my fantasy world 3

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I travel in my fantasy world with a magic book.It is very colorful.

The weather is sunny and windy in spring and in summer but it is changeable, windy, snowy and rainy in autumn and in winter

My best friend in my fantasy world is Holaf.I really like my castle: it is very beautiful and it has 100 rooms. I m the queen of my world. My king is Max Thunderman, he is a famous person.

There are: a big garden, my bedroom which is very beautiful some bedrooms, the throne room,The rooms are too many so I would not describe them all

I have some special powers:I can fly in the sky, I have the powers of character and I can freeze and reheat things

The creatures living in my world are:Pixies, elves, bunnies, butterflies, dogs,And

.some famous people.

and these are just a few!!!!!