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Sugarfree were commissioned to design and print a brochure that would lay out the key features of setting up a new BID. We proposed identifying early advocates/supportes of the concenpt totry and get across their enthusiasm and passsion for gaining more control over the spending of funds generated from business stakeholders to be spent on their priorities in making Paddington a better, cleaner, greener, safer and more prosperous destination for business as well as the people working and living in the area. © text Paddington BID © design and print, sugarfreedesign, 2005


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‘Paddington is developing rapidly withfirst class infrastructure and hugepotential. This combination makes it a great area for business which iswhy we moved here. Supporting theBID will secure a better marketed,cleaner and safer Paddington.’

David EndicottWells Palmer1 South Wharf Road

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SSeeccttiioonn oonnee TThhee BBIIDD PPrrooppoossaall1.1 The BID Proposal In Summary 61.2 The Paddington BID Area 101.3 BID Services 12

What has already been achieved 12What the BID will deliver 15Clean and Attractive 15Safe and Secure 16Marketed and Involved 19

SSeeccttiioonn ttwwoo DDeelliivveerriinngg tthhee BBIIDD2.1 BID Budget and Costs 22

BID Budget 22BID Levy Rules 25

2.2 BID Management and Governance 262.3 The BID Team 282.4 Measuring Performance 30

The BID’s Key Performance Indicators 30Local Service Baselines 30

2.5 Further Information 32

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‘Praed Street was really run down.The Partnership has already madea big difference and I believe theBID will build on this. That's why I support the BID.’

Ash AminPhoto Sprint191 Praed Street

‘Praed Street was really run down.The Partnership has already madea big difference and I believe theBID will build on this. That's why I support the BID.’

Ash AminPhoto Sprint191 Praed Street

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PPaaddddiinnggttoonn BBuussiinneessss IImmpprroovveemmeenntt DDiissttrriicctt PPrrooppoossaall6

WWhhaatt iiss PPaaddddiinnggttoonn BBIIDD??The Paddington BID is promoted by Paddington WatersidePartnership, working with local businesses. Over the past fouryears it has tested projects to improve the performance andappearance of Praed Street and the surrounding area underthe banner of ‘Paddington Circle’, creating a more appealingenvironment, reducing crime, marketing the area andproviding a voice for local businesses.

In February 2005 local businesses will have the chanceto decide whether these improvements should continue byvoting to set up the Paddington BID. If businesses vote for itto go ahead, the Paddington BID will create a step change in people’s perceptions of Paddington. It will empowerbusinesses, who will control it and pay for it through a smalladditional levy on their business rates.

WWhhyy ddooeess PPaaddddiinnggttoonn nneeeedd aa BBIIDD??The Paddington area contains an abundant mix of offices,hotels, shops, cafes, restaurants, public houses, health,residential and community uses, with a rich, diverse andvaluable heritage. It is home to the key district centre of Praed Street and the well-established hotel quartersouthwards to Sussex Gardens. Over 400 businessesoperate in the area, contributing to Paddington’s economyand standing as a commercial location.

Despite its self-evident vitality and the advantage of being at the heart of an international, integrated transport hub, thePaddington area has suffered commercially over the past fiveto ten years and, in some places, exhibits poor environmentalquality. The opportunities for improvement are enormous. The area is adjacent to one of the largest regenerationschemes in the country – Paddington Waterside. New offices,shops and homes will bring enhanced prospects for the entirearea. In order to maximise these opportunities, a BusinessImprovement District is proposed, recognising that small scaleimprovements and actions at the very local level are just asimportant as major regeneration in delivering a sustainablefuture for the wider Paddington.

1.1 The BID proposal in summary

The pilot BID has already improved the appearance of Praed Street.

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Vaughan SmithFrontline Restaurant13 Norfolk Place

‘We are looking forward to astronger business communitywho will lead Paddingtontowards a cleaner, safer andbetter promoted future.’

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PPaaddddiinnggttoonn BBuussiinneessss IImmpprroovveemmeenntt DDiissttrriicctt PPrrooppoossaall8

WWhhaatt wwiillll aa BBIIDD ffoorr PPaaddddiinnggttoonn ddeelliivveerr??The BID aims to provide a cleaner, safer and more attractivePaddington, creating a better trading environment forbusinesses, bringing more customers to the area andencouraging tourists to stay in the area. It will trial innovativeapproaches to commercial and environmental problems, putbusinesses centre-stage in voting for the BID and overseeingits operation and will benefit businesses, residents, visitors,tourists, property owners and Paddington’s workforce.

The BID proposal is for four years, from 1 April 2005. It willdeliver a range of services under the headings of ‘clean andattractive’, ‘safe and secure’ and ‘marketed and involved’:

∑The BID will upgrade the visual appearance of Paddington,with greening projects, anti-flyposting and graffititreatment, frontage improvements and a ‘Capital Fund’ of£150,000 – creating an attractive, well-maintained andpleasing environment.

∑The BID will create safer and more secure environmentsfor visitors, customers, residents and staff by fundingpolice personnel dedicated to the BID area, assisting withthe introduction of CCTV, rolling out the successfulPubwatch scheme to shops and businesses throughoutthe BID area and creating an action plan for a balancedevening economy at Paddington.

∑The BID will position Paddington as a destination of choicethrough a programme of events, a range of marketingtools and enhanced retail promotion, changing the imageof Paddington for the better by encouraging more visitors,shoppers and tourists to enjoy this vibrant quarter of London.

∑The BID will create a voice for businesses in the Paddingtonarea, unlocking new areas of funding and acting as anadvocate and lobby vehicle on issues of priority for localbusinesses.

HHooww mmuucchh wwiillll iitt ccoosstt??Two-thirds of businesses would pay less than £10 per weekfor the Paddington BID. The proposed financial model sets a levy for businesses with a rateable value of £5,000 andabove, at a rate of 1.5% for hotels and 2% for all otherbusinesses, recognising the very significant rateable valuedifferences between hotels and other businesses in the BID area. This raises over £300,000 per annum and, withvoluntary contributions, brings the total to over £1.6 millionacross the proposed four-year BID lifespan.

HHooww hhaavvee ppllaannss ffoorr tthhee BBIIDD bbeeeenn ddrraawwnn uupp??The BID proposal has been drawn up by listening to businessconcerns, ideas and priorities over the past four years. The‘Vision for Praed Street’ programme in 2001/02 saw more

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than 90 local businesses and organisations set thefoundations for the pilot BID. A ‘Community Safety Audit’ with118 residents, 82 visitors and 15 businesses in 2002 focusedon perceptions of Paddington and priorities for tacklingcrime. The BID’s ‘Perception Analysis Study’ saw 178 localbusinesses give their views between December 2003 andMarch 2004 on what had been achieved to date and whatservices they would support within a BID. The BID’s

‘Prospectus for Consultation’ was issued in July 2004 andexplained the BID’s outline plans. More than 100 businesseswere able to respond to the Prospectus in detail, helping toshape this final BID proposal.

The BID for Paddington is firmly rooted in businesspriorities. The BID will only provide services that localbusinesses want. The services will bring benefits to localbusinesses, their staff and customers, the local communityand visitors to Paddington and will be additional to theservices already supplied by Westminster City Council.Projects and initiatives will be monitored and measured toensure quality and impact against BID objectives.

WWhhoo wwiillll rruunn tthhee BBIIDD??The BID will be administered by a Company set up specificallyfor this purpose. The Paddington BID Company will be managedby a Board of Directors representing all the business sectors inthe BID area, run by and for local businesses.

The BID Company will contract with PaddingtonWaterside Partnership Ltd. to deliver the BID services on aday-to-day basis. The Paddington BID will work closely withkey service providers as partners, including the MetropolitanPolice, Transport for London and Westminster City Council.This will ensure that businesses receive the highest levels of service possible, in a co-ordinated and targeted manner.

The BID will enhance Sussex Gardens as a key gateway to Paddington.

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PPaaddddiinnggttoonn BBuussiinneessss IImmpprroovveemmeenntt DDiissttrriicctt PPrrooppoossaall10

The area from Praed Street to Sussex Gardens, the ‘frontdoor’ to Paddington, is used every day by in excess of 100,000people, be they passengers, visitors, employees, shoppers,tourists or patients. 80,000 use Paddington mainline stationdaily with 15,000 people using the Heathrow Express; thearea includes more than 80 hotels, with two anchor Hiltonhotels, and Praed Street alone offering more than 1,400 hotelrooms; 10,000 people currently work in the area, with thisfigure likely to increase to between 20,000 and 30,000 overthe next ten years.

An area of intense activity and movement, the proposedBID covers a precisely defined geographic area, stretchingfrom Eastbourne Mews and Chilworth Mews in the west to abut with Edgware Road in the east; from EastbourneTerrace, Praed Street and South Wharf Road in the north to Sussex Gardens in the south.

Within the BID area there are currently 380 businesseseligible to vote on the BID proposal (with rateable values of £5,000 or more), with a combined rateable value ofalmost £29 million.

For the BID vote to result in a successful outcome, a majorityof the votes cast both by number and rateable value must beachieved.

1.2 The Paddington BID area

Bishop’s Bridge Road (pt)Bouverie PlaceChilworth MewsChilworth Street (pt)Cleveland Terrace (pt)Conduit MewsConduit PassageConduit PlaceCraven Road (pt)Eastbourne MewsEastbourne TerraceEdgware Road (pt)Harbet RoadJunction MewsJunction PlaceLondon MewsLondon StreetNorfolk Crescent (pt)

Norfolk PlaceNorfolk SquareNorfolk Square MewsPraed MewsPraed StreetRainsford StreetSt Michael’s StreetSale PlaceSouth Wharf RoadSouthwick MewsSouthwick Street (pt)Spring StreetStar StreetSussex Gardens (pt)Talbot SquareWestbourne Terrace (pt)Winsland MewsWinsland Street

TThhee ffoolllloowwiinngg ssttrreeeettss aarree iinncclluuddeedd,, eeiitthheerr iinn wwhhoollee oorriinn ppaarrtt::

A map of the BID area can be found on the inside back cover.

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‘We’re supporting the BIDbecause we believe that it willimprove Paddington and makeit a more desirable place fortourists to come and spendtheir money.’

Paul CharalambousStylotel160-162 Sussex Gardens

Page 14: Proposal - Paddington BID

PPaaddddiinnggttoonn BBuussiinneessss IImmpprroovveemmeenntt DDiissttrriicctt PPrrooppoossaall12

The Paddington BID will empower local businesses to create avibrant and prosperous Paddington, producing a unique placeto live, work and visit. The BID will deliver a range of projectsand services to achieve this. It will show a marked improvementin customer satisfaction, increase footfall, visitor and customerspend, ensure people feel safer, create an enjoyable atmosphereand re-position the retail and leisure market at Paddington.The BID will establish Paddington as a destination of choiceand it will be measured and monitored to demonstrate tobusinesses how their money is being spent.

WWhhaatt hhaass aallrreeaaddyy bbeeeenn aacchhiieevveeddThe pilot Paddington BID has delivered a number of projectsuccesses over the last four years, making a positivecontribution to the quality of the environment in the local area,making Paddington cleaner, greener, safer and more successfulcommercially. Since January 2001 the pilot BID has carried out arange of demonstration projects and services under the bannerof ‘Paddington Circle’. These initial improvements have beensupported by Single Regeneration Budget funding from theLondon Development Agency through the Circle Initiative, led byCentral London Partnership. Project achievements include:

Tackling environmental problems by treating 52 commercialpremises with anti-graffiti paint, treating 120 pieces of

street furniture with ‘Dacrylate’, to enable quick removal ofstickers and posters, installing 26 hanging baskets alongSpring Street, London Street and Praed Street and carryingout deep cleansing and chewing gum removal alongsections of Spring Street, London Street and Praed Street.Delivering wholesale frontage improvements to a range of shops and businesses, with nine funded in Praed Street,Norfolk Place, Craven Road and Spring Street and a further21 having received small-scale assistance.Establishing Paddington’s very own Pubwatch scheme,with 18 members, and the Paddington BID Forum, whichhas 101 active business members. Running more than 25 separate business promotion,networking and briefing events, including the successful‘What’s Your Flavour?’ food, music and film festival held insummer 2004.Instigating visual audits and reporting systems ofenvironmental and community safety conditions.Bringing new, extra dedicated Police and Police CommunitySupport Officers and three Paddington Rangers to the BID area.Using more than £700,000 of Single Regeneration Budgetfunding and attracting more than £2 million of additionalfunding, working in partnership with Westminster CityCouncil, the Metropolitan Police and Transport for Londonto deliver a range of co-financed projects.

1.3 BID services

OPPOSITE PAGE Top left: Anti-graffiti treatment of commercial premises. Top right: The Paddington Rangers scheme. Bottom left: Dacrylate treatment ensureseasy removal of stickers and posters. Bottom right: Shopfront improvement programme.

Page 15: Proposal - Paddington BID
Page 16: Proposal - Paddington BID

‘It’s time for the businesses to get together and have astronger voice and to promotePaddington. That’s why I support the BID.’

Andreas Economou Apek Pharmacy 107 Praed Street

Page 17: Proposal - Paddington BID


WWhhaatt tthhee BBIIDD wwiillll ddeelliivveerrPaddington BID will build on this success and if businessesvote to set up the BID in February 2005 it will deliver servicesand projects under three key priorities:

OOuurr ppllaannss:: CClleeaann aanndd AAttttrraaccttiivveeAAnnttii--ffllyyppoossttiinngg;; the BID will roll out its anti-flyposting‘Dacrylate’ treatment to the whole BID area, by workingwith Westminster City Council’s Highways team and theirapproved contractors, ensuring easy and rapid removalof flyposting and stickers, presenting a cleaner and moreattractive Paddington.SShhooppffrroonntt iimmpprroovveemmeenntt pprrooggrraammmmee;; improvingfrontages to reflect their original Victorian splendour,renewing signage and fascia, funding cosmetic repairsand providing advice to businesses on all aspects offrontage improvement.GGrreeeenniinngg sscchheemmeess;; continuing to upgrade the visualappearance of the area, adding colour and seasonalvariety through an extension to hanging basketcoverage, new individual surface-level greening schemesand improvements to hotel gardens in Sussex Gardens,creating an attractive, well-maintained and pleasingenvironment.

AAnnttii--ggrraaffffiittii ttrreeaattmmeenntt;; extending coverage of anti-graffititreated commercial premises, by working with WestminsterCity Council’s approved contractors, which together with thetraining of business personnel to remove graffiti effectively,will see the creation of a ‘graffiti-free zone’ at Paddington.VViissuuaall aauuddiittss;; stepping up visual audits, adding newhotspot zones to take in the whole BID area, identifyingand tackling a range of environmental conditions toensure a well-managed area.IInnvveessttmmeenntt iinn PPaaddddiinnggttoonn;; acting as an advocate forinvestment in Paddington, lobbying and bidding forexternal funding from public and private sector sources,complementing and adding real value to BID income and projects.CCaappiittaall FFuunndd;; creating a Capital Fund by building upsurpluses in initial years, enabling businesses to identifyspecific large capital projects in the early stages of the BID for implementation from year three onwards. Inpartnership with Westminster City Council the BID willidentify schemes such as road safety improvements,repaving, resurfacing and lighting, unlocking new fundingwhere possible. This capital fund sits at £150,000. On topof this the BID will set aside an annual amount of ‘blockfunding’ for environmental projects, totalling in excess of£100,000 over the life of the BID.

Clean and attractive

Page 18: Proposal - Paddington BID

PPaaddddiinnggttoonn BBuussiinneessss IImmpprroovveemmeenntt DDiissttrriicctt PPrrooppoossaall16

OOuurr ppllaannss:: SSaaffee aanndd SSeeccuurreeCCoommmmuunniittyy SSaaffeettyy TTeeaamm;; the pilot BID is already usingfunding to support one new extra dedicated PoliceConstable and two Police Community Support Officers. If the BID goes ahead we will continue to support thiscommunity safety team and enhance it with an additionalteam member. This will deter crime, reduce fear of crimeand assist visitors and tourists to Paddington by providinga dedicated frontline response team patrolling the BID area.CCCCTTVV;; championing the introduction of CCTV, providing 24-hour monitoring, exploring new technology optionssuch as wi-fi and working closely with the MetropolitanPolice, the Westminster CCTV Trust and Westminster CityCouncil, creating a safer Paddington for all.EEvveenniinngg eeccoonnoommyy;; producing a strategy and action plan for a balanced evening economy, promotingincreased footfall and levels of natural surveillanceafter office hours.BBuussiinneessss aanndd sshhoopp wwaattcchh;; extending the BID’s successfulPubwatch scheme to form business and shop watchschemes throughout the BID area, enabling businesses tooffer safer and more secure environments for their staff,visitors, clients and customers.

Safe and secure

The BID will bring dedicated police to Paddington.

Page 19: Proposal - Paddington BID

‘The Partnership helped meorganise and pay for my beautifulnew shop front. Everyonecompliments and says it standsout – it definitely helps with sales. I strongly urge everyone to supportthe BID, so we can improve thearea and prosper together. ’

Mukesh GohilMK Studio75-77 Praed Street

Page 20: Proposal - Paddington BID

‘In terms of improving the image of the area and the expected increase in qualitycustomers, a body that isaccountable to levy payers, which co-ordinates neighbourhoodbusiness interest and pooled fundsshould be a positive step toachieving this aim.’

Teri HaniSales & Marketing DirectorNorfolk Plaza Hotel29-33 Norfolk Square

Page 21: Proposal - Paddington BID

OOuurr ppllaannss:: MMaarrkkeetteedd aanndd IInnvvoollvveeddEEvveennttss pprrooggrraammmmee;; the BID will bring a dedicated programmeof events, showcasing Paddington’s offer, including initiativessuch as guided walks, music, food festivals and themedmarkets, encouraging more visitors, employees andtourists to enjoy this vibrant quarter of London.BBuussiinneessss pprroommoottiioonn;; creating online and hard copybusiness directories to market Paddington’s extensiverange of hotels, restaurants, shops and services,supporting the expansion of Paddington’s retail mix andoffer, providing a better link with retail at PaddingtonStation and thereby increasing local spending.RRee--ppoossiittiioonniinngg PPaaddddiinnggttoonn;; applying a number ofpromotional tools to brand Paddington within themarketplace through press, media and advertising,working in partnership with Visit London to positionevents and offers within a strategic London-wide setting.

VVooiiccee ffoorr bbuussiinneesssseess;; bringing a collective voice forbusinesses at Paddington, enabling them to influence thenature and scope of services and investment throughoutthis dynamic area. Businesses have specifically soughtsupport from the BID on planning, parking and traffic,crime, vice and community safety issues.BBIIDD CCoommppaannyy aanndd BBooaarrdd ooff DDiirreeccttoorrss;; establishing a not-for-profit BID Company and Board of Directors, drawnfrom businesses across the BID area, representingbusiness needs and ideas throughout the life of the BID.The BID’s Company will set up dedicated, business-ledthemed committees around the BID’s key project areas,putting businesses central to operations.

Marketed and involved


What’s Your Flavour?, September 2004Brunel-guided walk, April 2004

Page 22: Proposal - Paddington BID

‘The Paddington BID is an excellent opportunityfor local businesses towork together to promoteand improve the area. It enables us to have agreater voice.’

Neil ManningGranville's9 Spring Street

Page 23: Proposal - Paddington BID
Page 24: Proposal - Paddington BID

PPaaddddiinnggttoonn BBuussiinneessss IImmpprroovveemmeenntt DDiissttrriicctt PPrrooppoossaall22

It is proposed that the Paddington BID will initially have a lifeof four years, from 1 April 2005 to 31 March 2009. This willallow the BID to have the greatest positive impact on thearea, allow it to respond over time to changes in the area andnew business priorities and will ensure that local businesses’money is not wasted by short-term priorities. Towards the endof the four-year term, local businesses will be able to voteagain on whether the BID should continue.

Two-thirds of businesses would pay less than £10 perweek for the Paddington BID. The financial model used togenerate income is based on a 1.5% BID levy for hotels anda 2.0% BID levy for all other businesses, recognising thevery significant rateable value differences between hotelsand other businesses in the BID area.

Voluntary contributions have been incorporated into theBID financial model to include landowners who have not beenrecognised within the government’s BID legislation and also to enable those organisations and companies outside orbordering the BID area to contribute to the BID. Severalcontributions have already been committed – from Prudential,Marks & Spencer, MediCentre, Derwent Valley, HeathrowExpress and Paddington Waterside Partnership. Discussionscontinue with other local companies and landowners.Paddington Waterside Partnership will underwrite thevoluntary contributions in the first year of the BID’s operation.

The BID levy raises over £300,000 a year (see opposite).With voluntary contributions this figure rises to over £1.6 million over the proposed four year lifespan of the BID.

BBIIDD BBuuddggeettThe BID budget sets out the share of income and resourcesacross each of the BID themes. Staff costs will be kept to aminimum, with the BID operated by Paddington WatersidePartnership’s staff team.

To maximise involvement and responsiveness, there will be significant blocks of unallocated funding, allowingbusiness input and new ideas generated as a result ofchanging circumstances. This equates to in excess of£250,000 throughout the life of the BID.

External funding from sources such as public sectorgrants and income is not shown in the budget, which wouldtherefore be additional.

A BID levy collection rate is assumed to be 95%. The BIDlevy collection fees and BID running costs (such as legal andaccountancy services) are also shown in the budget.

Once the BID is fully operational, significant changes tobudget priorities can only be made at a BID Company AnnualGeneral Meeting, or an Extraordinary General Meeting, towhich all businesses will be invited.

The BID Board of Directors will prepare an annual action

2.1 BID budget and costs

Page 25: Proposal - Paddington BID


LLeevvyy iinnccoommee ((22000055//0066))

No BID Levy Payable % of BID Levy Income

Retail 116 £35,220 10%

Health 11 £20,590 6%

Restaurants, cafes & public houses 62 £34,005 9%

Hotels 87 £108,044 30%

Offices 91 £155,941 43%

Others 13 £7,246 2%

Totals 380 £361,046 100%

Hotels 30%

Retail 10%

Offices 43%

Health 6%

Restaurants, cafes & public houses 9%

Others 2%

LLeevvyy iinnccoommee bbyy sseeccttoorr ((22000055//0066))

Voluntary 19%

Levy 81%

AAllll iinnccoommee ((22000055//0066))

plan for Company approval prior to the commencement ofeach financial year. Plans will set out project details, costs,targets and delivery mechanisms under each themed heading.

Page 26: Proposal - Paddington BID

PPaaddddiinnggttoonn BBuussiinneessss IImmpprroovveemmeenntt DDiissttrriicctt PPrrooppoossaall24

PPrrooppoosseedd BBIIDD iinnccoommee aanndd eexxppeennddiittuurree ((aallll yyeeaarrss))

05/06 06/07 07/08 08/09 Total % of total

Income £ £ £ £ £ %

Levy Income (95%) 324,918 334,666 344,706 355,046 1,359,336 81%

Voluntary Contributions 80,000 80,000 80,000 80,000 320,000 19%

Total 404,918 414,666 424,706 435,046 1,679,336 100%

Expenditure £ £ £ £ £ %

Clean and Attractive 18,500 32,500 32,500 182,500 266,000 16%

Safe and Secure 111,000 114,300 237,699 141,200 604,199 36%

Marketed and Involved 68,500 57,830 58,170 72,520 257,020 15%

Staffing 77,000 79,310 81,689 84,140 322,139 19%

BID Running Costs 39,000 36,255 36,518 37,788 149,561 9%

Contingency 20,000 20,000 20,000 20,000 80,000 5%

Total 334,000 340,195 466,576 538,148 1,678,919 100%

Net 70,918 74,471 -41,870 -103,101 418

Carried forward for Capital Fund 70,918 145,389 103,518 418 –

Clean and Attractive 16%

Safe and Secure 36%

Contingency 5%

BID Running costs 9%

Marketed and Involved 15%

Staffing 19%

EExxppeennddiittuurree bbyy pprroojjeecctt aarreeaa oovveerr lliiffee ooff BBIIDD

Page 27: Proposal - Paddington BID


BBIIDD LLeevvyy RRuulleessThe following arrangements for the BID levy are proposed atPaddington:

The first term of the BID will be for a period of four years,from 1 April 2005 to 31 March 2009.The BID levy will be applied to all ratepayers as defined inthe levy schedule with a rateable value of £5,000 or more.The levy will be a fixed rate at 1.5% for all hoteliers and2% for all other businesses in the defined area, using the2000 rating list as at 1 October 2004. The levy applied toSt Mary’s NHS Trust will be 0.8%.All new hereditaments (rateable business units) enteringthe rating list after 1 April 2005 will be valued at a fixedrate of either 1.5% or 2% of rateable value as at the dateof occupation.All hereditaments subject to mandatory charitable relieffrom NNDR (national non-domestic rates) will be subject to the same 80% relief from the BID levy.

A small number of businesses within the BID area haveexceptionally high rateable values, far in excess of themajority of businesses in the BID area. To ensure theyreceive proportionate benefit from the BID, a ceiling of£20,000 per hereditament in year one has been applied,plus indexation in future years. The BID levy rules cannot be altered during the lifetime of the BID without a full Alteration Ballot.Empty properties, excluding listed buildings, will be liablefor the BID levy via the property owner, with no void period. The BID levy will assume a growth rate for inflation of 3%applied on 1 April each year.There will be no VAT charged on the BID levy.

Page 28: Proposal - Paddington BID

PPaaddddiinnggttoonn BBuussiinneessss IImmpprroovveemmeenntt DDiissttrriicctt PPrrooppoossaall26

BIDs are business-led initiatives which provide theopportunity for businesses to invest, and have a direct say, in the management of their area. This investment istherefore controlled by those businesses through a BIDCompany, formed for the purpose. The BID Company will be not-for-profit and limited by guarantee. The BID Company’smembers will automatically include non domestic ratepayers who are responsible for paying the BID levy, plus thefollowing proposed groups:

Voluntary contributors to the BID,Residential interests, andPublic sector agencies involved in delivering services withinthe BID area such as the Metropolitan Police andWestminster City Council.

It is proposed that the BID Company will have a Board ofDirectors made up of 17 representatives from the BIDCompany’s members, with places assigned by sector andnumbers allotted by a combination of percentage levycontribution and total numbers, shown opposite.

The BID Company’s Directors will meet quarterly. BIDCompany accounts will be audited independently on anannual basis and presented at the BID Company AGM, towhich all Company members will be invited.

To maximise local business involvement three themed BIDCommittees are proposed, with representation drawn frommembers of the BID Company, based upon the three keyareas of ‘Clean and Attractive’, ‘Safe and Secure’ and‘Marketed and Involved’. Each Committee will review projectprogress, spend and success in each of the themed areas.Committees will meet quarterly and feed into meetings ofthe BID Company’s Board of Directors.

2.2 BID management and governance

Page 29: Proposal - Paddington BID


PPrrooppoosseedd BBIIDD BBooaarrdd ooff DDiirreeccttoorrss

No. % of BID Levy Income No. of Board Places

Retail 116 10% 2

Health 11 6% 1

Restaurants, cafes & public houses 62 9% 1

Hotels 87 30% 4

Offices 91 43% 5

Others 13 2% 0

Total of Levy Payers 338800 110000%% 1133

Voluntary Contributors N/A N/A 2

Residential interests (non-voting) N/A N/A 2

TToottaall 1177

Page 30: Proposal - Paddington BID

PPaaddddiinnggttoonn BBuussiinneessss IImmpprroovveemmeenntt DDiissttrriicctt PPrrooppoossaall28

The BID will be delivered by Paddington Waterside Partnership(PWP) Ltd. (a company limited by guarantee), under contractwith the BID Company. PWP was launched in 1998 to overseethe creation of Paddington Waterside and ensure that thebenefits of regeneration to the local area were maximised.

The Partnership currently employs a team of nine full-timestaff and three part-time consultants. Under contract to theBID Company, the Partnership proposes the following staffarrangements for which income (of £77,000 in year one andrising thereafter) will be received for two dedicated BID posts:

BBIIDD DDiirreeccttoorr – responsible for the strategic direction andperformance of the BID, supporting the BID Company andits Directors, advising on all governance matters, servicingthe Board and its sub-committees, liaison with allbusinesses and the relationship with Westminster CityCouncil in respect of levy income and service levels.BBIIDD OOppeerraattiioonnss MMaannaaggeer – responsible for the planning,development and delivery of individual BID projects andservices, and the attraction of additional funding tocomplement BID levy income and voluntary contributions.

These posts will be appointed by the BID Company’s Directors.

In addition the BID will receive consultancy support (at a costof £19,500 per annum) from Paddington WatersidePartnership’s team on a part-time basis, as has been the casesince the pilot BID began in January 2001, as shown below:

MMaarrkkeettiinngg MMaannaaggeerr – two days per week, leading on allmarketing, promotion and communications issues andprojects.FFiinnaanncciiaall CCoonnttrroolllleerr aanndd CCoommppaannyy SSeeccrreettaarryy – one day perweek, providing accountancy services to the BID Company.

Paddington Waterside Partnership will meet administrativesupport costs and also make an annual cash contribution tothe BID of £20,000.

Should the BID benefit from significant additional fundingand/or income, staffing levels will be reviewed.

2.3 The BID team

Page 31: Proposal - Paddington BID

‘BIDs are an exciting newventure allowing businesses tohave their say in creating the‘New Paddington’. We know thearea, we see the problems andwe care 100%. The BID conceptis the way forward.’

Maggi O’ConnorSir Alexander FlemingPublic House14-16 Bouverie Place

Page 32: Proposal - Paddington BID

PPaaddddiinnggttoonn BBuussiinneessss IImmpprroovveemmeenntt DDiissttrriicctt PPrrooppoossaall30

TThhee BBIIDD’’ss KKeeyy PPeerrffoorrmmaannccee IInnddiiccaattoorrssIn order to measure the success of the Paddington BID a setof Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) have been set, to helpdefine and measure progress towards improving Paddington.Measures and targets will assist the BID Company inassessing BID impact and success, based on the followingobjectives:

OObbjjeeccttiivvee OOnnee –– MMaakkee PPaaddddiinnggttoonn cclleeaanneerr aanndd mmoorreeaattttrraaccttiivveeThe BID will monitor incidents of dumped rubbish, fly-postingand graffiti through its regular visual audits and CommunitySafety Team incident logs. It will also track changes inperceptions of the BID area’s cleanliness through monthly on-street surveys and annual visitor surveys.

OObbjjeeccttiivvee TTwwoo –– MMaakkee PPaaddddiinnggttoonn ssaaffeerr,, mmoorree sseeccuurreeaanndd iimmpprroovvee eexxtteerrnnaall ppeerrcceeppttiioonnssThe BID will monitor incidents of anti-social behaviour, thenumbers of businesses involved in community safetyinitiatives and levels of fear of crime through the CommunitySafety Team incident logs, monthly on-street surveys andannual visitor surveys.

OObbjjeeccttiivvee TThhrreeee –– BBoooosstt tthhee oovveerraallll aattttrraaccttiivveenneessss ooffPPaaddddiinnggttoonn aass aa ddeessttiinnaattiioonn aanndd ppllaaccee ttoo ddoo bbuussiinneessssThe BID will monitor footfall, commercial vacancy rates,number of businesses participating in events and offers,website hits and hotel stays through bi-annual commercialhealth-checks of the BID area, event monitoring andevaluation and tourism intelligence data.

LLooccaall SSeerrvviiccee BBaasseelliinneessThe proposed services delivered by the BID will be in additionto those currently provided by Westminster City Council and the Metropolitan Police Service. To guarantee that thisremains so, both agencies are in the process of drawing up‘baseline service level agreements’ which will set out currentlevels of service. This will guarantee that services will not bereduced once the BID begins and ensure that those servicesprovided by the BID will remain additional to current servicelevels, a situation which will be monitored by the BIDCompany and its staff team through Westminster CityCouncil’s BID review group.

The two key areas where such service baselines will beestablished lie in the BID themes of ‘clean and attractive’ and ‘safe and secure’. Full copies will be available on request.

2.4 Measuring performance

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CClleeaann aanndd AAttttrraaccttiivveeWestminster City Council’s cleansing contractor, Onyx,currently provides the following services in the BID area.

Street sweeping (busiest streets twice per day, otherstreets once per day)Litter bin emptying (busiest streets six times per day,other streets twice per day)Litter bin washing (monthly during summer months, onceevery ten weeks outside summer period)Commercial waste collection (Once per day, with busieststreets having an additional night collection)Footway and carriageway flushing (varies by street and season)Degreasing and stain removal (varies by street andseason)Removal of fly-posting and graffiti (offensive graffitiremoved within 12 hours of report, all other incidentswithin ten days)

Westminster City Council provides a dedicated StreetEnvironment Management (SEM) team who undertakecleansing checks and contract monitoring, provide streetenforcement action and carry out regular inspections ofhighways and footways.

The City Council’s Environment Action Line, 020 7641 2000,offers a 24-hours, 7 days a week service, taking calls on noise,litter, refuse collection, recycling, graffiti, street surface water,public toilets, dog fouling, abandoned cars and building sitenuisance.

SSaaffee aanndd SSeeccuurreePaddington BID will provide a Community Safety Teamconsisting of three Police Community Safety Officers and a Police Constable. This team will be dedicated exclusively to the BID area, serving businesses and visitors to Paddington.The purpose of the Community Safety Team is to make thePaddington BID area safer and reduce levels of fear of crime.Paddington BID’s Community Safety Team is provided in additionto those services already provided by the Metropolitan Policeand outlined in their service level agreement.

Page 34: Proposal - Paddington BID

PPaaddddiinnggttoonn BBuussiinneessss IImmpprroovveemmeenntt DDiissttrriicctt PPrrooppoossaall32

2.5 Further information

Copies of the following past publications and surveys carriedout through the pilot Paddington BID can be obtained bycontacting the BID Team.

BBIIDD PPrroossppeeccttuuss ffoorr CCoonnssuullttaattiioonn,, JJuullyy 22000044The Prospectus introduced the plans for a BID at Paddington,outlining potential projects and initiatives.

PPeerrcceeppttiioonn AAnnaallyyssiiss,, MMaayy 22000044Results of detailed business interviews and surveys carriedout between December 2003 and March 2004 on the pilotBID’s activities and support for a BID.

BBIIDD__OONN,, FFeebbrruuaarryy 22000044A review of achievements through the pilot BID for Paddingtonfrom January 2001 to February 2004.

IImmpprroovviinngg PPaaddddiinnggttoonn,, DDeecceemmbbeerr 22000033An information leaflet for businesses about the proposed BIDfor Paddington.

SSaaffee,, MMaarrcchh 22000022The results of Paddington BID’s Community Safety Auditcarried out in 2001/02.

VViissiioonn,, MMaarrcchh 22000022The proceedings and results of the extensive visioningprogramme undertaken in 2001/02.

It is up to the Paddington business community to decideif the BID should go ahead. If you have any questionsabout the proposed BID for Paddington, for furtherinformation or to set up a meeting, please contact us.

PPaaddddiinnggttoonn BBIIDD TTeeaamm

Room B108, Macmillan House, Platform One, PaddingtonStation, London W2 1FT

KKaayy BBuuxxttoonn,, Chief Executive, Paddington Waterside Partnership020 7313 [email protected]

GGeeoorrggee GGrraaccee,, Paddington BID Development Director020 7922 [email protected]

JJiimm RRiicchhaarrddssoonn,, Paddington BID Development Manager020 7313 [email protected]

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‘Business has been tough in recent years. We need toimprove and market Paddingtonbecause it has great potential.But we can't do it individually –only a collective effort will work.That's why I say yes for the BID. ’

Edip Aksinoglu Cheers Wine Shop 15 Craven Road

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Paddington Business Improvement DistrictRoom B108Macmillan HousePlatform OnePaddington StationLondon W2 1FT

T 020 7313 1011F 020 7313 1005E [email protected]