bonkers- dizzie rascal’ I liked the use of the bird’s eye view shot, I thought that where appropriate, I would try to incorporate this into my video

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As you can see, there is a huge importance on the visuals, the strong sense of culture and ‘the girls.’ Due to this, I now understand I have to focus on making my video culturally specific, very nice in the visuals, and also means I have to include the ‘male gaze’ which given that I am woman, I was hoping

to avoid, but I understand the importance of using the male gaze especially in this genre.

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what do you like least about them

the boys

women sexualised

glamourises crime &materialism



some of the artists


In comparison to the last question, I found these results rather interesting. Given that one of the most popular answers to the last question was to include sexualised women, having it as the most popular answer on this question showed me that the ‘male gaze’ is very controversial. This has helped me conclude that if I do use the male gaze, I will not have the woman too sexualised in order to keep the other half of the audience happy.

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I asked this question to see if the audience watches lots of music videos, because if they do, they would be more likely to come across my video. Luckily a majority of the audience spent more than two hours watching music videos so it shows they are more

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These results show that in order to get the widest audience, I must make sure that my music video is available via computer, so I will use websites such as Youtube and facebook to gain a wider audience. As these websites are also accessible by other platforms such as by phone, in many circumstances, my video will be accessible by several different platforms.

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yes no

do you listen to rizzle kicks?

I gathered this information to see the popularity of the band I am focusing on. I was pleased to see that most of the people in my survey do listen to Rizzle Kicks. This suggests that they have a good fan base that includes all different types of people.

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I asked this question so that I’m able to see which video proved most successful among the audience. From this, I can work out what has proved most successful by this video in comparison to the other videos. Sadly, I think it would be highly unlikely to get James Corden to guest star in my video so I shall have to focus on other features of the video.