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•Currently the President of 19 Television

•One of the U.K.'s most respected TV talents

•He co-created and executive-produces the Emmy winning series SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE

•Became a household name in the U.K. as "Nasty Nigel," the judge on "Popstars“

• Best know as the "Queen of Scream"

• In-demand film and television star.

• Serves as a Judge at major ballroom competitions including

• Owner and Director of Champion Ballroom Academy

• Known for her crowd-pleasing behavior, contagious laugh and "Hot Tamale Train"

•Master of comedy

•One of the most loved and commercially successful filmmakers of his generation.

•Directed many movies and has choreographed many music videos

•Attended the Juilliard School

•An actor and dancer in New York and regional theater

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•One of the foremost television presenters in the UK and has recently become one of the hottest new faces on American TV

•Host of five hugely successful seasons hosting SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE

•Jay Leno's first regular entertainment reporter on "The Tonight Show" and recently performed the same duty for "Good Morning America"

•Double British Academy of Film and Television Arts Award winner and has won many other awards for her work on some of the UK's hottest primetime shows

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•First, the producers put you in a room with your style

•Next, in groups of ten, they play a song, you dance to it and the producers pick the people who they felt were the best

•Then, the people they chose go on to shows judges

•When they get in front of them, they have to bring a CD with the song they want to dance to and from there, they get sent home, sent to Vegas, or stay for a little longer for choreography

•Location varies every season, but the most common cities include Los Angeles, Dallas, Nashville, Chicago and New York City

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•Traveled to dance at Dance Rage

•Trained under Keith Banks

•On cover of Dance Spirit magazine for 2 years

•Been dancing since age four and began teaching and doing choreography at age fourteen

•Competed as part of a dance group called Hot Under The Collar, which was on CBS's "Star Search" remake

•Spent two years at the Dance Company of San Francisco and also toured Europe with the RAW dance company

•Lazzarini was the first person auditioned for the show, before it even began

•Nigel and Bonnie Lythgoe approached him to see if he would be a good match for a show they were then planning

•After winning, he received a prize of a $100,000 cash prize and an apartment for one year

•Member of the Evolution Dance Company

•Titled Junior Mr. Dance of America and Teen Mr. Dance of America

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•Award winning West Coast Swing dancer

•Started dancing at the age of 5

•Professional dancer, choreographer and actor

•After his girlfriend broke up with him he returned to dancing, after stopping for a brief time

•Shown a video of Nick Lazzarini, previous winner and decided that he would himself audition for the 2006 season of the show, along with his cousin and dance partner Heidi; they both made it to the top 10

•Named the overall winner on August 16, 2006

•Judges thought he was outstanding in terms of performance and entertainment and had an amazing personality

•Prizes for winning included a car, a one-year contract to perform in Celine Dion’s Las Vegas show, and $100,000

•Turned down Celine Dion contract and focused more on television and travel

•First "So You Think" alumnus to choreograph on the show

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•Started training at the age of 16 at Dance Impressions and The Dance Zone

•Had a previous background in gymnastics

•Training consists of jazz, ballet, contemporary, and gymnastics, with some experience in hip hop, modern, tap, and theater

•Favorite dance style is contemporary

•Backup role on the hit film High School Musical

•Johnson was paired up with Dominic

•Only in the bottom two one week

•Praised for her passion, enthusiasm, talent, personality, strong dancing and versatility in the different routines

•First woman to win the show

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•First started to dance in third grade, at the age of 8

•One of his early influences was Michael Jackson and his moonwalk

•After changing high schools, Joshua decided to focus on his first love: dance

•Paired up with Katee, and with her, he made the final four without an appearance in the Bottom 3 couples or Bottom 4 contestants

•Joshua has done the first bollywood dance and trepak

•Praised for his ability to adapt to the diverse range of dance styles assigned to him throughout the season

•Training in several different dance styles including modern, ballet, and jazz

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•Began her dance training at the age of three in ballet and flamenco, and went on to study jazz, acrobatics, hip-hop, modern, and contemporary dance

•Had to go through four different dance studios before she finally found one that worked for her

•At nine years old, Mason found a mentor in Amanda Tae, the owner of Focal Point Dance Studios

•Studied musical theatre in her high school

•Attending University of California, Los Angeles, studying journalism, though Mason also intends to pursue both dance and acting, which are among her passions

•Partnered with Phillip

•Praised for her strong and versatile performances

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•American Krump dancer from Boston, Massachusetts

•First Krumper to win the title

•Russell graduated from the University of the Arts as a dance major

•Partnered with Noelle, Melanie and Ashleigh

•He had a lot of partners due to injuries they all received

•As the first Krumper to make it to Vegas, into the Top 20, Top 10 and Finale, Russell went on to win the competition

•Was injured during the finale and was unable to perform his remaining routines

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• So You Think You Can Dance is Americas #1 Summer Show

• Premiere of Season 7 will air on May 27, 2010

• All star dancers from previous seasons of So You Think You Can Dance will be returning as partners for Season 7's Top Ten dancers

• Vote out one competitor each week, instead of two, and may result in fairer match-ups

• Each contestant will determine which star they are with by drawing their name out of a hat and then trying to master their style

• Those all-stars include: Twitch, Kathryn, Allison, Anya, Pasha, Lauren, Neil, Dominic, Comfort, Courtney, Mark, and Ade