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Pennsylvania Telehealth Roundtable Harrisburg , PA Sept 30,2014

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Third of three presentations on "What is Telehealth, Why Telehealth and Telehealth Demo" as part of the Pennsylvania Telehealth Roundtable that took place on September 30, 2014.


  • 1. Pennsylvania Telehealth Roundtable Harrisburg , PA Sept 30,2014

2. Telemedicine Hubs in Pa. Lehigh Valley Penn UPMC Abington Penn State Hershey York - Wellspan Geisinger Pinnacle Health Jeffferson 3. STROKE 4TH LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH IN THE U.S LEADING CAUSE OF DISABILITY X5 4. Neuroscience Utilization TELESTROKE TIME SENSITIVE TELE-NEUROLOGY TELE-NEUROSURGERY TELE-NEUROCRITICAL CARE POST OPERATIVE VISITS REDUCE TRAVEL AND PREVENT READMISSIONS 5. Jefferson Neuroscience Network Impact on Regional Care Consults: 5,000+ Patients Remaining in Community: 87.3% tPA Treatment Rate: 14% Mean Response Time: 12 minutes Centers Receiving JC Primary Stroke Certification: 7 Educational Sessions/Year: 70+ >95% OF PATEINTS ELIGIBLE FOR IV-TPA RECEIVE THE DRUG COMPARED TO NATIONAL AVERAGE 5 -10% 6. Research & Outcomes 7. STROKE ALERT - LIVE DEMONSTRATION 8. Teleheath Post-Operative Visit 9. Telehealth Post Op Visit