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My Life Journey By Bo-eun Lee 2B

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My Life Journey. By Bo- eun Lee 2B. My True Hometown. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


My Life Journey

My Life JourneyBy Bo-eun Lee2BMy True HometownEveryone believes I was born in Korea by the oriented features of me. But I always tell them the truth that astonishes them. Which is that I was born in Khartoum, Sudan, Africa, and I am Sudanese to the very core of my bones. I refuse to believe it now, but apparently I spoke English and Arabic very fluently when I was little.

Life in KoreaI went to Korea when I was 5. I vividly remember the difficulty of adaptation to the Korean culture. The Korean language itself was completely new to me and I had a hard time getting along with the peer groups, even though we were all young and pretty much had the same mindset as a child. However, I managed to make one best friend whom I am still in contact with now. As I grew up and familiarized the Korean culture, I had more friends than the average kids in school.

Sangchon Elementary SchoolSangchon Elementary School was the first Korean school I attended. I still feel the excitement raking through my body as I gathered with the other Korean students in the first assembly. Sangchon School was the one and only school where I made friends and completely adapted the Korean culture. Although I had a bad grade in my report cards, my memory from this school will never fade away.Unity High SchoolI went back to Sudan when I was 11. The first high school I entered and graduated from was Unity High School. It is located in Khartoum and was founded in 1902. I loved this school because it still has a remain of all the history. By going to this school, I made my current best friends and I learned 3 languages at the same time. I learned Arabic from my friends, English from the school, and French from a foreign language course. I miss all my friends and teachers!Hello USA!I came to the USA in August 2009. The reason being that my sister had to get into university and my mom was getting tired of staying at home in Sudan (you pretty much cant really get a job in Sudan because its dangerous). So our whole family moved here. I love the USA because the air is fresh and there are lots of things to do here unlike Sudan.Kempsville High SchoolThe first American school I attended and is currently attending as a grade 9 student. I had quite a hard time getting used to the new school system, but now I am perfectly fine and get really good grades. I even made a lot of American friends and is adapting step by step to the new American culture.My Bright FutureMy goal for university is Yale University in Connecticut. I am currently working hard to get all As in my report card and is participating in essential activities. I am very well aware that its going to be extremely hard and there is barely a possibility to get into this university, but I guess Im working to the fullest for the tiny little bright hope in my heart. My dream career is to be a lawyer.