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    The general description of the project is as given in Appendix 1A.


    The Works covered in this Contract comprise the provision by theSub-Contractor at his own risk and costs of all materials, tools,

    plants, labour, transport and everything else necessary for theconstruction and completion of the Works as given in Appendix1B all to the approval of the E.R.


    1.3.1 Notes

    i) Any clause in this Specification which relates to work or materials not included in the Works shall be deemed notapplicable.

    ii) Unless stated to the contrary any dimension of materialdescribed means the finished or fully compacteddimension.

    iii) All Standards and Codes of Practice referred to in thisSpecification shall be deemed to be the editions current atthe time of Tender. If the Malaysian Standard exists whichthe E.R. deems to be equivalent to the British or other Standard specified, then the Malaysian Standard shall befollowed.

    In the event of any discrepancy between the provision or this specification and the provision within the relevantStandards or Codes of Practice as mentioned in thisSpecification, then the provision of this Specification shalltake precedence.

    iv) The terms Engineer and Employers Representativeshall be synonymous with Project Director (P.D.).

    1.3.2 Abbreviations


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    M.S. means Malaysian Standard published by the Scientific andIndustrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM).B.S. means British Standard published by the British Standards

    Institution. A.A.S.H.T.O. means The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials.A.S.T.M. means The American Society for Testing and Materials.M.D.D. means Maximum Dry Density.O.M.C. means Optimum Moisture Content.C.B.R. means California Bearing Ratio.E.R. means Employers Representative.B.Q. means Bill of Quantities.

    1.3.3 Units of Measurement

    All units of measurement used in this Specification and in the Billof Quantities shall be in accordance with the metric system unlessotherwise stated.

    Where British imperial units are shown or stated the followingconversions shall apply :-

    1 inch = 25.40 millimetres1 foot = 0.3048 metres1 lb = 0.4536 kilograms

    1 gallon = 4.5461 litres1 lb/sq.in = 6.895 x 10 -3 N/sq.mm


    The Sub-Contractor shall submit to the E.R. for his approval a programme showing the order or work activities and time schedulein which the Sub-Contractor proposes to carry out the Works andshall, whenever required by the E.R. or the E.R.s representative,furnish in writing, particulars of the Sub-Contractors arrangement

    for carrying out such works and of the construction plants andtemporary works, if any, which the Sub-Contractor intends tosupply, use or construct as the case may be, within the period asspecified in the Conditions of Contract. The submission to andapproval by the E.R. or the E.R.s representative of such a

    programme or the furnishing of such particulars shall not relievethe Sub-Contractor of any of his duties or responsibilities under the Contract.

    If at any time it should appear to the E.R. that the actual progressof the Works does not conform to the approved programme

    referred to herein before the Sub-Contractor shall submit for


  • 8/8/2019 S01 - General



    approval a revised programme showing the modifications to the previously approved programme necessary to ensure thecompletion of the whole Works within the time set for completion.


    The Sub-Contractor shall ensure that all his plants, materials,temporary workshops, stores and articles are kept within the Siteat locations approved by the E.R.

    Should part of the site made use by the Sub-Contractor shall later be required for the Works as a result of variation works andamendments, the Sub-Contractor shall clear the Site and re-erecttheir offices, stores, temporary workshops etc. entirely at his own


    Should the Sub-Contractor require additional land outside the Sitefor his workyards, stores, offices, temporary haul roads or anyother temporary structures, he shall, on his own, purchase or rentany additional area he may need.

    Areas or area to be rendered as part of the Site shall be subject tothe E.R.s approval.


    The Sub-Contractor shall place orders for specified materials atsuch times as will enable him to execute his Works in accordancewith his approved programme.

    If the Sub-Contractors failure to supply any material causes anyinterruption or delay in the progress of the Works, the Employer may supply any portion or all of the materials and the cost borne

    by the Sub-Contractor, the amount shall be either that ascalculated at the current market rates or the actual cost to the

    Employer at the date of supply, including overheads or any other charges, whichever is the greater.

    Any costs incurred under this Section shall be deducted from theContract Sum. No claim for loss of profit under the Conditions of this Contract shall be deemed to have arisen. No action takenunder this Section shall in any way affect or modify the right of the Employer to claim for damages in the event of the Sub-Contractors failure to complete the Works by the agreed date.



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    Materials of Malaysian origin where available must be used by theSub-Contractor to the exclusion of imported materials and thisrequirement shall be allowed for in his tender.

    Under no circumstances shall the Sub-Contractor be permitted touse imported materials unless he can prove to the satisfaction of the E.R. that the materials are not available locally or if availableare not of an acceptable standard.


    All temporary bench marks, reference markers and levels asshown in the Drawing shall be checked on the Site by the Sub-

    Contractor at his own expenses and agreed upon by the E.R. prior to the commencement of clearing works.

    The control points as shown in the Drawings and reference benchmarks will be provided by the Employer. As the establishedreference markers and bench marks may somehow be disturbedduring the progress of the Works, the Sub Contractor shall carryout regular checks to ensure their correctness.

    The Sub-Contractor shall set out the centre-line and right-of-wayand shall carry out cross sectional survey at 10 metres intervals,

    picking up details and plotting them together with proposed worksto suitable scale.

    If the ground terrain is different from that shown in the Drawings,the Sub-Contractor shall carry out site survey prior tocommencement of any permanent works.

    The Sub-Contractor shall provide all instruments and attendantsrequired by the E.R. for checking the works.

    To ensure the continuous and proper execution of the Works, the

    Sub-Contractor shall provide a competent surveyor to carry outthese survey works and the cost of this provision shall be deemedto be included in the Contract price.

    Notwithstanding the provisions the Sub-Contractor shall not berelieved of his responsibility for the correctness of all the settingout and levelling for the works.

    The Sub-Contractor shall remedy at his own cost any work wrongly performed as a result of incorrect setting out or levelling.


  • 8/8/2019 S01 - General



    Reference benchmarks for the setting out will be provided by theEmployer.


    All temporary benchmarks reference markers and levels as shownon the Drawings shall be checked on the Site by the Sub-Contractor at his own expense and be confirmed by the E.R.

    Before the Works or any part thereof are commenced, the Sub-Contractor shall verify the levels of the existing ground surfacewithin the area where earthworks are to be performed and thelocations and bed levels of water-courses.

    These may differ from the locations and levels shown on theDrawings owing to changes which could have taken place duringthe interval between the original survey and construction.

    The levels and dimensions taken by the Sub-Contractor jointlywith the E.R. shall form the basis of measurement of the relevantwork quantities.


    From the commencement of the Works to the date the Works aretaken over by the Employer, the Sub-Contractor shall take fullresponsibility for the care thereof together with all temporaryworks and in case any damage loss or injury shall happen to theWorks or to any part thereof or to any temporary works from anycause whatsoever the Sub-Contractor shall at his own cost repair and make good the same so that on completion the Works shall bein good order and condition and in conformity with every respectwith the requirements of the Contract and the E.R.s instructions.The Sub-Contractor shall also be liable for any damage to theWorks occasioned by him in the course of any operations carried

    out during the Defects Liability Period.


    Unless otherwise provided in the Drawings, the Sub-Contractor shall submit to the E.R. for his approval 2 copies of all working or shop drawings produced by him duly endorsed by a MalaysianProfessional Engineer for all temporary works. Such submission

    shall be made at least two weeks before the temporary work is


  • 8/8/2019 S01 - General



    scheduled to commence. Notwithstanding the approval by the E.R.the Sub-Contractor is solely responsible for the adequacy andsafety of his work and for any necessary modification or additionwhenever found necessary by the E.R.


    The Sub-Contractor shall provide all necessary superintendenceduring the execution of the Works and as long thereafter as theE.R. may consider necessary for the proper fulfilment of the Sub-Contractors obligations under the Contract.

    A competent Project Manager whose appointment shall beapproved by the E.R. shall be employed by the Sub-Contractor for

    management on Site. The Project Manager shall have the authorityto receive instructions from the E.R. and to act on behalf of theSub-Contractor. The Project Manager shall be stationed on Site for the whole duration of the Contract and shall not be replacedwithout the approval of the E.R.

    If the Project Manager needs to be absent from Site for more thanthree (3) consecutive days he shall give prior notice to the E.R.who may require the Sub-Contractor to temporarily appointanother Project Manager.


    The E.R. or his representative may at any stage of the Works carryout inspection, measurement and tests on any part of the Works toensure compliance with the requirements of this Specification andof the Drawings. The Sub-Contractor shall provide the necessaryattendance whenever required by the E.R. or his representative.

    Notwithstanding any tests which may have been carried out off theSite the E.R. shall be empowered to order further tests of any

    materials or goods to be made on the Site and to reject suchmaterials or goods should they fail to pass such tests on Site.

    When required by the E.R. the Sub-Contractor shall submit a copyof the result of any quality control test carried out by the Sub-Contractor on his own during the progress of the Works.


    Before any part of the Works is permanently covered up, the Sub-

    Contractor shall give due notice to the E.R. for the inspection and


  • 8/8/2019 S01 - General



    measurement of dimensions. The E.R. shall attend withoutunreasonable delay for the purpose of examination andmeasurement unless he considers it unnecessary and advises theSub-Contractor accordingly.


    The Sub-Contractor shall provide and maintain a site office for theuse of the E.R. and his supervisory staff, all in accordance with therelevant Drawings inclusive of all furniture, fittings and equipmentas given in Appendix 1C of his charges for the construction of theE.R.s office and laboratory.

    The Sub-Contractor shall construct suitable entry and exit roadsfrom the nearest public road to and within the compound to theapproval of the E.R. Suitable external lightings shall be providedat the entrance to all buildings and the parking areas. All officesand laboratory shall be surrounded by a chain line fence 1800 mmhigh and lockable steel gates shall be provided at entry and exit


    Where no drawing of a relocatable site office is provided, theSub-Contractor shall submit details of the relocatable site officetogether with his tender. Such details should include the name of

    the manufacturer, floor area and layout list of furniture and fittingsand brochures if available. The Sub-Contractor shall also indicatewhether the proposed site office is new or otherwise.

    Unless otherwise shown on the Drawings the site office is to besited, constructed and positioned as approved by the E.R.

    The Sub-Contractor shall make proper arrangements for and payall charges in connection with conservancy. The site office shallcomply with local building by-laws. It shall be erected or provided

    by the Sub-Contractor within four (4) weeks from the date of

    possession of Site.

    On completion of all Works the Sub-Contractor shall further maintain the site office till the end of the Defects Liability Periodunless otherwise directed by the E.R. and thereafter removed fromthe Site. The site office with all furniture and fittings will becomethe property of the Sub-Contractor.

    Where electricity and piped water are available from public utilityauthorities the Sub-Contractor shall arrange for the site office to

    be connected to the electricity and water supplies.


  • 8/8/2019 S01 - General



    Otherwise the Sub-Contractor shall supply the site office withelectric power from generators and shall provide an adequatesupply of water for washing and potable filtered water for drinking

    purposes. Sanitary facilities with disposal to septic tanks located

    not nearer than 5m from the building shall be provided.

    The office shall be illuminated by fluorescent fittings giving ageneral level of illumination of at least 215lumens/sq.m.Additional lighting in the form of wall or deck lamps shall be

    provided where required by the E.R. Lighting to toilets andcorridors may be by tungsten filament bulbs.

    Thermostatically controlled air-conditioners capable of maintaining a temperature below 23C in the office shall be


    The Sub-Contractor shall arrange for the installation of atelephone with a separate connection to the telephone exchange for the exclusive use of the E.R. at all times. The telephone shall also

    be fitted with 4 extensions unless not required by the E.R. TheSub-Contractor shall be responsible for the connection to suchexchange and the payment of rental for the telephone services butthe Employer shall reimburse the Sub-Contractor for the cost of making calls.

    Where a telephone exchange is not within practical distance, an

    automatic mobile telephone such as the ATUR (AutomaticTelephone Using Radio) service shall be provided.

    The Sub-Contractor shall keep the office accessible at all timesand in every way habitable for working purposes throughout theduration of the Contract. The Sub-Contractor shall also providesuch labour and cleaning materials as are required to maintain thesite office in a thoroughly clean and sanitary condition.


    The Sub-Contractor shall provide vehicles as listed in the B.Q. andAppendix 1D for the sole use of the E.R. and his staff at all times.All necessary fuel, oil and lubricants, general maintenance,comprehensive insurances and roadtax shall be provided by theSub-Contractor. Replacement vehicles shall be provided whennormal vehicles are not available such as during periods of servicing, maintenance or repair. The vehicles will revert to theSub-Contractor at the completion of the Contract unless otherwise

    stated in the B.Q.


  • 8/8/2019 S01 - General



    All vehicles shall be available for use within two (2) weeks fromthe date of possession of Site. In the event that the Sub-Contractor fails to make available any of the vehicles within the specified

    time, the E.R. may hire a suitable vehicle outside the Contract anddebit any incurred costs from subsequent payments due to the Sub-Contractor.


    The Sub-Contractor shall provide and maintain a suitable officefor himself and his staff in a position or positions to be approved

    by the E.R.

    In addition, the Sub-Contractor shall provide and maintaintemporary accommodation and living facilities, stores, workshops,etc., including all necessary services for water supply, drainageand lighting for his staff. Before any work can commence the Sub-Contractor shall submit to the E.R. details of the proposed

    buildings and services and shall obtain the E.R.s approvaltogether with any necessary approval in writing from the relevantstatutory authority.

    The minimum requirements of the temporary accommodation andits associated facilities such as canteen, toilets and bathrooms are

    stated in Appendix 1E. The Sub-Contractor shall be responsible for all fees and other charges or expenses incurred in connection with such office andhousing and shall keep the whole area in a clean, tidy and welldrained condition. When instructed by the E.R. the Sub-Contractor shall remove all such buildings and appurtenant works from theSite, clean up the area and restore it to its original condition.

    The Sub-Contractor shall provide adequate first aid facilitiesappropriate to the size and composition of his staff and labour

    force. The Sub-Contractor shall afford the E.R.s site staff full useof the services and facilities as and when required.


    The Sub-Contractor shall provide and maintain a laboratory at theSite throughout the duration of the Contract. Earthworks and

    pavement construction will not be permitted to commence untilthe laboratory and necessary equipment have been provided.


  • 8/8/2019 S01 - General



    The said laboratory shall be in accordance with the Drawings andshall be equipped as indicated in Appendix 1F. It shall bemaintained in a clean and tidy condition to the satisfaction of theE.R. The laboratory shall be adequately supplied with water and


    The laboratory shall be used exclusively for the purpose of thisContract and the Sub-Contractor shall provide suitablyexperienced laboratory technicians to conduct the necessary tests.

    All laboratory equipment shall become the property of the Sub-Contractor on completion of the Works.

    On completion of the Works, the building shall be removed fromthe Site and the Site left in a neat and tidy condition.


    The Sub-Contractor shall provide for the sole use of the E.R. andhis staff all such instruments, equipment and chainmen as the E.R.may require to enable him to check the accuracy of the Sub-Contractors setting out and any measurements taken. Thechainmen shall have knowledge of Bahasa Malaysia or Englishand as far as possible the same men shall be provided throughout

    the Contract period.

    The instruments and equipment to be provided are as listed inAppendix 1G.

    The Sub-Contractor shall be responsible throughout the Contract period for all such instruments, equipment and chainmen and shallensure that the instruments and equipment are at all times in goodworking condition and adjustment.

    All instruments and equipment shall become the property of the

    Sub-Contractor on completion of the Works.


    1.20.1 Maintenance of Existing Roads, Bridges, Culverts, etc.

    The Sub-Contractor shall maintain all sections of existing roadsand all bridges, drains and culverts included therein within the Siteto the conditions at the time of possession of Site for the full

    duration of the Contract. Such maintenance shall include routine


  • 8/8/2019 S01 - General



    activities such as grass cutting, clearing of drains, patching of potholes, etc. He shall also be responsible for maintaining the freeflow of traffic on these sections of existing road.

    The Sub-Contractor shall arrange for the conveyance of materialsand plants so as to cause minimum damage to existing roads andinstallations and minimum inconvenience to the public. He shallnot deposit any earth, rubbish or materials upon any road, street,

    pavement or footway to cause hindrance or obstruction of vehiclesor pedestrians.

    The Sub-Contractor shall be responsible for any damage caused byany work carried out by him or by construction traffic to anyexisting roads or installations from whatsoever cause arisingthereof and shall repair, maintain and reinstate the same to their

    original condition to the satisfaction of the E.R. The Sub-Contractor shall also keep such roads clear of slurry, boulders andloose earth which may be dropped in the course of transportation.

    Upon failure on the part of the Sub-Contractor to fulfil hisobligations under this Section the E.R. may take whatever actionand any means necessary to satisfy the requirements and all costsincurred shall be deducted from any monies due or to become dueto the Sub-Contractor under this Contract.

    1.20.2 Temporary Diversions

    Temporary diversions shall be constructed wherever the Site isintersected by existing roads, footpaths, cycle tracks, access to

    properties, etc.

    Such diversion shall be of a standard of construction at leastequivalent to that of the original road, path, track or access. Theyshall be constructed in advance of the closure of the existing waysand regularly maintained for as long as required in a satisfactorycondition. On completion of the work, the original ways shall bereinstated to their original condition to the approval of the E.R. At

    least fourteen (14) days notice in writing of any proposedtemporary diversion of traffic shall be given to the E.R. for hisapproval.

    Where access roads are to be permanently closed by theconstruction of the Works as shown on the Drawings, diversionways shall not be required. Such closures shall not be effecteduntil any specified alternative access has been provided and onlywith the written approval of the E.R.


  • 8/8/2019 S01 - General



    In addition to the notification to the E.R., the Sub-Contractor hasto obtain approval from the relevant Authorities prior to diversionsand/or closures.

    The Sub-Contractor shall maintain reasonable access to all properties adjoining the Works. Where such access exists duringconstruction the Sub-Contractor shall ensure that all the necessaryfences, planking and gangways are adequately lit to thesatisfaction of the E.R.

    Where the Sub-Contractor proposes to use existing local streets astemporary diversion ways, he shall give at least fourteen (14) daysnotice in writing of his proposal to the E.R. for his approval. TheSub-Contractor shall maintain and/or reinstate these temporarydiversion ways to their original condition throughout the entire

    duration of the temporary diversion to the satisfaction of the E.R.If the Sub-Contractor fails to maintain and/or reinstate thesetemporary diversion ways to the satisfaction of the E.R., the E.R.shall have the right to carry out these works himself and all costsincurred shall be deducted from the Contract Sum.

    Where, in the opinion of the E.R., a detour is not feasible,construction on existing public roads shall be undertaken only over half of the full width of the roadway at any time. The lengths of such half-width construction shall be kept as short as is


    For all temporary diversions, the Sub-Contractor shall provide,install and maintain adequate temporary construction signs inaccordance with Sub-Section 1.20.4.

    1.20.3 Half-width Construction and Traffic Control

    Where half-width construction is necessary, work on culverts shall be completed and the embankment adjacent to them must bereinstated so that at least half the full width shall be available for use by the public at all times.

    In the event of the operation of single-way traffic becomingnecessary and when approved by the E.R. on any particular lengthof the Works or on the approaches to the Works, the Sub-Contractor shall maintain through traffic routes by providing awidth of at least 3 metres for single-way traffic. He shall also

    provide adequate electrically operated signals for traffic control oneach of the affected length and any additional traffic signs as may

    be directed. The electrical signal lights shall be automatic inoperation, but the E.R. may, at any time, require them to be handoperated by a competent operator.


  • 8/8/2019 S01 - General



    The Sub-Contractor shall make suitable arrangements for emergency servicing of the electrically operated traffic signals to

    be available at all times. Manually operated Stop/Go signs shallonly be used with the prior approval of the E.R. and shall, if so

    approved, be of the size, colour and type as shown in the drawingsand complying with the requirements of the ARAHAN TEKNIK (JALAN) 2C/85 (Manual on Traffic Control Devices for Temporary Signs and Work Zones Control), published byCawangan Jalan Ibu Pejabat JKR, Kuala Lumpur.

    At least fourteen (14) days notice in writing on any proposedsingle-way traffic system shall be given to the E.R. for hisapproval before such a system can be implemented.

    1.20.4 Temporary Traffic Signs

    The Sub-Contractor shall at all times take full and sufficient precautions to ensure the safety of all traffic through and aroundthe Work Site and of traffic that is diverted owing to the Works.

    To this end the Sub-Contractor shall erect and maintain on the Siteand at prescribed points on the approaches to the Site, all trafficsigns, signals and warning lights necessary for the direction andcontrol of traffic.

    The sizes of all such signs and the lettering and wording thereon

    shall be as shown on the Drawings and approved by the E.R. before erection. Construction and excavation shall be sign postedand, during periods of darkness shall be lit to the approval of theE.R.

    Temporary traffic signals shall comply with the requirements of the ARAHAN TEKNIK (JALAN) 2C/85 published by CawanganJalan, Ibu Pejabat JKR, Kuala Lumpur and shall be reflectorisedand kept clean and legible at all times.

    The Sub-Contractor shall position, cover or remove these signs as

    may be directed by the E.R.

    1.20.5 Temporary Works

    The Sub-Contractor shall provide, maintain and remove oncompletion of the Works all temporary works including diversionways, tracks, staging, bridging, etc., and shall make them safe andsuitable in every respect for carrying all plants and materials andfor all purposes related to the Works.


  • 8/8/2019 S01 - General




    The Sub-Contractor shall be responsible for locating the positionsof all public utility installations including water mains, overheadand underground cables, pipes, sewers and drains and all serviceconnections to buildings, and where necessary, shall adopt suchmethods of excavation as may be required by the appropriateauthorities or owners to ensure that no damage is caused to them.

    The Sub-Contractor shall make good at his own expense anydamage caused by him to the existing services to the approval of and in accordance with the instruction of the appropriate authorityor owner concerned and shall keep the Employer indemnified at

    all times from all claims, costs and expenses which may arise onaccount of any damage (whether permanent, temporary or recurring) to the said services.

    All such installations which are encountered in the course of theWorks shall be adequately supported, slung-up, strutted or otherwise protected from injury to the satisfaction of therespective authority.

    The temporary diversion or relocation of any service within or outside the Works to permit the construction of the Works shall be

    the responsibility of the Sub-Contractor. The Sub-Contractor shall be responsible for arranging with the appropriate Authority for alltemporary diversions required in connection with the Works. Heshall keep the E.R fully informed of his negotiations. The Sub-Contractor shall ensure that his programme for the whole of theWorks executed under the Contract is compatible with therequirements for the Service Authorities and the provisions of thecontract. During the execution of the Works, he shall coordinateall service operations to ensure expeditious progress of the Worksin close liaison with the Service Authorities and shall make suchadjustments to his programme as are from time to time necessary

    to accommodate the actual progress achieved for the temporarydiversions of services which are required in connection with theWorks. They shall be carried out as agreed with the appropriateService Authority. The cost of all temporary diversions whether undertaken by the Sub-Contractor or Service Authoritiescontractors shall be borne or paid for by the Sub-Contractor. Theyshall not be measured under any item but shall be deemed to becovered by the Lump Sum inserted in the appropriate item in Bill

    No. 1 of the Bills of Quantities.

    Temporary diversion shall mean works involved in the diversion

    of services that will be reinstated to their original position and


  • 8/8/2019 S01 - General



    condition on completion of the Works in the affected areas. In planning his work for the diversion or relocation of services theSub-Contractor shall make reasonable allowance for the timenecessary to obtain approval for the works from the appropriate

    authorities or owners, obtain the necessary materials and carry outthe work.

    The Sub-Contractor shall not be entitled to any extension of timedue to his failure to allow for a reasonable period of timenecessary for obtaining approval and completing the work.


    The Sub-Contractor shall provide at his own risk and cost all

    water, lighting and electric power where required for use in theWorks and shall pay all costs, fees and charges and comply withall safety regulations and statutes in connection therewith.

    The Sub-Contractor shall also provide and maintain temporarywater storage together with any distribution piping which may benecessary.


    The Sub-Contractor shall provide, erect and maintain signboardsat locations to be decided by the E.R. and pay all charges inconnection with this including obtaining permission, licences andfees etc. Each signboard shall comply with the design and specification asshown on the Drawings in Appendix 1H. On completion of the

    project the Sub-Contractor shall dismantle and clear away thesignboards as directed by the E.R.


    The Sub-Contractor shall provide a camera of reasonable qualityfor the purpose of taking record photographs and slides of theWorks as and when directed by the E.R. The Sub-Contractor shall

    bear the costs of providing the film (36 exposures), developmentof film, production of one (1) set of slides of each exposure,

    printing five (5) copies of each exposure in 3R size anddocumenting the photographs in a manner to the approval of theE.R.

    The negatives of the photographs shall be the property of the

    Employer and no prints from these negatives may be supplied to


  • 8/8/2019 S01 - General



    any person or persons except with the approval of the E.R. Asuitable typed caption shall be affixed to the reverse side of each

    photograph describing the subject and the date and time at which itwas taken. One copy of each photograph shall be signed by the

    Sub-Contractor and the E.R.


    Mark-up Drawings for recording as-built construction details of the Works shall be prepared by the Sub-Contractor and shall becertified by the E.R. or his representative. All drawings shall becompleted within one month after the completion of the respectivesection.


    The Sub-Contractor shall make every effort to keep the Site in areasonably clean and tidy condition for the duration of the Works.

    He shall in addition from time to time on the completion of anyarea of the Works or where directed by the E.R. remove rubbish,surplus materials or any other construction debris from such areasas may be attributable to his work under this Contract andgenerally leave them in a satisfactory condition, to the approval of

    the E.R.

    On completion of the Works the Sub-Contractor shall remove allrubbish, debris and surplus materials from the Site and leave thewhole Site in a neat and tidy condition to the satisfaction of theE.R.


    No permanent work shall be undertaken without the E.R.sapproval and the Sub-Contractor shall give a minimum 24 hoursnotice prior to the commencement of any part of the Works so thatthe E.R. may make any arrangements necessary for inspection.


    Where the E.R.s approval is required prior to the commencementof Works, the issue of such approval shall not relieve the Sub-Contractor of any of his liabilities or obligations as described in

    the Contract.


  • 8/8/2019 S01 - General




    The Sub-Contractor shall treat the Contract and everything writtenas private and confidential. In particular, the Sub-Contractor shallnot publish any information, advertisement, drawing or

    photograph relating to the Works and shall not use the Site for advertising purposes, except with the written consent of theGovernment and subject to such conditions as he may prescribe.


    The Sub-Contractor shall ensure that no unauthorised use is made

    of the Site, and shall make good at his own expense any damagecaused by his failure to prevent such unauthorised use.


    Each tenderer shall satisfy himself before submitting his Tender the existing access to the Site and shall allow in the rates and

    prices entered in the Bills of Quantities for any additional works,improvements, extensions or maintenance works which he mayrequire to enable him to perform his obligations under the Contract

    or which he may be required by the regulation or requirement of any authority, unless otherwise stated in the Contract.

    1.32 DRAWINGS

    1. The Works shall be constructed in accordance with the

    Drawings enumerated elsewhere in the Contract and such other details and drawings as may be issued or approved by the E.R.in accordance with the Contract.

    2. Two sets of paper prints of the Drawings and any subsequentvariation drawings will be issued free to the Sub-Contractor.Further prints may be obtained at the Sub-Contractorsexpense.

    3. Prior to fabrication and in good time the Sub-Contractor shall be required to submit to the E.R. for approval shop drawings

    covering all items to be fabricated off the Site including all


  • 8/8/2019 S01 - General



    structural steel work, parapets, expansion joints, rubber bearings, sign posts, etc.

    4. The Sub-Contractor shall prepare and submit to the E.R. for

    approval working drawings indicating his proposed methods of erection of structures or such other operations for which theE.R. may require working drawings. All drawings prepared bythe Sub-Contractor or suppliers must be approved by the E.R.

    before the particular work starts.

    5. In addition to the approved sets of drawings specified above,the Sub-Contractor shall furnish the E.R. with 3 copies of allworking drawings and erection diagrams as finally approvedfor construction purposes.

    6. The Sub-Contractor shall maintain one accurately marked upset of A1 size drawings with all the additions that arenecessary to show the work actually carried out and relevantdimensions, levels and changes from the Contract Drawings.All actual foundation dimensions and levels must be recorded.Considering future maintenance it is most important thataccurate details are recorded of items which have becomeinaccessible such as drainage, services etc.



    1.33.1 Compliance

    The Sub-Contractor shall comply with all environmentalrequirements as per Environmental Quality Act 1974 or anystatutory re-enactment or modifications thereof including but notlimited to standards for noise and vibration levels and airborne andwater borne pollutants. Regulations shall be understood toinclude, but are not limited to, the Environmental ImpactAssessment Report and the Environmental Management Plan

    approved for the Project. In the event of conflict or inconsistencyamong the standards stipulated in applicable laws and regulationsand those stipulated in the Contract, the more stringent of suchstandards shall apply.

    The Sub-Contractor to ensure compliance with his obligation to theapproved Turnkey Environmental Management Plan in all relevantaspects of the execution of the works without limiting hisobligations under the Contract, the Sub-Contractor shall adhere tothe principles and procedures contained in the approvedEnvironmental Management Plan, and any approved amendments

    or supplementals thereto. The Sub-Contractor shall provide all


  • 8/8/2019 S01 - General



    access, assistance and facilities to enable the Turnkey Contractor to verify the implementation of the Environmental ManagementPlan.

    1.33.2 Environmental Compliance Manager

    The Sub-Contractor shall provide a suitably qualified andexperienced person at the/site to act as Environmental ComplianceManager and shall from time to time provide such other personneland resources as may be required to ensure the effectiveimplementation of the Environmental Management Plan.

    1.34 QUALITY ASSURANCE AND QUALITY CONTROL PLAN No later than thirty (30) days after the commencement date, the

    Sub-Contractor shall submit to the E.R. for his approval a QualityAssurance/Quality Control Plan, in accordance with therequirements of the scope of works. Thereafter, the Sub-Contractor shall amend or supplement the QualityAssurance/Quality Control Plan as required by the E.R. Withoutlimiting his obligations under this clause, the Sub-Contractor shalladhere to the principles and procedures contained in the approvedQuality Assurance/Quality Control Plan and any approvedamendment or supplement thereof.

    In addition to the Quality Assurance/Quality Control Manager, the

    Sub-Contractor shall from time to time provide such other personnel and resources as may be required to ensure effectiveoperation of the Quality Assurance/Quality Control Plan. TheQuality Assurance/Quality Control Manager shall in particular,without limiting his obligations, carry out audits of the applicationof the Quality Assurance/Quality Control Plan.


    No later than thirty (30) days after the commencement date, theSub-Contractor shall submit to the E.R. for approval a Site SafetyPlan. The Site Safety Plan shall be properly integrated with any

    approved system safety plan prepared by or on the behalf of theEmployer and shall specify in detail the Sub-Contractorsapproach to maintaining the safest possible work environment andensuring protection against accident and injury to the workers andother persons and protection of the Works, Plant, Sub-ContractorsEquipment and other property from damage, loss or destruction.The Site Safety Plan shall include but shall not be limited to thefollowing :-

    (a) Provision of safety equipment and clothing for workers;


  • 8/8/2019 S01 - General



    (b) Procedures for the safe handling and storage of flammable and hazardous materials;

    (c) Fire prevention and suppression;

    (d) Flood mitigation measures;

    (e) Regulations and enforcement relating to motorised trafficwithin the Site;

    (f) Monitoring of gas and dust;

    (g) Training of workers in safety procedures;

    (h) Posting of notices of hazards and high voltages;

    (i) Emergency procedures;

    (j) Site safety inspections, including frequency of inspections, procedures and forms to be used;

    (k) Safety programme audits, including frequency of audits, procedures and forms to be used;

    (l) Procedure and forms for reporting of accidents involving personal injury or death and damage to equipment and property

    to the E.R. and statutory authorities; and

    (m) The Sub-Contractors site safety organisation.

    Any and all submissions to the E.R. of the supplemental parts of the Site Safety Plan shall be made as appropriate or upon therequest of the E.R. but in any event not less than seven (7) days

    before the commencement of any work on Site which is thesubject of any such submission.

    Upon the E.R.s approval of the Site Safety Plan, or any

    supplemental part thereof, the Sub-Contractor shall adhere to the principles and procedures contained in such document. The Sub-Contractor shall provide all access, assistance and facilities toenable the E.R. to carry out surveillance visits both on and off theSite to verify that the Site Safety Plan is being implemented.

    The E.R. may direct the Sub-Contractor to suspend any part of theWork if, in the E.R.s opinion, an unsafe condition exists or islikely to result, until the Sub-Contractor takes proper correctiveaction. The Sub-Contractor shall not be entitled to any payment inrespect of any such suspension or to any extension of time in

    respect thereof and any cost to the Employer of implementing


  • 8/8/2019 S01 - General



    corrective action pursuant to this Clause shall be determined by theE.R. and shall be recoverable from the Sub-Contractor by theEmployer, and may be deducted by the Employer from anymonies due or to become due to the Sub-Contractor.

    In addition to the Site Safety Officer, The Sub-Contractor shall,from time to time, provide such other personnel and resources asmay be required to ensure effective implementation of the SiteSafety Plan. The Site Safety Officer shall submit regular safetyreports to the E.R. in accordance with the requirements of the E.R.and all relevant statutory authorities as required by applicable lawsand regulations.

    The Sub-Contractor shall at all times be responsible for thediscipline of his employees or any parties working under him and

    his suppliers to ensure that they perform their duties in a safe,orderly manner.

    The Sub-Contractor shall consult with any relevant authority andshall take all reasonable and proper steps for protecting, securing,lighting and watching all places on or about the Works and theSite which may be dangerous to any person on Site or to anymember of the public and maintain at his own cost all lights,guards, fencing and watching when and where necessary or required by the E.R. or by any competent statutory or other authority for the protection of the Works or for the safety and

    convenience of all persons on Site and members of the public. Incarrying out each of his obligations under the Contract, the Sub-Contractor shall have due regard to the residential nature of certainareas through which the Site passes and in which construction willoperate.

    In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between the provisions of this clause pertaining to occupational safety andhealth, the provisions of the Occupational and Safety Act 1994(Act 514) shall prevail.


    The Sub-Contractor shall when required by the E.R. afford allreasonable opportunity to any other Sub-Contractors employed bythe Employer and their workmen and to the workmen of theEmployer and of any other duly constituted authorities who may

    be employed in the execution on or near the Site of any work notincluded in the Contract.