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My Favorite Things By: Alexis Valko

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My Favorite Things

• ♥By: Alexis Valko♥♥♥♥♥


• Twilight is a book series and a movie. This is one of my favorite movies and book series.



◘Internet Sensation◘

• Fred is my favorite person on He has over a million subscribers and over 50 videos. Some people think is is annoying and stupid but I think he is funny. His real name is Lucas. His is 15 years old and is becoming more popular everyday. He also has his own shirts for people to buy.


• My favorite colors are red and black. Black matches everything so that’s why I like it. Red is just a color that’s bright and brings a lot of emotion to anything.


• Hot Topic is my favorite store in the mall and I don’t think I could live without that store. My cousin thinks it is a scary store o well I like it.


• My favorite sport is tennis. I like to watch and play it. I play it with my cousin at his house because has a huge yard. He sets up a net in his backyard if it isn’t raining but if it rains that we play it in the street.

♦Water Ride♦

• The raging rapids is my favorite water ride at Kennywood. There is a waterfall that you go under and you get soaked from it. People take these water guns and shoot u with water while you are on it too.


• My favorite animal is a zebra. It is black, white and kind of looks like a horse. I’d one day like to have a mini zebra or at least own a zebra and raise it from a baby so its tame.


• Cappuccino Meltways are my favorite type of candy. I first tried them when my mom ordered them from a Saris Candy order. They have vanilla chocolate in them too. There are usually 21 pieces of this candy in one box. Once I ate 10 pieces in one day.


• Avril Lavigne is my favorite singer. People think she dresses weird but I like her style its original and random. She is 24 years old right now and my favorite song of hers that she has written is Girlfriend. This song also has a music video that goes with it and it is funny because she hits the other girl in the head with a golf ball and the girl falls into the water.


• My favorite shoe brand name is Vans. They nice and last a long time. They are usually slip on shoes and have no shoelaces. Some of them do. They are considered skater shoes and they are usually weird colors.

The End

Thanks you for viewing my PowerPoint! ☺♥☻♥☺♥☻