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Starlets have recently been called virually all the girls that are popular and do not do anything in life.Younight be used to pose for Playboy or appear in the

occasional reality show,usually entertain with famous boyfriend,record some home video and the like,and it

does not suit the true meaning.The term starlet,infact,comes from the Italian phrase ,,Starlette” which

means ,,Star”.In English it is written as ,,Starlet”.

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Starlet is,by definition theater and film actress who plays supporting roles.Mostly it’s young and

promising actress,arising star.No, it does not indicate anything vulgar and ugly as you thing.

Their mission is to inform the public about the details of their lives and the life of the rich and famous men whose dates. Especially those most intimate and the most bizarre. Starlets appear in various nightclubs as mascots thereof and for such action paid from 100 to 300 euros per impression. Also appearing on various

web portals and amounts of all possible and impossible dirt which unfortunately enjoys most


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The most famous starlets

1. Soraja Vucetic

2. Stanija Dobrojevic

3. Nikolina Pisek

4. Ava Karabatic

5. Milica Zivanovic (Mimi Oro)

6. Tamara Djuric

7. Kim Kardashian

8. Maca Diskresija

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Maca Diskrecija

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Kim Kardashian

Page 7: Famous starlet ♥♥♥

Tamara Djuric

Page 8: Famous starlet ♥♥♥

Mimi Oro

Page 9: Famous starlet ♥♥♥

Ava Karabatic

Page 10: Famous starlet ♥♥♥

Nikolina Pisek

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Stanija i Soraja

Page 12: Famous starlet ♥♥♥

Stanija Dobrojevic

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Soraja Vucetic

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Tijana Djuricic(Tijana Ajfon pre operacije)

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