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Digital photography in a New Zealand classroom with the students as the photographers.


  • 1. Putting them Behind the Lens

2. Resource by Rachel Boyd 3. Head Shots 4. 5. MATHS Enlargements 3D Shapes 6. Reading 7. Retelling a Story 8. Photo Collage 9. Paparazzi 10. Five Frame Story Telling5 frame story tellingGuidelines for Telling a StoryGuidelines are not rules, but a formula that can be used to suit your creativeimagination. Several avenues exist for story telling, such as journalistic reporting,sequential photos that reveal a moment, photographic poetry, and narrative. Thefollowing guidelines are for narrative.A good story has characters in action with a beginning, middle, and an ending.Fortunately a lot of information can be given in a single photograph, enhancing thelimitations of five photographs for your story. Location, time, and atmosphere aidviewer imagination. Keep standards of pictorial beauty, but pack as many storytelling elements in one photograph as possible to develop an action.1st photo: establish characters and location.2nd photo: create a situation with possibilities of what might happen.3rd photo: involve the characters in the situation.4th photo: build to probable outcomes5th photo: have a logical, but surprising, end.5th photo: have a logical, but surprising, end. Link from Paulas Pages 11. 12. MADE Awards