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A sample of what I have been up to recently.


  • 1. previously on Kojo...1999 - 2003Studied Business Administration in MarketingCentral University College Self educated Creative ProfessionalTools of the Trade Mostly; my head with the help of Adobe illustrator, Adobe photoshop, Adobe indesign, Adobe acrobat. Less than often; Adobe ash 2007 -One of the original start-up trio of Creative Eye GhanaArt Director atArt Director /Brand Custodian : TigoCreative Eye Ghana Art Director/concept team: Tigo Quality Network Campaign (Honey Coochie Coochie & Wire) 2009 Concepts & Design : Tigos Marketing Materials 2009 Branding: Tigo New Head O ce, Barnes Road 2009 Art Director: Tigos Be A True Fan Campaign2007/08 Art Director: Tigo Postpaid Campaign 20072003 - 2006Concepts & Designs:Creative Executive at Apex Link Money Transfer by Apex Bank Dapeg Limited Novotel Ghana Superlock Ghana Limited Gandour Limited

2. Personal information Identity Print Outdoor & POS display Branding Paraphernalia Contact meBack 3. Back Back to index 4. Logo Concepts for Tigo Corporate Social ResponsibilityPleasure Leisureinterior decor & events planningLogo Concepts fora new hospitality businessBackBack to index 5. Back Back to index 6. Press Ads for Tigo Be A True Fan CampaignBack Back to index 7. Press Ads for Tigo BE Thematic CampaignBackBack to index 8. Flyer Design Concept for Mobile Content LimitedBackBack to index 9. Christmas Card design for Rancard MobilityBack Back to index 10. Press Ad for Ashfoam celebrating the Eid al-AdhaBackBack to index 11. Posters designed forTigo SmarTalk PromotionBackBack to index 12. Poster designed for the internal marketing of a CSR program to the sta of CAL bankBackBack to index 13. Press Concept forCarribean Atlantic HoldingsAngostura Lemon Lime BittersBack Back to index 14. Newspaper Ads for Tigos WeeklySpecial Sunday promotions.BackBack to index 15. Back Back to index 16. Landscape Billboard ArtworkTigo Be A True Fan CampaignBackBack to index 17. Portrait Billboard ArtworkTigo Be A True Fan CampaignBackBack to index 18. Outdoor Concepts foriBurst AfricaBack Back to index 19. Landscape Billboard ArtworkTigo Be A True Fan CampaignBackBack to index 20. Banking Hall Banner: Standard Chartered BankBack Back to index 21. Roll Up Banners: Tigo Postpaid CampaignBackBack to index 22. Airport Arrival Hall Panel Artworks: Tigo Coverage CampaignBackBack to index 23. Back Back to index 24. O ce Branding: Accra Central C.S.PBackBack to index 25. Building Wrap: Tigo O ce OsuBackBack to index 26. Building Wrap: Tigo O ce OsuBackBack to index 27. O ce Wall Panels: Tigo Customer Service Point BrandingBackBack to index 28. O ce Wall Panels: Tigo O ce BrandingBackBack to index 29. Hanging Banners: Tigo O ce BrandingBackBack to index 30. Back Back to index 31. Folders: Tigo We are the Game CampaignBack Back to index 32. Tee Shirts: Tigo VASBackBack to index 33. Polo Shirts Concept: AmalBankBackBack to index 34. Parasol Design: TigoBack Back to index 35. Tee Shirt: Tigo - AfrocomBackBack to index 36. Back Back to index 37. Back Back to index 38. Back Back to index 39. Back Back to index