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  • 1Building Technologies Building Automation CEE

    Siemens Building TechnologiesBuilding Automation CEE


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    Hotel Automation Room System ( HARS )


    General description

    HARS - equipment

    HARS Topology

    HARS Software overview


  • 3Building Technologies Building Automation CEE

    Hotel Automation Room System ( HARS )

    HARS from Building Automation CEE, matched specifically to the requirements of a hotel room management

    As a fully integrated system Hotel Automation Room System provides optimal guest security and guest room management from check-in to check-out

    On-line communication

    between reception and guest rooms

    allows a permanent overview

    Communication as option to the

    Building Management System

    provides technical staff with all

    necessary information

  • 4Building Technologies Building Automation CEE

    Hotel Automation Room System ( HARS )

    Hotel rooms represent about 70 to 80 % of the hotels floor

    space and account for a major part of the hotels energy bill

    HARS allows maximum Energy savings without

    sacrificing Guest comfort

    Thanks to the Integration of Guest room Access- and Climatecontrol the system enhances Guest comfort and security

    The system automatically detects the guests presenceand absence

    Whenever the guests leave their rooms, the energy supply

    will automatically be switched off and the room temperature

    controlled to a more economic level

  • 5Building Technologies Building Automation CEE

    Hotel Automation Room System ( HARS )

    Hotel Automation Room System provides the full Guest room overview at the reception desk

    HARS is in permanentcommunication with all guest rooms

    This enables the reception staff to havea permanent overview of

    Room status and

    Service personnel

    Staff can help quickly and efficiently , if required by the hotel guests

    Helps to optimize staff-management

  • 6Building Technologies Building Automation CEE

    HARS Customer benefits

    Efficient energy saving through better control control of illumination, air conditioning, bathroom heating, water-flow, blinds and other feeders with an optimization save an significant amount of energy.

    Better and more efficient staff and quality-of-service surveyLog lists, to-do lists, staff traffic reports, system for quick distribution of messages, they all provide more efficient staff organization and higher service quality. Alarms like SOS, burglar, water leakage improves security and quality of guest service.

    Better, simpler and more secure monitoring system for room accessTransponder cards combined with on-line system makes room access more secure and more efficient. Staff cards have access to all rooms and due to on-line system can react immediately in case of any problem.On-line system makes almost momentary announcing of card registration along with automatic invalid cards cancellation.

  • 7Building Technologies Building Automation CEE

    HARS HARS RoomRoom overviewoverview

    Each room is equipped with a single free programmable room controller

    Sensors or actuators for all devices/measurements/condition monitoring can be placed in any suitable place to survey and/or control

    A card reader is installed in front of the door, a card holder is mounted in the lobby

    An operating console and a lighting control keyboard are also installed in the room

  • 8Building Technologies Building Automation CEE

    HARSHARS--CxxCxx roomroom controllercontroller

    Very simple assembly and disassembly that makes the replacement easy and quick even without authorized dealer (connections are made via connectors)

    Constructed to fit in standard dash board on DIN rail (9 module width)

    Controller is modular by its functionalities according to consumers request ( types C10, C20, C27)

    Separate power supply enabled over electrical generating unit, UPS or battery

  • 9Building Technologies Building Automation CEE

    HARSHARS--CxxCxx room controllerroom controller INPUTS and OUTPUTSINPUTS and OUTPUTS

    Following description is made for a standard application. Modular conception allows use of other types of sensors/actuators according to consumers request.

    OPEN-WINDOW sensor (window closed = closedcontact)

    OPEN-DOOR sensor (door closed = closedcontact)

    SOS-alarm (bathroom) inputWATER-OVERFLOW (bathroom) sensor optionTEMPERATURE inputs (room and bathroom)WINDOW BLINDS CONTROL inputs (rise/lower)WELCOME LIGHT CONTROL and control of other

    lighting inputsSPARE INPUTS (enabled for smoke detector, PIR-

    detector, etc.)


    ELECTRIC STRIKE-CONTROL - 12 VDC output,MASTER LIGHT CONTROL 230 VAC output,3-SPEED FAN-COIL-CONTROL 230 VAC output,LIGHTING CIRCUITS CONTROL 230 VAC output,WELCOME LIGHT CONTROL 230 VAC output,WINDOW BLINDS CONTROL (rise/lower, used also for shades) 230 VAC output,HEATING AND COOLING VALVES CONTROL 230 VAC or 24 VAC (with additional 230/24 VAC transformer) for fan coils

  • 10Building Technologies Building Automation CEE

    Mounting: Vimar Idea/Plana/Eikon, GewissPlaybus/Chorus, AVE Sistema45, Merlin GerinUnica, Master MODO, BTicino Living and Light 3-module installation box

    Power-supply: through room controller over flat telephone cable 8x0,14 mm2

    Reads card code at ca. 5 cm distance and sends it to room controller for identification

    Signalization: guest in the room, do-not-disturb, room-maid attention, SOS.

    HARSHARS--RT.xxRT.xx transponder card readertransponder card reader

  • 11Building Technologies Building Automation CEE

    Mounting: Vimar Idea/Plana/Eikon, GewissPlaybus/Chorus, AVE Sistema45, Merlin GerinUnica, Master MODO, BTicino Living and Light 3-module installation box

    Power-supply: through room controller over flat telephone cable 6x0,14 mm2; recognizes card identity

    Reads put-in card code and sends it to room controller for identification (valid card makes controller enable room power supply and switch air-condition to COMFORT mode).

    HARSHARS--HT.xxHT.xx transponder card holdertransponder card holder

  • 12Building Technologies Building Automation CEE

    HARSHARS--T05.xx rT05.xx roomoom operator unitoperator unit

    Mounting: Vimar Idea/Plana/Eikon, GewissPlaybus/Chorus, AVE Sistema45, Merlin GerinUnica, Master MODO, BTicino Living and Light 3-module installation box

    Power supply: through room controller over flat telephone cable 8x0,14 mm2

    Enables air-condition control and signaling (do-not-disturb, room-maid attention, messages on display, buzzer).

  • 13Building Technologies Building Automation CEE

    HARS-L05.xx light control unit

    Mounting: Vimar Idea/Plana/Eikon, GewissPlaybus/Chorus, AVE Sistema45, Merlin Gerin Unica, Master MODO, BTicino Living and Light 3-module installation box

    4 keypads can be attached to room controller

    Control of lighting in the room

    4 key for 4 different light circuits + MASTER ON/OFF key by pressing the MASTER ON/OFF key one can turn off all lights in the room, by pressing it again last switched on lights are turned on

    Power supply: through room controller over flat telephone cable 8x0,14 mmq; more keypads are connected in cascade (series)

  • 14Building Technologies Building Automation CEE

    Room bus

    Front desk Room System PC

    HARSSystem bus

    Room unitHARS-T05.BB

    Room ControllerHARS-C27

    Card ReaderHARS-RT.BB

    Card HolderHARS-HT.BB

    Fan coilBlinds Courtesy lightDoor contact

    Window contact

    Light unitHARS-L05.BB

    Make up room buttonDo not distorb buttonMaster light buttonService call button

    Push buttons

    Door strike

    Thermic valve

    1 2 3

    HARS - typical Topology



  • 15Building Technologies Building Automation CEE

    HARS HARS -- SSystemystem TopologyTopology

    Room controllerCard readerCard holderControl consoleElectric strikeOpen door sensorOpen window sensorSOS sensorStandard dashboardTemperature probeFan-CoilWater overflow sensorEM water valveWindow blindsPIR sensor

    Room 201 Room 202 Room 203

    Room 101 Room 102 Room 103

    Basic elements inside room

    All room controllers are connected via bus with a twisted-pair wireRoom controllers are autonomous, regardless PC

    state/failure (keeping parameters and programmed cards)

  • 16Building Technologies Building Automation CEE

    HARS SHARS System ystem TopologyTopology -- oonene card for card for allall

    Staff cards can...access all rooms (or certain room

    groups)access additional facilities with

    permissiondisable alarms with permission

    Guest cards can...access one room, room vault (option)access additional facilities with permissionoptional pay bills on POS cash-desks

    Wellness, pool, sauna, wardrobes... Room, room vault

    garage,parking lot

    POS cash-desk at any place inside or outside hotel (beach bar..)

    Hotel entry

  • 17Building Technologies Building Automation CEE

    HARS.SWxxHARS.SWxx Hotel Automation System SoHotel Automation System Softwareftware

  • 18Building Technologies Building Automation CEE

    HARS.SWxxHARS.SWxx SoftwareSoftware packagepackage

    data visualization representing current hotel stateaudible and visual alarm representation (with obligatory confirmation)key-card registration and deletioncontrolling various devices inside and outside hotelmonitoring various resources (water, current consumption,...)log-files overview containing all relevant eventsgenerating reports based on log-filesconnecting to reception management systemcheck-in/check-out authorized personnelstaff sms, e-mail, pager redistribution of messagesrecording and reviewing room data

    Software package in real-time makes possible...

  • 19Building Technologies Building Automation CEE

    HARS HARS -- SoftwareSoftwaress main screenmain screen

    Select status to display

    All rooms status display

    Main log-file: notifications, alarms, warnings

    Legend describing displayed


    Option control menu (pull down menu with toolbar)

    System line

  • 20Building Technologies Building Automation CEE

    Room status Room status displaydisplay -- currentcurrent status and status and valuesvalues

    Room number. Background color indicates status: guest in the room, sos (guest in the room), sos (guest not in the room), unauthorized access.

    Graphic representation of monitored status

    Room status display shows every roomHotel object is displayed schematically according to room,

    floor arrangement and is adjusted individually for each installationRoom status display can show each status from controllerThis window represents current on-line hotel overview

    Room floor

    Chosen status visible in a glance

    Graphic list enabling select of status to be monitored

  • 21Building Technologies Building Automation CEE

    Graphical representation of a roomGraphical representation of a room

    Double-clicking left mouse key on room number or status a graphical representation of a room pops up:Alarms presented graphically:

    SOSWater overflowUnauthorized access (burglar)

    In formations presented graphically:Door open / closed Window open / closedAir-condition on / off + fan-coil speedWelcome light on / offSignal do-not-disturb on / off

    Presence presented graphically:

    Guest Room Manag. Service Recep. Thief-maid

    Picture is real-time refreshed. The presence of guest can be seen, also if the window is

    open, the air-condition off, SOS set and water overflow present. Lower right corner

    shows temperatures.

  • 22Building Technologies Building Automation CEE

    Cards: categories and validity timeCards: categories and validity time

    Guest cardsVisitor cards (persons using hotel facilities but no room)One-time cards (deleted after first use)Personnel cards separated into: room-maid, service, management, reception....

    Validity time has to be set for each card. After validity time expiry system automatically deletes the card and card is unusable (in this way card abuse is prevented after check-out, or possible fake card loss).

    Cards are physically identical, categorization is based on software level

    All data connected to card (code, category, user) are password protected

    There can be 3 guest cards per room and 2 general purpose cards (guest, service...)

    Four card categories:

    Validity time

  • 23Building Technologies Building Automation CEE

    Method for guest card registrationMethod for guest card registration

    Right mouse click on desired room Enter data and choose access control sectors Press Confirm button

    Right mouse click on desired room Press Cancel (Delete) button



    If monitoring system is connected to reception management system (PMS) card issuing is done automatically (commands are sent by PMS over LAN)

    Issuing and deleting of cards is simple. It can be done after only 10 minutes of training!

  • 24Building Technologies Building Automation CEE

    Alarms, warnings, informationsAlarms, warnings, informations

    System is designed in a way that each and every type of alarm is predefined who is authorized to accept, confirm and react on alarm activation.

    Appereance of alarmVisual notification on main screen

    (graphically and textually)

    Audible information (over loudspeaker in reception PC or

    other according to clients choice)

    Log-file record entry

    Message redistribution over sms, pager or e-mail to superior person

    Alarm 1.categ. ?

    Confirm on time

    Log-file record entry upon which reports are






  • 25Building Technologies Building Automation CEE

    Message Message redistributionredistribution as optional as optional packagepackage

    System sends message directly to chosen personFor example, call room maker can be directly sent to room maker who responsible for room from where the signal is sent.

    Conditional messageFor example, if some alarm is not acknowledged for some time, it can be redistributed to some superior person.

    Program can work in client mode, so it is possible to make passive monitoring from any LAN point.


    sms messages



    web reports

    Messages and reports can be automatically redistribuited as:

    Redistribution levels:

  • 26Building Technologies Building Automation CEE

    HARS HARS ConnectionConnection to to FOSFOS systemsystem

    FOSFront office 1


    FOSFront office 2


    FOSBack office

    Communication is based on standard LAN network

    Keycard readers are connected to FOS devices (front office, POS)

    Keycard encoder connected to HARS

  • 27Building Technologies Building Automation CEE

    Faster and easier guest check-in. Receptionist enter data in front office, and HARS receives commands for check in, check out and data change directly from front office.

    Energy management. FOS sends information about rooms reservation scheme, so HARS can handle additional level of energy savings.

    Phones control. HARS sends to FOS information when guest is in the room, so PMScan switch on phone line, and if guest is not in the room phone line can be used only for internal connections (inside hotel, hotels staff can not make phone calls from rooms).

    Prepare keycards in advance. It is possible to prepare keycards in advance (if large group of guests is expected).

    Makes possible to identify guest by keycard. POS points are equipped with special readers and guest can handle payment just with his keycard.

    HARS HARS ConnectionConnection to to FOSFOS systemsystem

  • 28Building Technologies Building Automation CEE

    Main LOG fileMain LOG file

    Log ID LOG time LOG description

    Main LOG file is used to give receptionists all important information about the system!

    Alarms (appearance, disappearance, acknowledge)Details about link to PMS systemCommunication informationAir conditioning settingsReceptionists check-in, check-outSystem data (start and end of program, comm system data...)Information about control programs of external devicesLOG file is protected

    Main LOG file (always presented on screen), contains:

  • 29Building Technologies Building Automation CEE

    RoomRooms LOG filess LOG files

    Keycard creation i cancelingRooms door (enter, exit)Automatic cancelling of keycardsLOG is circular (300 items)LOG file is protected

    Rooms LOG file contains information about:

  • 30Building Technologies Building Automation CEE

    HARS - Summary

    complete access systemSOS systemlight control

    courtesy lightmain energie (e.g. ON for guest, service, technician)main light (more than one push button)circuits

    card holder (no extra main switch)Do not Disturb, Service-Call includedsecurity

    window contact (thunderstorm > action)door contact (by mistake, intrusion > action)

    energy saving

  • 31Building Technologies Building Automation CEE

    HARS - Summary

    The Customer expects optimal comfort conditions everywhere (lobby, restaurant, boutiques, etc.) and specially in his room where comfort is personalized.

    Thermal comfort, technical comfort, olfactory comfort, economic comfort areessential elements for the successful operation of the hotel. The hotel managementhave to organize them for the well being of the customer.

    The hotels objective is to maintain the continuity and the quality of its package whilemaximizing profitability.

    Satisfied guest

    Economical hotel management

    Higher profits

    = Hotel Automation Room System

  • 32Building Technologies Building Automation CEE

    Thank you for your attention!