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    Teresa Byrd, Planner I [email protected]

    Mark Locklear, Manager of Planning Services [email protected]

    Phone: (910) 893-7525 Fax: (910) 814-8278

    Planning Board: September 7, 2010 County Commissioners: September 20, 2010

    Requesting rezoning from RA-30 to Commercial

    Applicant Information Owner of Record: Applicant: Name: Anna Hardin

    Jennifer Schulz-Kleyenstuber POA Name: JR Developers, LLC

    Tim Niewald

    Address: 72 Vail Court Address: 275 S. Bennett Street

    City/State/Zip: Sanford, NC 27332 City/State/Zip: Southern Pines, NC 28387

    Property Description PIN(s): 9584-88-6178.000 Acreage: 13.26 acres

    Address/SR No.: Hwy 87


    (01) Anderson Creek (02) Averasboro (03) Barbecue (04) Black River

    (05) Buckhorn (06) Duke (07) Grove (08) Hectors Creek

    (09) Johnsonville (10) Lillington (11) Neill’s Creek (12) Stewart’s Creek (13) Upper Little River

    Vicinity Map

    Vicinity Map

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    Physical Characteristics

    Site Description: The Site is located along Hwy 87, in our Highway Corridor Overlay District and is currently undeveloped. Surrounding Land Uses: Surrounding land uses are a mix between residential and non- residential uses. This includes different types of non-residential uses such as retail and services uses. There are several large and small residential developments in the area such as: Linden Oaks, Lexington Plantation, Richmond Park & Brandywood Subdivision, which is directly adjacent to the site. The property is also adjacent to land owned by the U.S. Military.

    Aerial Photograph

    Services Available Transportation: Located in HCO District Annual Daily Traffic Count: 20,000 at nearest count


    Public (Harnett County) Private (Well) Other: Unverified


    Public (Harnett County) Private (Septic Tank) Other: unverified

    Site Distances: Fair

    Zoning District Compatibility The following is a summary list of general uses, for actual permitted uses refer to the Zoning Ordinance.


    RA-30 COMM

    Parks & Rec X X

    Natural Preserves X X

    Bona Fide Farms X

    Single Family X

    Manufactured Homes, Design Regulated X

    Manufactured Homes


    Institutional X

    Commercial Services X

    Retail X




    Zoning Map

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    Land Use Classification Compatibility



    Parks & Rec X X

    Natural Preserves X

    Bona Fide Farms

    Single Family X

    Manufactured Homes, Design Regulated

    Manufactured Homes

    Multi-Family X

    Institutional X X

    Commercial Services X X

    Retail X X




    Future Land Use Map

    Additional Information The two parcels adjacent to the subject property were approved unanimously for a rezoning from RA-30 to Commercial, by the Planning Board on July 6, 2010 and County Commissioners on August 2, 2010. Also, as required for all zoning changes within a five mile radius of Fort Bragg, RLUAC (Regional Land Use Advisory Commission) was contacted and had no objections to the proposed rezoning to commercial.

    Evaluation Yes No The IMPACT to the adjacent property owners and the surrounding community is

    reasonable, and the benefits of the rezoning outweigh any potential inconvenience or harm to the community. REASONING: Development along Hwy 87 is becoming predominately a mix of residential and

    non-residential uses. The requested zoning district is similar in nature to much of the existing

    development in the area and will not have a negative impact on the adjacent property owners or

    the surrounding community.

    Yes No The requested zoning district is COMPATIBLE with the existing Land Use Classification. REASONING: The existing land use classification, Compact Mixed Use is meant to encourage a

    combination of differing residential types such as: small lot single family and multi-family

    developments, commercial, and institutional uses. The requested zoning change is compatible

    with this classification.

    Yes No The proposal does ENHANCE or maintain the public health, safety and general welfare. REASONING: The existing zoning district in which the subject property is located is not

    compatiable with the general vicinity of the site. The proposed commercial zoning district is more

    appropriate for the site due to several factors, including the continued non-residential

    development in the area and surrounding land uses. Thus will enhance the public health and

    general welfare.

    Yes No The request is for a SMALL SCALE REZONING and should be evaluated for reasonableness REASONING: The site is immediately adjacent to Commercial zoning and therefore, it is not necessary to evaluate this site for a small scale rezoning request.

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    Suggested Statement-of-Consistency (Staff concludes that…) The requested rezoning to COMMERCIAL is compatible with Harnett County regulatory documents and would not have an unreasonable impact on the surrounding community and will enhance the public health, safety, and general welfare for the reasons stated in the evaluation. It is recommended that this rezoning request be APPROVED.

    Site Photographs

    Subject Property Subject Property

    Hwy 87 South Hwy 87 North

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    Surrounding Property Surrounding Property

    Adjacent Property Across the Street


    Original Rezoning Application Justification Statement