phonics 1. syllables syllables 2. compound words compound words 3. vowels & consonants vowels...

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PHONICS 1. Syllables 2. Compound words 3. Vowels & Consonants 4. Magic “ e

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  • PHONICSSyllablesCompound wordsVowels & ConsonantsMagic e

  • Syllables How many units can you divide from a word? Try to draw a line between the syllables.

    easy usually particularly

    ea/sy u/sual/ly par/ti/cu/lar/ly (2) (3) (5)back

  • When two smaller words are put together to form a word. This new word is called compound word. For examples: = classmate = SCHOOLBAGCompound wordback

  • word Alphabet/Letters (a-z) vowels e.g. a , e , i, o , u consonantse.g. b, c , d, p , sh , chforward

  • aoeoeueeaai iThe following letters are vowels.


  • The following letters are consonants. gckbshnmldp.back

  • s hc h s h c h c h s h c hc h s hc h s hc hs hc hc h c h s hThere are some words with ch & shConsonants ch & shback

  • Magic e Do you know how to read a word with the letter e at the end? For examples : five like lame shave blameCan you find more words ending with the letter e ? Try to finish the exercise and then you can get more words with this magic e.back

  • crosswordback

  • Magic e exe.back

  • Final exe.forward

  • Final exe.back

    Anna, in order to present this page , you need to click to another page so as to show the students some of the examples.Anna, here we can ask two groups to divide themselves Anna, We can teach the students that when the word is ending with e , we can guess the pronunciation of the word. This is the magic, YEAH!!! We can pronounce the word with the vowel before the second last letter.Then we can distribute the worksheet to student and let them practise.

    Teacher use the words five and like as an example and have the students apply this rule to other words.