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My family

Hello,my mame is Natalia.I live in L.A. and I live in a large . house on the street. I am 17 years old and I havebig family and I want you to imagine it.

This (like) is my mom. Her name is Chiara. She is smaller and has got brown hair and has got blue eyes. She is

35 years old. She is very good mother and my mother and father have gotseveral supermarkets.

This is my father. His name is Richard. He is 40 years.And his work is ride on

truck and look after (about) supermarkets. He has got black hair and blue eyes.

This is my younger brother.

His name is Alex. He is16 years. He has got brown hair and brown eyes.

My grandparents are very similar.

My gramdparents on mothersside (my mothers parents) are smaller and thin. Her name is Viktoria and his name is Milan. She is 60 years and he is62 years.

And my grandparents on fathersside (my fathers parents)are smaller and the middle thin.

Her name is Anna and his name isDamian. When they were youngalso had blond hair. She is 63 years and he is 66 years.They like cooking. Their favouritedish is pasta.

My father and mother has gotbrother and sister. My mother has got one younger sister.Her name is Jessica. She is

33 years. She has got brown hair and blue eyes.And she has got one daughter. Her name is Rebecca. Rebecca is 16 years. She has got black hair and brown eyes.Their father, (to go) went away when Rebecca was 5 years.

My father has got one younger brother.His name is David. His

wifes name is Jeniffer and his daughters name is Adriana.They live next to us.David has got black hair and brown eyes. He is 39 years.

Janiffer has got brown hair and

brown eyes. She is 35 years.

And Adriana has got black hair

and blue eyes. She is 16 years.

Dominika, pri veku pouijemu bu: She is 35. Alebo: She is 35 years old. mus tam by aj to old, ke dva years!!!

Pozri si chyby.