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1. Survey about Snack wrappers by students from 2nd B IES Comarcal Burjassot (Spain) 2. We are a group of students from 2ndB who has collaborated with the Comenius team in the ecoaudit of our school. BRIEF HISTORY OF THE RESEARCH 3. Working on the research about waste generated in our school, we drew attention to the big amount of waste that students produce during break time. 4. We decided to investigate about the type of wrappers used by students of IES Comarcal to wrap middle morning snack 5. In Spanish schools, we usually have a half hour break at eleven oclock to have a snack. Introduction: Break-time Why do we have a snack? Because many schools finish at 2pm and we need to eat something so that we have energy for the next three hours of class. 6. We prepared a questionnaire of 4 questions We asked students from all of the year groups(1rst, 2nd, 3rd, 4th) of our high school about the snack wrappers they use during the week. We asked 73 boys and 73 girls How did we do? paper paper bagtupperware plastic bag aluminium foil 7. 1. What type of snack wrapper do you use ? Plastic bag Cling film Paper Aluminium foil Tupperware Other things The questions 8. 2. Do you re-use the wrapper? 3. Do you throw them in the correct bin? 4. Which wrapper do you think is the most respectful to the environment? The questions 9. 1.What types of wrappers do students use? Plastic bag: 21 Cling film:15 Paper:28 Aluminium foil:77 Tupperware:12 Other things:4 2. How many people re-use their wrappers? 31 people said they did 107 said they didnt 13 people only do it sometimes. 3. Do you throw them in the correct bin? Yes:71 No:50 Sometimes:30 4. Which wrapper do you think is the most respectful to the environment? Aluminium foil:6 Tupperware:91 Paper:28 Plastic bag:19 Cling film:12 Results 10. Results 11. Conclusions 1. The vast majority of students in our high school use aluminium foil as their snack wrapper which is very polluting. 1. Only of students re-use their snack wrapper. 12. Conclusions 3. Many people (though not enough) know what bin they should use. 13. Conclusions 4. Most people think that using a tupperware is the the most respectful for the environment. 14. Thanks for your attention 15. Lets know, lets love, lets protect our environment COMENIUS PROJECT Burjassot, february 2015