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Copyright All Rights Reserved Page 2 Table of contents Instructions ..........................................................................................................................................3 My story ...............................................................................................................................................4 - How I started - What I have learned Diet and supplements..........................................................................................................................6 - What to eat - The benefits - Recommendations How to build muscles...........................................................................................................................8 - Example of a training plan - What I do - Protein and creatine How to gain weight ............................................................................................................................10 - How much to eat - Food that helps gaining weight Motivation..........................................................................................................................................11 - Focus - Be curious Do's and don'ts...................................................................................................................................12 50+ hours of training (Training plan) .................................................................................................13 Tips and advice...................................................................................................................................15 - 13 important steps Get rid of belly fat ..............................................................................................................................16 - My fat burning recipe Information and contact ....................................................................................................................17 - E-mail and website 3. Copyright All Rights Reserved Page 3 Instructions Your body is like art. You work hard on it and get a masterpiece out of it. What you'll get in my eBook is some of the best from my knowledge of how to make your body a stronger and better version of yourself. You have to understand the most of it, because it's really easy to read all of it, page by page, but if there is a part that you skip or forget because you are in a hurry then stop right now! You have to make time to read and understand the whole eBook. Ready? Alright! First of all you have to write important things down that you read here, on a notebook, not on your computer. In my story I will tell you my experiences with fitness and health. You will learn how easy it is to make yourself work hard and eat healthy without returning to your old habits. How to make muscle and lose fat at the same time. How to control you're eating and learn how important it is to keep your body away from "the bad stuff". Some people keeps the right answer as a secret and says that its wrong, so people doesn't get the same success with their body as some of them. I'm not saying everyone, but some few people just don't want everybody to know, which keys they used to open the doors that they have closed. I will share you all and the best that you need to complete your journey and get the best out of your body. When you are reading, it's important that you understand how it works. You need to clear your mind for everything and keep your focus on what you are doing. When you are training you have keep your focus on that and push everything away till you are done. With time when you are learning to focus on what you are doing and keeping anything else out of your mind, then you will feel that it gets easier and you get better. Everyone wants something and some people wants it easy. Hard work is the key to easy, because everything takes time and when time is used right, then it gets easy. I wish you the best and may you complete your way to your goal and remember to keep your focus on what you are doing at the moment. 4. Copyright All Rights Reserved Page 4 My story When I mean "My story" then I don't mean about my whole life. I will tell you some of my past that made me strong and gave me the focus. How I failed many times, gave up, didn't focus and lost hope. In primary school, I wasn't the popular kid who everyone thought was cool. I was one of them who got bullied for years. I was weak, couldn't stand for myself. One day I found out that one of "the bully" were not comfortable with people who trained in the gym. That gave me the idea to start training, not in the gym, but at home. I got only one dumbbell in my room, so it was one hand first and then switch. I made some few pushups which I sucked at in the beginning, but hey, everyone was once a beginner. So I went from about 10 pushups to over 60 pushups in a row. I didn't weight so much so it was easier for me to lift myself up and down faster. I also challenged my friends which also made me better. But that wasn't my plan. My plan was to make "the bully" stop getting after me all the time. So I told him that it was amazing that I could make many pushups and that I felt stronger. He didn't believe me and wanted to see me make some pushups. I don't remember how many I made in front of him, but one thing is for sure, it was enough to make him stop bullying me. Some years later I changed school and made some new friends. I got interested in fitness and bodybuilding, so I wanted to build big muscles and search on the internet. That's where I learned about supplements. I learn about protein and creatine, nothing else. I ordered some protein bars for my training. I didn't train much so I didn't realize then, that I had to train to see results faster while easting protein bars. When I went to high school it got better. Some of my friends started to train in the gym and I wanted too, so I went to the gym and made a membership. By time I learned how to use the machines and which body part they worked for. I ordered protein and creatine powder because I wanted to see results fast. I wanted to know how to build muscles much faster. I searched for hours on the internet, got through videos, articles, supplement descriptions and much more. I bumped into a supplement that didn't only sounded great in the description, it felt great too in use. My first day taking the 5. Copyright All Rights Reserved Page 5 new supplement were incredible. That day I trained for about 4 hours, not joking at all. I got a big energy rush, my strength was surprising me. I trained my whole body that day, even my legs. I looked at the big watch that hang in the gym and when I realized that I've been there for so long time I laughed a bit. I laughed for myself, because I was surprised that it actually worked. But you know what they say, "it's too good to be true" and it was. I bought another after I was done with the first, so I recommended it to a friend. He saw that it worked great for me, so he gave it a try. He couldn't feel the energy rush like I did the first time using it. He told me that after the fifth dosage (fifth day), he got a big pain in his heart area and that it felt like someone were squeezing his heart harder and harder. He ended up in the hospital and told them that he were using the supplement. They told him that it was close to be steroids and I was shocked, because when I was younger I did have a little whole in my heart which, sometimes gave me pain that was too much. My friend is in a great shape and is still working out, which is awesome and great. So I will never recommend any people the supplement or even tell the name of it. Because I don't want that to happen to anyone, so I've learned from my mistakes and it made me stronger. It made me understand, that easy has to be made out of hard work. So please do me a favor and don't buy supplements that contains something dangerous and don't buy supplements that isn't recommended by the food administration. I have tried a different kind of workouts, some that were great and some that were less great. I wanted to make muscles and burn fat at the same time, fast as possible and actually came up with good results without lowering the muscle mass while trying to cut the fat percentage. I will tell you later in this eBook how I managed that. So this is some of my story and I hope that you understand that it has to be done thoughtfully. Hard work will pay off, it's just the matter of time and how you get through it the right way. So "the easy way" with steroids is a dead end and is never recommended! Be strong and work hard as you can, because one day it's worth it. 6. Copyright All Rights Reserved Page 6 Diet and supplements There is a lot of theories about the best way of dieting the right way and sometimes it depends on the individual's body, how it reacts and what's going to happen next. Dieting is one of the keys to make something out of your body and it's important to do it right if you care about changing it to something that you want. If you want to gain weight then it's important that you eat right and more than usual. If you have heard about the theory, that you can eat fast-food every day and train really hard, then you have to know that it's not something that I would recommend. I don't think that fast-food is the key to gaining weight fast, if you want to burn fat and feel healthy at the same time. If you want to lose weight then remember that starving isn't a solution. If you eat almost nothing and train like an insane then you are not taking care of your body, because your body needs nutrition to make the system work steady. I recommend you to take supplements that is verified by the food administration and as told before, I do not recommend supplements that contains dangerous drugs or is not verified by the food administration. Buy supplements with care and read what it contains, it's not everything that is good for your body. If you know about protein and creatine then you are prepared for what I'm going to tell you next. Buy protein powder that is good in quality and has the taste that you like or prefer. If you do like to use creatine then always buy it 100% pure and without any other stuff that some companies that puts in it to "make it better", so don't go for anything else than pure creatine to be on the safe side. If you don't like fish, or don't get enough of it every week, then I'll recommend you to buy fish oil which you may have heard and if you don't like the taste then I'll just say that you have to deal with it and just take it anyway. Vitamins are also important for your body if you are in a hurry and don't have time to eat fruits or vegetables. Remember to drink the right amount of water everyday so you keep your body hydrated. 7. Copyright All Rights Reserved Page 7 Diet and supplement recommendations (with information about the benefits) Cold Lemon Water: Contains vitamin C which helps to make your immune system stronger. Nuts (Almonds, walnuts, cashew, chestnuts, hazelnuts etc.): Contains protein, vitamin E, Omega 3, Iron, Vitamin C, Potassium etc. Helping with building muscles, gaining weight, maintaining the blood pressure, reducing the cholesterol in the intestine and much more. Fruits (Bananas, cherries, blueberries, kiwis, oranges, strawberries etc.): Every fruit has different improvements. Some of them gives you energy, helps with calming your nerve system, protects your heart, increases your bone mass, gives you a healthier skin, helps fighting cancer and much more. Vegetables (Lettuce, avocados, beans, carrots, onions etc.): Like fruits it also help with different kind of improvements. Some of them helps with increasing your blood flow to your brain, helps smoothing your skin, helps stabilizing blood sugar, helps saving your eyesight, improves your immune system and much more. Meat and fish: (beef, steak, chicken breast, chicken wing, salmon, tuna etc.): Helps you increase your body mass, gives you better strength, supports your production of protein in your body and much more. Eggs: High quality protein that is a great support for your muscles and eyesight. Reduces risk of heart disease. It's incredibly nutritious! Oatmeal: It helps reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes, lowers your bad cholesterol, it helps protecting against heart failure and contains antioxidants which helps preventing heart disease. Fish oil (Omega 3): It helps supporting your muscle protein synthesis, which gives you bigger muscles and improves your strength. It helps preventing heart disease and cancer. Vitamins(C, B6, D etc.): It gives you a healthy skin, it's good for your eye sight, supports building protein in your body, strengthens your immune system, maintains healthy bones and more. 8. Copyright All Rights Reserved Page 8 How to build muscles A lot of people wants to build muscles fast and the only fast way is to do it right. If you do want to burn fat and build muscles at the same time without losing a lot of your body mass, then I do not recommend cardio. I have searched on the internet for a long time to find out how to get big and ripped without losing a lot of body mass. I got to a solution that is build out of eating clean (the clean plate) but a lot of it, more than the normal calorie intake that is normally recommended. Training hard (at least 5 times a week), more if you want to of course. At least 1,5 to 2 hours per day. No cardio because it reduces your muscles because you are burning a lot of calories per hour. Your body needs the right amount of protein, creatine and all the good stuff that is in healthy food that you can prepare every day. Make yourself a training plan that contains all body parts or you can also use my training plan(s) that is in the eBook as well. Do NOT skip leg day. You may have heard it a lot of times and you're going to hear it over and over again, do not skip leg day because it's important to train your leg muscles as well and it's a bad idea not to do leg day. Your legs is important as all your other body parts. Who wants a big upper body and a small lower body. Nobody. You have to do it, even if you don't want to. Challenge yourself. Write down how much you can lift and write down every week how much you have lifted and make a goal. Do not challenge anyone else than yourself because you are your own competition. Do not feel embarrassed if you see someone who lifts more than you. Focus on your own workout and as told before, that when you are in a gym then you have to focus on your workout and nothing else, from the second you step in till you are finished and getting to the locker room. Remember to train your abs at least 3 times out of the 5 times a week of your workout. Keep your distance from fat and sugar. I have read that sugar is the difficult part to burn of your body. It takes longer time than fat. So do not drink so much fruit juice because it contains a lot of sugar and is not good for your body if you do want to get ripped fast. I do never use butter and haven't use it for a really long time and I feel fine about it. I can recommend you not to use butter on your bread or whatever you put butter on. It may be dry sometimes but in the end it's worth it. 9. Copyright All Rights Reserved Page 9 This here is just a piece of my ideal system of how the training plans should be build (Example; I don't recommend the same training plan, it's your job to put in the right body exercises for your own training plan. You are the only one who knows how your body will respond and show results if the exercise your doing is working out for your body) BP = Beginner plan - EP = Expert plan - HP = Hardgainer plan BP: 3 sets of each workout Mon Biceps Back Shoulders Tue Abs Legs Traps Wed Triceps Chest Abs Thu Biceps Triceps Legs EP 5 sets of each workout Mon Chest Biceps Abs Shoulders Tue Legs Back Traps Triceps Wed Chest Biceps Shoulders Abs Thu Legs Back Triceps Traps Fri Traps Biceps Abs Legs HP 8 sets of each workout Mon Back Biceps Traps Triceps Shoulders Tue Chest Triceps Abs Legs Traps Wed Shoulders Traps Back Legs Biceps Thu Legs Biceps Triceps Abs Traps Fri Traps Chest Triceps Back Shoulders Sat Legs Biceps Shoulders Abs Triceps Do not use the same, make your own. Because if you use the same then you will not learn how to get closer to build the right system for your body. Look at this example as an inspiration for your own training plan. I haven't put all the body parts to train in each plans because it's just an example. When you are making your training plan then I'll recommend you to try this out to see if it would work out for you and maybe add it to your future training plan. Try to train: Day 1 - Chest, Triceps, Shoulders and Abs (do 3 sets of each workout). Day 2 - Back, Biceps, Traps, Neck and Forearms (do 3 sets of each workout). Day 3 - Biceps, Triceps, Abs and Leg Day (do 3 sets of each workout). Remember to choose at least 2 workouts for each set. 10. Copyright All Rights Reserved Page 10 How to gain weight It all depends on your body. Some people can gain weight pretty easy and for some people it feels like it takes forever. First of all, when you want to gain weight you have to focus on your diet, obviously. I would not eat a lot of fast-food to gain weight just so you know. You can do it for your cheat day but not on daily basis. As I would say it "if you want to do it right, then do it right". When you wake up for breakfast, then remember to eat more than you are eating lunch and dinner. If you do struggle with eating a lot in the morning then one of the reasons might be that your stomach is not expanded enough. Your stomach will expand by time when you are starting to eat more and more. You will feel that it gets easier to eat a bigger plate than usual and remember not to keep eating too much to expand your stomach, because it's for a reason, unless you want to join a food competition. The daily intake of calories for an adult is about 2400 calories and when you want to gain weight then you'll have to eat more than that. It all depends on your current weight, so if you weight about 154 lbs (70kg) then you'll have to eat about 1000 calories more. If you weight about 176 lbs (80 kg) then you'll have to eat about 1400 calories more. As said before, it all depends on your weight. If you don't have problems, with getting enough calories to gain weight, then there will be no need to use weight gaining supplements. Supplements is like an extra support if you don't get enough of what you need to gain/build muscles and more. It is also a support that you can add with your diet, so you get more, so you can add it up with your gaining progress. You do also have to eat more than 3 times a day, that doesn't mean that you have to eat unhealthy snacks. You'll just have to eat some tuna, nuts, fruits, vegetables and all other healthy food that will help you gain your weight in a good way. Forget about white bread, go for the grain bread that contains a good amount of calories. You have to learn to control your urge of unhealthy food when you are going to gain weight, no matter if it's for your training or not. Make yourself a diet plan that make you sure to get the right amount of calories, it's important that you make a new diet plan every week so you don't have to get bored with eating the same again and again. 11. Copyright All Rights Reserved Page 11 Motivation One of the keys to make yourself keep pushing harder is motivation. I have tried to watch a lot of bodybuilding and motivation quote videos, before and after my training. It gave me the feeling to go to the gym, even after I return home from the gym. If you search on the internet for videos as I do, then go for the most watched videos, not because it's better than other videos, but because the videos might maybe, have worked out for them to motivate themselves. If you make your mind thinking about training and pushing everything else out of your mind, then it might help you to give you an urge to train more than usual. But you have to know when to stop, so you have to let your muscles rest in a right amount of time. What I'm trying to tell you is that you have to focus, because focus is one of the keys that is my favorite kind of motivation when I'm at the gym. Try out meditation, close your eyes and focus on your silence and then try to block out anything that you hear and that is in your mind. Sit on the floor, not on a chair or on the couch. Relax and take an inhale and slowly exhale if you feel the need to do that. Practice every day, in the morning and at night. Sit in the front of a wall and make sure nothing else than yourself is in the front of the wall. Relax yourself till you feel the need to open your eyes. Don't use an alarm clock or anything to else than yourself to stop meditating. The noise takes your focus away, so you have to make sure, that when you feel to stop and open your eyes, then you just do that. Read some fitness/bodybuilder magazines when you have time in your rest days. It's important that you learn more about it, because you can learn some new things that you maybe don't knew. I do read magazines sometimes because it helps me to keep up my motivation and it makes me want to go out and train. Music for example is also a solution. Many people listens to music when they train. But don't hear sad or relaxing music. Hear something that feels like you just want to go crazy and don't focus on the lyrics if you hear a song, you have to focus on your training. The music is for making you concentrate about what you are doing when you are in the gym. So listen to something that doesn't gives you thoughts about something or someone, focus on your training when you are at the gym. You are at gym for the reason, that you want to make a change for yourself and your body. 12. Copyright All Rights Reserved Page 12 Do's and don'ts When I feel sore in my muscles after training, I don't take a long break for a few days. I train even when I'm sore, because by time you'll get used to it. If you feel like you have sprained or broken a part of your body then take a break and go to the doctor, don't keep training if you have big pain and feel like something is wrong. Sometimes when I take creatine after drinking my protein shake, I feel much less sore the next day I wake up. Eating an orange after training should also help to reduce the soreness, when you wake up in the morning, the day after training. Steroids is NEVER an option! Don't ever do steroids or anything like that. Don't ever do that to yourself, be strong and remember that your body doesn't need any of that. If you want to get big and strong then do it the right way, for yourself and your body. I have never used steroids and I never will. I have used something that I didn't know was close to be like it (I don't take what I took anymore and I never will ever again) as told in my story. The supplement I took when I trained gave me the urge to take it again. I don't feel the urge anymore and now know that, I would be weak if I did it again to myself and to my body. Don't go for the supplements that isn't verified by the food administration. If people tells you about a product that they think you should avoid, then avoid it. There is a lot of great products that isn't full of dangerous drugs and harmful stuff that you can buy. When you buy a supplement from a store or from the internet then read what it contains, find out if it contains anything that isn't good for your body. Don't sit down and look through your phone or post a picture of yourself on the social media, when you are in the gym you train. You can do all that after training. Do yourself a favor, don't talk with anyone during an exercise, finish your workout or when you are taking a break, then you can talk with people. 13. Copyright All Rights Reserved Page 13 50+ hours of training (Training plan) The +? is the minimum time of training. It doesn't mean that you have to do more it just means that you should at least do x hours of training. Do at least 5 sets of each exercises. Monday: Back, shoulders, biceps and calves (2+) Tuesday: SixPack Tuesday, chest, triceps and traps (3+) Wednesday: Leg day All Inclusive, biceps and triceps (2+) Thursday: Back, biceps, abs, traps and shoulders (2+) Friday: All In One - Upper body and lower body (3+) Saturday: Chest, triceps, forearms and abs (2+) Sunday: Rest Upper body: Traps, shoulders, chest, back, biceps, triceps, forearms and abs. Lower body: Upper front legs, upper back legs and calves. Note: Back is including your oblique. SixPack Tuesday: Most focus on the abs All Inclusive: Most focus on the legs All In One: Most focus on all muscles Train this training plan if you want to challenge yourself and don't train if you have an injury or if you can feel like something is wrong while you're trying to complete this plan. The results depend on you and how much you really want to do this. You have to do the exercises, that you think works best for the body part you are training. If you want to do some of mine, then look down below and do some of them. 14. Copyright All Rights Reserved Page 14 Example of exercises for each body part that I train: Upper body: Traps: Dumbbell shrug, barbell shrug behind the back and leverage shrug. Shoulders: Deltoid raise, dumbbell shoulder press, front plate raise and power partials. Back: Reverse grip bent-over rows, seated cable rows, pull-ups and front lat pull down. Chest: Bench press, butterfly, cable crossover, dumbbell bench press and incline chest press. Biceps: Barbell curl, cable hammer curl, dumbbell bicep curl and machine preacher curls. Triceps: Dips, grip triceps pushdown, bent-over triceps extension and triceps rope pushdown. Forearms: Wrist curl over bench with dumbbells and barbell behind the back wrist curl. Abs: Abdominal roller, crunches, decline oblique crunch, leg raise and scissor kick. Lower body: Upper thigh legs: Leg extension and leg press. Upper thigh legs: Seated leg curl and prone leg curl. Calves: Seated calf raise, machine calf raise and calf press. All these are some of my favorites and you don't have to use all of them. It's your choice, but my recommendation is to use the workout that works best for your body. If you want to use some of these to your own training plan, then I suggest you to write them down on a notebook, so you can try, to see what to start with and find out which workout works best for the body part that you are training in that time. Remember to write down every week, how much you can do each workout to see how it's going with the progress, so you can see the results from when you were beginning your plan, till the last day in the month or the third month. Take a before and after picture so you can see how good you have done so far. 15. Copyright All Rights Reserved Page 15 Tips and advice 1. Drink a lot of water (you may have heard this many times). 2. Be curious about exercising and eating healthy, it may help you to control. 3. If you have the same issue with pain in the wrist(s) like me, then you can either try to warm them up every time you are going to train something that brings up the pain in your wrist(s) or you can also try you use a supplement that gives you stronger bones. I do use a supplement for that. 4. Sometimes I do pushups in the morning and at night and also crunches and leg raises. It helps me to do more of them by time (I do it sometimes before going to sleep, it feels great). 5. Don't lift heavy weights if it is too much. By time you will be able to lift more than you can do now, you'll just have to give it time. 6. Stretch out after training your legs, you will feel less sore in your legs the day after. 7. Remember to replace your water bottle regularly, so you don't get sick. 8. Don't feel embarrassed if someone bigger or the same size as you, is looking at you or lifting heavier than you do. You have to concentrate about your own workout, because in the end they are not the competition, you are your own competition, always remember that! One day you will get to the same level, but you have to give it time. 9. Every time you are lifting weights, remember to keep your back straight so you don't damage it. Don't train with your back bended, it will not be good for you in the future. 10. Train abs at least 3 times a week. 11. Train if your muscles are sore the day after, you will get used to it after some time. 12. If you are tired before going to the gym, eat some fruits or use a verified caffeine supplement. 13. Get enough sleep and don't train if you are really tired. It's important that you have good energy when you are training. 16. Copyright All Rights Reserved Page 16 Get rid of belly fat It's always hard to get rid of the belly fat that covers your "newborn abs". I have a recipe that I use myself, that I want to share here with you. It's simple, it's healthy and it's sour! What you need: A cup (obviously) Hot water Earl Grey or Green Tea (teabag) Half grapefruit 2 half lime Step by step how to prepare it: 1. Pour the hot water in the cup (half cup full) 2. Put the teabag in the cup (let it stay for 2 minutes) 3. Cut the grapefruit into 2 pieces (you are only going to use half of it and you can use the other half for the next time you're going to make this). Cut the lime into pieces (you are going to use both) 4. Use a juicer for both grape and lime 5. Pour the juice in the cup with the tea 6. Mix it and enjoy 17. Copyright All Rights Reserved Page 17 Information and contact I hope that you have enjoyed every single page and learned something you maybe didn't knew before. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me. I wish you the best in the future. Title: My Fitness Journey Writer of this eBook: Enes Hakan Year: 2015 Website: E-mail: [email protected] Thank you for reading my eBook! Enes Hakan