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    Hi Shuvankar,

    Please fnd below KT Plan on PTP

    1) Over view o PTP process in Autoplus

    )!endor Peror"ance#!endor $valuation in SAP)

    %)Supplier &onitorin'

    ()Supplier A'ree"ent &ana'e"ent

    )*nventor+ &ana'e"ent

    )-ebate Processin'

    .)Purchase order docu"ent t+pes and -elease procedure

    /)Output condition records or POs

    3)Supplier Monitoring

    You need set different message output type for PO for to have (AUFB) Order Acknowledgement for sending

    (!A"#) $eminders to vendor 


    You need to set Purchasing %alue &ey in material master where you can enter the reminder days for re'uirement of

    the material Purchasing %alue &ey should come from material master you should not(y usiness re') enter in

    PO You can set reminder days in days for *st $em+,-ped./nd $eminder+,-ped 0rd $eminder+,-ped in material

    master. so as to triggers+sends $eminders to vendor y using tcode1!,2*F

    The message type used for PO's is MAHN - Dunning

    n SP!O-" M#-" Materials Management-" Pur$hasing-" Messages-" Message Types-"

    De%ne Message Types for Pur$hase Order


    n &ine-Tuned ontrol( Pur$hase Order $on%g maintain the Operation 3 MAHN

    For sending it through ,3mail . maintian the email address in vendor master 3 address ta . also maintain the

    condition records in !#45


    Before creating PO also make the necessary settings for the output type . the medium would e 6


    7o3ordinate with Basis team for making additonnal settings in 87O9 9ransaction for PO via ,mail


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    *)+endor !e,ate pro$essand settingsA,stra$t - 

    This document covers -Overview of SAP Vendor Rebates and Process FlowMaster data, Transaction data and Confiuration settins!hat are the in"uts re#uired to setu" vendor rebate functionalit$O"tions we can leverae throuh SAP Vendor Rebate Details - +endor re,ate oerie.

    -ebate Arran'e"ent is contract that is "ade between the vendor 0 the bu+er or 'ivin'certain percenta'evalue o discounts b+ vendor on purchase over a particularvalue2uantit+ o "aterial3

     These discounts are stored in the s+ste" as 4-ebate arran'e"ents5 These -ebates arran'e"ents are havin' validit+ and we can e6tend the validit+ o such anarran'e"ent to cover a lon'er ti"e7span or 8until urther notice83 9or e6a"ple, anarran'e"ent created or one calendar +ear can be auto"aticall+ replaced b+ a new,identical one that is valid or the ollowin' calendar +ear3 /eels for +endor !e,ates

    Purchasin' Or'ani:ation based rebates ;*n this case rebate arran'e"ents are created based onpurchasin'or'ani:ationvendor"aterialco"pan+ code co"bination3

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    !alue based conditions #Scales) ;?urin' a certain period i purchase value o certain "aterials e6ceeds the defned li"it thendiscounts will co"e into picture3@uantit+ based conditions #Scales) ;?urin' a certain period i purchase 2uantit+ o certain "aterial e6ceeds the defned li"itthen discount will co"e into picture3

    These discounts are in the form of "ercentae, #uantit$ or fi%ed value etc& de"endin onCalculation t$"e in condition t$"e and business re#uirementsoteB Apart ro" !alue and 2uantit+ scales there are other options as well e3'3 Crosswei'ht, et wei'ht, volu"e, distance etc3 Pro$ess &lo.

    nputs for +endor !e,ate Arrangement


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    Master data $hange 0 +endor Master 1pdate


    Vendor Master u"date ' (ver$ Vendor rebate relevant vendor needs to be mar)ed with

    Subse#uent settlement indicators


    Master data Ne.0 !e,ate Arrangement - Oerie. 2S$reen ) 2M45) 

    -ebate Arran'e"ent Dondition record ; Si"ilar to ino record we need to "aintain -ebatearran'e"ent condition record or vendor and "aterial"aterial 'roup with purchasin'or'ani:ation co"bination3

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    Master data Ne.0 !e,ate Arrangement - ondition re$ord 2S$reen 6)

    Condition record for rebate condition t$"es *A++ '

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    Transa$tional data 0 5usiness olume $omparison 2M416)

    .ser can com"are business data with vendor and ma)e chanes in business volume fiuresbefore settlement&

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    Transa$tional data 0 !e,ate settlement 2M457)

    +endor re,ate options -

    -ebate Arran'e"ent at !endor&aterial 'roup level ;* a vendor is suppl+in' ran'e o"aterials belon'in' to same "aterial 'roup or diEerent plant then onl+ one rebatearran'e"ent needs to "aintained or one "aterial 'roup3

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    -ebate Arran'e"ent at !endor"ultiple "aterials 7 * a vendor is suppl+in' ran'e o"aterials belon'in' to di8erent "aterial 'roup or diEerent plant then onl+ one rebatecondition record needs to "aintained or ran'e o "aterials3Option o 2uantit+ scale vs3 value scale ; Option to have rebate scales based on 2uantit+procured durin' specifed period3AP pa+"ent procedure to vendor in case o rebates ; Pa+"ents to the vendors are "ade b+

    deductin' rebate a"ount ro" total due3&essa'e to vendor about settle"ent ; & Rebate Arranement creation 3 -ebate settle"entrun-ebate partner assi'n"ent #?iEerent invoicin' part+ or "ain vendor) ; * orderin' vendor isdiEerent than invoicin' part+ and pa+"ents are 'oin' to invoicin' part+3 Then rebate a"ount has to bedebited to invoicin' part+3 This scenario we can "ap in SAP

    Required Configuration data


    * P3Or's assi'ned to plant not to co"pan+ code3 Then we can not use standard -ebatea'ree"ent t+pe3 =e need to create custo" a'ree"ent t+pe3

     =e also need other conf'uration that is linked to custo" rebate a'ree"ent t+pe313 Assi'n rebate condition t+pe to rebate a'ree"ent t+pe 

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    /& 0umber rane assinment to rebate areement t$"e


    %3 Controls of subse#uent settlement for rebate areement t$"e

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    13 Dondition t+pe "arked with 4Accruals5 ; This is re2uired to 'et rebate condition t+pe with value inPO as statistical condition t+pe3

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    && !endor $valuation


     The !endor $valuation co"ponent supports +ou in opti"i:in' +our procure"ent processes in

    the case o bothmaterials and seri$es 3


    *n the SAP S+ste", !endor $valuation is co"pletel+ inte'rated into the && Purchasin'

    co"ponent within &aterials &ana'e"ent3 This "eans that inor"ation such as deliver+

    dates, prices, and 2uantities can be taken ro" purchase orders3

    !endor $valuation also uses data ro" the @ualit+ &ana'e"ent co"ponent, such as the

    results o inco"in' inspections or 2ualit+ audits3

    !endor $valuation accesses basic &aterials &ana'e"ent data, *nventor+ &ana'e"ent data

    #such as 'oods receipts), and data ro" the >o'istics *nor"ation S+ste" #>*S)3 The >*S data

    is stored in the inor"ation structure SF1%3

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     These "ain criteria serve as a basis or evaluatin' vendors ro" who" +ou procure


    • Service

     This "ain criterion serves as a basis or evaluatin' those vendors +ou e"plo+ as e6ternalservice providers3

    • *nvoice

     This "ain criterion serves as a basis or evaluatin' vendors ro" who" +ou procure

    "aterials or services3

     ou can also defne other or urther "ain criteria, as re2uired3

     ou can assi'n diEerent wei'hts to the individual criteria3 The vendorIs overall score is

    co"puted takin' into account the wei'hted scores awarded or each o the "ain criteria3

     The !endor $valuation S+ste" ensures that evaluation o vendors is obJective, since all

    vendors are assessed accordin' to unior" criteria and the scores are co"puted


    *n this wa+, subJective i"pressions and Jud'"ents can be lar'el+ eli"inated3

     To create a detailed evaluation, each "ain criterion can be divided into several subcriteria3

     The standard s+ste" provides +ou with certain subcriteria which suce as a basis orevaluation3 ou can also defne +our own additional subcriteria3

     The scores or the subcriteria are calculated in diEerent wa+s3

    Scorin' &ethods






    Scores are calculated b+ the s+ste" on the basis o e6istin' data3

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     ou enter individual scores or i"portant "aterials, or or the 2ualit+ and ti"eliness o a

    service peror"ed, +oursel3 The s+ste" then calculates the hi'her7level score ro" these3



     ou enter a blanket score or a subcriterion per vendor3

     ou can decide +oursel which o these "ethods to use3


     The results o vendor evaluation are displa+ed in the or" o anal+ses3 9or e6a"ple, +ou can

    'enerate rankin' lists o the best vendors accordin' to their overall scores or rankin' lists

    or specifc "aterials3

    Dhan'es to evaluations are recorded in lo's, and +ou have the option o printin' out

    evaluation sheets3

    $le"ents o !endor $valuation

    9he following graphic shows the scores at various levels of %endor ,valuation1

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    9he most important elements of vendor evaluation are1

    Overall Score

    &ain Driterion


    Scorin' -an'e

    =ei'htin' o Scores

    Overall Score


     The overall score represents the 'eneral evaluation o a vendor3 *t is a co"bination o the

    scores the vendor has achieved or all the "ain criteria3

     ou can co"pare diEerent vendors on the basis o their overall scores without 'eneratin' a

    detailed anal+sis o their evaluations3

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    +endor Oerall s$ore out of 99

    S"ith /

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     ou can evaluate vendors accordin' to several "ain criteria that +ou consider i"portant3

     The scores or the "ain criteria are a "ore accurate representation o the peror"ance o a

    vendor than the overall score3

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    Subcriteria are the s"allest units or which scores are awarded in !endor $valuation3

     The s+ste" calculates a score or the relevant hi'her7level "ain criterion based on the

    scores a vendor receives or the various subcriteria3


     There are three t+pes o subcriterionB

    • &anual

     ou enter the score into the s+ste" +oursel beore carr+in' out an evaluation3

    • Se"i7auto"atic

     ou enter scores or 2ualit+ and ti"eliness o deliver+ or peror"ance at ino record level

    #or a "aterial) or in the service entr+ sheet #or an e6ternall+ peror"ed service)3

    • 9ull+ auto"atic

     ou do not enter an+ data +oursel3 The s+ste" calculates the scores or auto"atic

    subcriteria on the basis o data ro" other areas o the enterprise outside the !endor

    $valuation s+ste" #or e6a"ple, Coods -eceivin' or @ualit+ &ana'e"ent)3 The individual

    scorin' "ethods ulfll diEerent purposes and involve diEerent kinds o "aintenance3 9or

    "ore inor"ation on this topic, please reer to the section ?eter"inin' Scores 3

    ecessar+ Subcriteria

     The auto"atic subcriteria provided in the standard s+ste" suce or the evaluation o a

    vendor ro" who" +ou procure "aterials3 That is to sa+, +ou do not necessaril+ have to

    "aintain scores or "anual or se"i7auto"atic subcriteria in order to peror" evaluations3

     The s+ste" allows or a "a6i"u" o twent+ subcriteria or each "ain criterion3 *n the

    standard SAP S+ste" there are two auto"atic subcriteria or the "ain criterion 4Price5,

    three or the "ain criterion 4@ualit+5, and our or the "ain criterion 4?eliver+53 This "eans

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    that +ou can deter"ine up to 1/, 1., and 1 additional subcriteria respectivel+ or each o

    these "ain criteria3

     There are no auto"atic subcriteria or the "ain criteria 4Ceneral servicesupport5 and

    4$6ternal service53 However, three se"i7auto"atic subcriteria are included in the standard

    SAP S+ste" or 4Ceneral servicesupport5 and two or 4$6ternal service provision53 This"eans that +ou can defne up to 1. and 1/ additional "anual or se"i7auto"atic subcriteria

    respectivel+ or these two "ain criteria3

    =hen defnin' "anual subcriteria, please note that +ou will retain a better overview i +ou

    keep the nu"ber o criteria low3

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    o Price variance

    Pri$e /eel

     This subcriterion co"pares relationship o a vendorGs price to the "arket price3 * the

    vendorGs price is lower than the "arket price, heshe receives a 'ood score i it is hi'herthan the "arket price heshe is assi'ned a poor score3

    On the basis o the subcriterion Price >evel +ou can co"pare a vendorGs price to the current

    "arket price at a certain point in ti"e3

    Pri$e History

     This subcriterion co"pares the develop"ent o the vendorGs price with the "arket price3

    On the basis o the subcriterion Price Histor+, +ou can deter"ine whether the vendorGs price

    has increased or decreased over a certain period in co"parison with chan'es in the "arket

    price over the sa"e period3

    #oods !e$eipt

     This subcriterion is used to evaluate the 2ualit+ o the "aterial that the vendor delivers3

    @ualit+ inspection takes place at the ti"e o 'oods receipt3

    :uality Audit

     This subcriterion is used to evaluate the 2ualit+ assurance s+ste" used b+ a co"pan+ in"anuacturin' products3


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    :uantity !elia,ility

     This subcriterion is used to deter"ine whether a vendor has delivered the 2uantit+ specifed

    in the purchase order3


    4On7ti"e deliver+ peror"ance5 and 4@uantit+ reliabilit+5 alwa+s have to be seen in

    conJunction3 ou can speci+ or each "aterial #in the "aterial "aster record) or or all

    "aterials #in the s+ste" settin's) the "ini"u" 2uantit+ o the ordered "aterials that "ust

    be delivered in order or a 'oods receipt to be included in the evaluation3 This enables +ou to

    avoid a situation in which a punctual 'oods receipt involvin' onl+ a s"all 2uantit+ o ordered

    "aterials is included in the evaluation with a 'ood score or 4on7ti"e deliver+ peror"ance53

    * this "ini"u" 2uantit+ is not delivered, the vendor is not awarded a score3 However, in

    this case the vendor receives a bad score or 2uantit+ reliabilit+3

    omplian$e =ith Shipping nstru$tions This subcriterion is used to deter"ine how

    precisel+ a vendor co"plies with +our instructions or the shippin' or packin' o a "aterial3

    on%rmation Date This subcriterion is used to deter"ine whether a vendor adheres to a

    previousl+ confr"ed deliver+ date #that is, whether the 'oods are actuall+ received on the

    date previousl+ confr"ed b+ the vendor)3

    :uantity +arian$e

    =ith this criterion, +ou evaluate how e6actl+ the 2uantit+ to be invoiced a'rees with the

    2uantit+ actuall+ invoiced3

    Pri$e +arian$e

    =ith this criterion, +ou evaluate how e6actl+ the price to be invoiced a'rees with the price

    actuall+ invoiced3

    Scorin' -an'eDenition

     To co"pare the peror"ance o one vendor with another, it is necessar+ to establish a ran'e

    #or scale) o possible scores3

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     ou can defne +our own scorin' ran'e ro" the worst7 to the best7possible achievable score3

     The e6a"ples in this docu"entation are based on a scorin' ran'e o 1 to 1FF points3 This

    scale provides +ou with a 'ood overview and also per"its 2uite a fnel+ diEerentiated ratin'

    o individual vendors3

    =ei'htin' o Scores


     The scores a vendor is awarded or "ain criteria can be wei'hted diEerentl+ to reNect

    diEerences in the si'nifcance o the criteria3


    =ei'htin' 9actor

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     There are two possible t+pes o wei'htin' ke+ in the standard s+ste"B

    • Ke+ F1

    • Ke+ F

    Ke+ F1 per"its the e2ual wei'htin' o all criteria3

    Ke+ F enables +ou to evaluate vendors suppl+in' s"all parts, or e6a"ple3

     The wei'htin' actors under this ke+ are distributed as ollowsB


    @ualit+ %


    Cen3 servicesupport 1

    $6ternal service provision