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  • We look at shaping tomorrows society and building a Britain with Jesus at the centre.


  • 2WELCoME To THE NG MAGAZINEThe NG magazine is here to help you make the most of your time in school, or if youre no longer studying, help you come alongside those that are. It has inspiration, tips and ideas that we hope will help you set up and run an effective Christian school group, and together with our online login area NG+, the magazine is a resource to help you be a light for Jesus and make a real difference in your school, college or university.

    WANT TO TALK TO US?Were really friendly and we love to talk. Just give us a call on 01217060884, or drop us an email at

    The NG magazine...because nobody likes a boring day at school.

    contentSPage 4-7: We tell you how to start a group in your school. Page 12-13: We introduce you to the NG Team. Page 9, 16, 19, 22: Members of the NG Family share their stories. Page 20-21: Feature Article - Shaping the Britain of TomorrowPage 23: Our Teams share some fundraising tips and ideas. Page 25: We explain how you can change a school for a fiver.

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  • 3what iS new generation?New Generation is a cross-denominational movement of young Christians meeting in peer-led groups with an aim to see the Christian message of love demonstrated both in word and action in schools, colleges and universities. Some put up posters, give away cakes or organ-ise theme days. Others clean up their schools, give Bibles to friends or speak at assemblies. All of them aim to contribute to a positive environ-ment and make the message of Jesus available to their generation through prayer and creative outreach.

    PraYer Prayer is the starting point for any lasting change, in all areas of life, including school. If were going to see British teenagers turn to Jesus, its going to take some prayer. The great thing is prayer is something everyone can do: alone, in pairs, or as a group. Whether we pray loudly, softly, from a book or list, or just impro-vise, we can all pray. In the same way people have different accents and ways of talking, people also have different ways of praying, and thats totally fine. The important thing to remem-ber is that when we pray God has promised to hear us, and remember that praying specific prayers gives specific answers.

    outreach Outreach is about making Jesus available. Whether its through one-to-one friendships, evangelistic projects or social action, outreach is really about finding creative ways to spread the life and love of Jesus. No one can (or should) be forced to believe, but everyone has the right to hear and make up their own mind. That's where school groups come in, and our dream is to see a group in every schools, and see every young person in Britain given the chance to hear the Christian message at least once a year. For some it'll be through a Bible or a gospel presentation, for others it'll be through an ordinary everyday conversation. Whatever you do, dont leave it to chance...make sure YOU give YOUR classmates the chance to make up their minds about Jesus.

    We think youre the best possible people to communicate the Christian message to your peers, and that setting up cross-denominational groups that pray and reach out in school is a great way to do that. We believe in a generation dedicated to living not just for themselves, but living for others. We are the New Generation.

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  • 5the worLDS BeSt MiSSion FieLD We love overseas missions, but we realise most teenag-ers are pretty limited when it comes to travelling the world. At the same time, our schools are places full of people from other social, economic and cultural backgrounds, and like our unreached friends outside of Britain, many of them dont know a thing about Jesus. So, theyre close by, but they also speak the same language, have the same interests, and study the same things in school. Whats more, you dont need a passport or any of those nasty jabs to go and see them, and youve got months and years together to share your faith and rub off on them. Yep, schools are probably the worlds best mission field.


    For New Generation, school is the most important place in the world. A place where we aim to see the Christian message of love demonstrated both in word and in action. By starting a New Generation group, youre making sure theres an active Christian presence in your school that can contribute to a better school environment.

    MY SchooL, MY reSPonSiBiLitY If school is a mission field, that makes YOU missionar-ies. No, we dont just mean the youth leaders, chaplains or schoolsworkers reading this, but all of you in school. If we all start living like missionar-ies and we take responsibility for making the Christian mes-sage available in OUR schools, then together we can actu-ally change our school at a time, one group at a time, and one person at a time.

    no cu Yet? weLL heLP You Start. If you think starting a group sounds difficult, youre not sure itll work in your school, or you just dont know how to get started, youve come to the right place. Well give you access to online resources and even come to visit your school and help you get started...all completely free of charge. Yep, free of charge. Over the next few pages, weve got some tips on how to get going, so hopefully itll be easier than you think.

  • 65 SiMPLe StePS to get You StarteD1. First off, youll get an email with your login details for NG+. When you do, we encourage you to log on and have a look around. Theres lots of good resources there for the taking, so just click away and get busy downloading. Youll also get a call from us to set up your first visit. We normally come by your school 3 or 4 times a year to see how youre do-ing and give you a hand, and its always good to book the first visit nice and early in the year. All you need to do is pick up the phone when we call you to set up a time, and if (for some strange reason!) you dont hear from us, just look up your regional Team here in the magazine or on the website and give them a call. Theyll get you booked in and come to visit you in school.

    2. This is the scary bit. Before you do any-thing more, its a good idea to go to your head teacher and tell them youre about to start a group and that youd love to have access to a room where you can meet. Most head teachers like it when young people actually want to do something positive, so your chances are good. Just ask nicely, okay?!

    Right. Youve made a decision to do something in your school, registered your group, and been given a magazine or a Start Pack. What happens now?

    3. Advertise. Promoting your group includes tracking down and telling all the other Christians in the school (assuming there are some) and putting up as many posters as you can get permission for telling everyone when and where youre going to meet. Visibility is the key.

    4. Your first meeting! This is where you get together with everyone else youve managed to recruit and start to plan your first outreaches and praying. This is the perfect time to have the NG Team come and visit your school, because theyre really good at the whole Christian school group thing, and theyll be able to help. (See Step 1)

    5. Now youre ready to go and do some-thing. So...go and do something, and then start all over at Step 3 i.e. promoting, followed by Step 4 i.e. planning and praying, followed by Step 5...well, you get the picture.



    Warm-Up Game: M&Ms Get-to-Know-You Have each person take a handful of M&Ms, tak-ing as many as they want. Once everyones got a few, each person gets to tell the group one thing about themselves for each M&M in their hand. Different colours represent different topics e.g. red = favourite films, yellow = favourite hobbies, green = favourite foods etc.


    Heres a sample from our NG+ MEETING OUTLINES perfect for your first meeting.

    Prayer Idea: Pray for new mem-bers & favour in the school.

    Pray for a good start to the year. Pray for your new group/CU and each of the members. Also pray for new members to join the group, and dont forget to also say a prayer for your headmaster/mistress to be open to your CU and give you favour with everything that God has planned for your school over the coming year.

    Outreach Idea: Here We Are

    Bake mini-muffins or donuts and hand them out around your school. Make a small card for each one with a Bible verse and some info about the NG group. You could use a verse like Matthew 7:7 (Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.) Add some information about where and when you meet, and put up some of our Wanted: Chris-tians posters (available on NG+) in your school with information on where your group meets. foR MoRE MEETING oUTLINES, CHECk oUT NG+ AT WWW.NEWGENERATIoN.Co.Uk

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