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  • 1. Maths and Science Teacher. Time to move on. A bit shabby after 23 years Aboutjust briefly Rest. Then explore.

2. Mathletics 3. First Online Training Next Professional Development 12 Week Online Program Getting Started 1. Moderator Essentials 2. Using The Interactive Tools Two Sessions 4. Attend an online conference Listen to the experts The Bigger Picture 5. @penpln RSS VicPLN Program Make Connections 6. VicPLN Program Explore and Learn 7. VicPLN Program Create 8. What are your favorite web tools? 9. Its Not About The Tools.Its About Skills Digital Pedagogy Images created by Silvia Tolisano blogging wikis podcasting 10. Develop Competencies Facilitate e-Learning Research and design e-Learning resources Develop and evaluate e-Learning My Short Course Brainstorming For Teachers 3 UNITS User ID: sandpit Password: student 11. Learning and Mentoring 12. Now Gaining More Skills Making a Home On The Web Building a Wiki Developing an ePortfolio Reflecting on Professional Practice 13. Blog Professional Development Keep Learning Records Reflecting Learning Sharing Teaching Thinking Communicating 14. Jump in the deep end Ask the experts Be prepared to make mistakesdont worry if you do Take it slowly Learn one thing well, then move on Dont save/bookmark everything to read lateryou might not Persevere with Twitterit takes a while Do as much online PD as you can, record it for your registration Expect the unexpected when you enter Second Life for the first time Take care when using text onlineyour meaning may not be understood Tips 15. Please share your pearls of wisdom. 16. Thank you for listening Icons obtained from Icon Finder and are free for personal use.