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Patient Privacy in Telehealth

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Patient Privacy in Telehealth

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Marisela Cigliuti, BSN, RNCEO of TeleNurse Network

[email protected]

Patient Privacy Secure connections (internet/email),

encryption in website/software, video, & providing data to a patient’s authorized providers only (consents).

Remote patient monitoringCognitive impairment: guardianship;

advance directives Include discussions of aging services

technologies: what wearables, monitors are acceptable for the patient.


Skype and Health Privacy AES 256-bit encryption Free (except for Business Solution) Access to patient’s environment BUT: Skype makes no claim that its services can

be used in a HIPAA-compliant fashion Skype does not offer a BA Agreement Cannot verify transmission security No audit trails No breach notifications No offer of technical support Frequently dropped calls


Privacy with Apps, Phones, Tech Text messages

Wireless phone carriers-not CEs; indefinite life Passwords often lacking

Apps: transmit unencrypted info to advertising and data analysis sites without user's knowledge Privacy protections reduced when inputting info into

apps: puts that info out into the public Consumer protection laws: not limited as HIPAA is to

specific entities or specific types of information Cover both general and health info



Privacy Risk Management Continuing education on data security Periodic password changes Data security certifications for appropriate staff Counsel to review system security procedures and

documentation Demand data systems that meet security thresholds


Security certificates authentication

Device-level authentication

Strong passwords


Questions?Contact info: Email – [email protected] ID: MCigliuti1www.TeleNurse.Co