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a User Agreement a Privacy Policy “Membership is a privilege not an entitlement” (ebay,2010) ebay are not AUCTIONEERS (ebay,2010) but Figure 1 A new ebay member you must accept the terms and conditions in both and so what are you in for ? its handy to know that must be 18 years or older to join

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  • 1.a User Agreement a Privacy Policy Membership is a privilege not an entitlement (ebay,2010) ebay are not AUCTIONEERS (ebay,2010) but Figure 1 A new ebay member you must accept the terms and conditions in both and so what are you in for ? its handy to know that must be 18 years or older to join

2. only an online venue, communicate anything, anytime, anywhere. (ebay,2010) almost (ebay,2010) offer, by agreeing to the User Agreement & Privacy Policy in order to buy,sell and so Figure 2 allowing members to with each other you allow ebay to 3. use Your Information full name user ID address city state country postcode email phone no you have also expressly consented for ebay to use and disclose your information at their absolute sole discretion to government law enforcement third parties data stored on US servers The primary purpose for information collection: to provide you with a smooth, efficient, safer and customised trading experience. (ebay,2010) and Your Information also includesFigure 3 ebay affiliates and subsidiaries (ebay,2010) Paypal Skype Gumtree to verify who you are (ebay,2010) such as 4. are collected and stored granting ebay a licence to use Your Information in any media now known or not currently known (ebay,2010) you have your responsibilities your bidding selling buying behaviour discussion boards cafes chat rooms feedback activities Figure 4 plus with a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, sublicensable (ebay ,2010) right to use Your Information. M O N I T O R E D 5. Ot you are protect your user ID and password complete all transactions incomplete transaction could result in liability to seller and ebay binding contracts between buyers and sellers liability onus on members Figure 5 you are legally responsible for all your activities dont involve yourself in fraud pay your fees (ebay,2010) 6. not to be the risk taker So dont interfere with ebays ISPs or upload viruses, worms, programming routines or malicious code so dont Figure 6 become threatening harassing defamatory deceptive fulfill your obligations to ebay You no spam (ebay,2010) 7. intellectual property rights or copyright eBays Privacy Policy states, "we can (and you authorise us to) disclose our User ID,name, street address, city, state, postcode, country, phone number, email, and company name to eBay VeRO Program participants as we in our sole discretion (ebay,2010) ebay is responsible for eBbay veRO Program participants legitimate sellers can be targeted not knowing exactly why Figure 7 breach trademark, can report you to ebay because sellers report competitors fr non-existent violations program can cause problems could result in suspended or terminated account (Make money on ebay,2010) or court action 8. nothing almost meanwhile ebay disclaims any liability in transactions disputes any court proceedings A licenYou grantormation is no warranty Figure 8 no guarantee that a transaction will actually be completed mediation loss or damage arbitration no guarantee personal information or private communications will always remain private (ebay,2010) 9. ebay will automatically track some of your behavior within its site url details of visited site before entering ebay and the site you go to next. what browser and ip address you use install Figure 9 ebay acts as a passive conduit of Your Information for online distribution and publication. (ebay,2010) all personal correspondence monitor and store ebay will also be aware of identity theft Figure 10 your user ID, email, contact details given to other members J j (ebay,2010) 10. Local Shared Objects (LSO), commonly called flash cookies. gives you, at no additional cost, free, hard to remove difficult to find large 100 kb file holds more info no expiration date respawning of deleted HTTP cookies Web site hosts and advertisers do not like relying on HTTP cookies. (Kassner,2009) easy to remove, short life so be aware cookies on your hard drive (Sotani, Canty, Mayo, Thomas, & Hoofnagle , 2009) Figure 11 merely visiting some websites can cause Flash data from a third party advertiser to be stored on the users computer, often unbeknownst to the user. (Soltani,2009) traffic counts are rendered inaccurate (Cooper,2010) Improves tracking of user 11. ebay disclosing personal information to advertisers and third parties who use profiling to better target you as a potential customer happy bidding ! of ebay or related entities may ring you offering promotions Figure 12 ad banners product offerings communications admin notices with (ebay,2010) (ebay,2010)