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Social Media Solutions for the Automotive Industry Presented by: Nannette Staropoli Chief Strategist, MARKITGROUP | Social Media Director WORLDDEALER Social Media Solutions Powered by: MARKIT Group

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Informative presentation on social media in the automotive industry, answers what is social media, examples of car manufacturer use of social media, local dealership social media programs, MARKIT Group social media program, social media launch and monthly content syndication


  • Social Media Solutions for the Automotive Industry Social Media Solutions Powered by: MARKIT Group Presented by: Nannette Staropoli Chief Strategist, MARKITGROUP | Social Media Director WORLDDEALER
  • Presentation Overview Next Steps WorldDealer / Social Media Division What is Social Media and WHY? Automotive Industry and Social Media Presented by: Getting your social media program started Nannette Staropoli WorldDealer | Social Media Social Media Program Types / Review Director How your Sales Team can use Social Media to increase sales Q and A / Next Steps Dan Ferguson l Director Business Development Contact Information
  • Streamline ad agency and web services by managing and executing dealership marketing efforts in one place. WorldDealer eliminates the leg work involved in developing complete multi-media campaigns that result in a strong offline and online presence. Product (Model Specific) Micro Sites Mobile Websites Credit Micro Sites Highlight of Services: From website SEO/SEM design and content managementSearch New and Used Car Videos Engine Optimization and Marketing, Email Marketing Video Search, Inventory ads and Video End Point Management / Managed Services Text Linksto TV, Radio and Print production, media buying and Social Social Media Marketing Media Marketing. Total support to complete the marketing puzzle!
  • The Passion That Drives Us World Dealer has been an absolute Innovative, pleasure to work with! Excellent passionate and planning and deployment, willingness to outstanding training and support. I experiment for Average Rating highly recommend this company! new concepts/ Internet Sales Manager better traction 5 VP Marketing Stars Average World Dealer is easy to do business with, anytime we These guys are good, I've learned 100% Recommended need anything or have alot from them and respect their changes to make they get experience and input. They are a right on it, very fast, and in very good professional service this business fast makes all group that also understands the the difference in the world. automotive retail industry. General Manager General Manager / CFO Fantastic support and response time. Dan Would recommend was an excellent source of information them to any and in an hour felt comfortable enough dealer, they that I could build and respond. His insight have been great into our learning curve allowed us the to work with! opportunity to learn and send out our first Bus Devt Mgr bulk email within 20 minutes of our training. Great Job thanks Dan. GSM We invite and encourage our customers to provide valued feedback
  • World Dealer / MARKIT Group Advantage MARKIT Group serves as WorldDealers in-house social media division that provides holistic social media solutions Customers value: turnkey social media service provider
  • WorldDealers Social Media Division Next Steps Dedicated exclusively to marketing strategies using social media expertise and technology platforms. Social Media Subject Matter Expertise A proven methodology and process to Culture syndicate content quickly and efficiently Communities Resources Tools Syndication Center with a dedicated team specifically for each partner and client Customer first approach and custom- tailored solutions to address customers needs and goals. More than 20 years experience sales and strategic marketing solutions
  • What is social media? Fusion of sociology and technology, driven by user-generated content. Umbrella term that defines the various activities (conversations) that integrate technology, social interaction and the sharing of words, images, video and audio Worlds largest direct outlet for conversation and social interaction.
  • Simply said Social Media is people having conversations on-line.
  • Social Media Conversations are powered by various forms of social media Blogs Microblogs Online Chat RSS Social Networks Message Boards Wikis Podcasts Video Sharing Sites Photo Sharing Sites Communities Forums
  • The Social Media Explosion | How big is it? And another 126 million use BLOGGING sites WordPress 54.8 million Blogger 23.5 million Wikipedia 14.1 million Typepad 34.8 million
  • The Social Media Explosion Facebook Growth Facts More than 1 billion photos uploaded to the site monthly Average user has 120 friends on the site More than 30 million users update their statuses daily More than 8 million users become fans of Pages each day More than 1 billion pieces of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, photos, etc.) shared each week More than 2.5 million events created each month
  • The Social Media Explosion Twitter Fastest growing online community site with a 1,382% increase in visits Feb 09 versus Feb 08 Visits from 475,000 unique visitors February 2008 to 7 million in February 2009 -- a 1,382 percent uplift 45-54 year olds are the top demographic
  • The Social Media Explosion Social Media Growth Facts More than 10 million videos uploaded each month More than 1 billion pieces of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, photos, etc.) shared each week 3,600,000,000 photos have been received on Flickr since June 2009. Thats 1 photo per every two citizens of this planet More than 2.5 million events created each month
  • What s being done (and who is doing it) ? All major car companies are deeply engaged in social media programs. Ford Motor Co. has moved $1.5 billion of its $3 billion budget to digital and online media spending.
  • Social Media program was completed with just 100 advocates nationwide - 4.3 million YouTube views - 500,000+ Flickr photos - 3 million+ Twitter impressions -- 50,000 interested potential customers, 97% of which dont currently own a Ford
  • What s being done (and who is doing it) ? Hondas Facebook page, which features a social experiment application, tries to demonstrate the universal appeal of the automotive brand by getting people who know someone with a Honda to connect to others.
  • What s being done (and who is doing it) ? The VW vanity URL directs you to the Meet the Volkswagens application, which digs through your profile data, including date of birth, gender and education, to match you with a pair of Volkswagens that are right for you.
  • Local Dealership | Social Media participation Blog Sites Facebook Twitter MySpace Local Directories / Forums Video uploading Micro websites Personal Brand Management Social media promotions
  • Local Dealership | Social Media participation Rating Sites Review Sites Custom Community Social Network Site User Generated programs Brand Ambassador campaigns
  • Local Dealership | Social Media participation Automotive Avenues created a custom social media community Weaved SM branding throughout current marketing materials, marketing plan and within social media sites
  • Social Media | How will it help me? Build brand awareness Relationship building Increase loyalty Improve overall customer retention Activity metrics (website activity, followers) Survey metrics HR recruiting; retaining Increase customer base Generate leads Drive sales Educate customers / prospects Improve internal communication Improve operations / customer service Search Engine optimization benefits PROACTIVE conversation management
  • Social Media | How will it help me? Develop and protect your online reputation Numerous web resources are dedicated to rating auto dealers. People are talking about you and your brand. Join the on online conversation.
  • What it takes to make social media work Time Commitment social media programs require consistent interaction Long-term participation and sharing A strategic roadmap that Integrates into your current marketing plan (create footprint, focus on networks; contact groups) Executive support Realistic expectations Technology expertise for the unique nuances, policies, procedures and interface of Social Media platforms and tools Social applications work Intimate knowledge of security and privacy better than advertising Strong outsource partner at helping people in the consideration phase.
  • The Social Media Process Getting your social media program started
  • Review | Social Media Program Types Basic Forms of Social Media Social Networks - Facebook -MySpace -Linkedin Blogs Microblog - Twitter Picture Sites -Flickr Video Site - YouTube Podcasts Forums Content Communities Personal Brand Management
  • Social Media can help your sales staff People start the buying process by talking about their want or need with friends and at times with complete strangers at a gas station, water cooler chat or Social Networks. Facebook is a powerful database that could make the difference of 3-5 cars per month or 25-35 cars per month depending on how you work it and the amount of dedication.
  • On Site Social Media Seminars Half or full day seminar series dedicated to a variety of social media topics and tailored to your companies strategic goals. Sample topics for an on site Social media session: Arm your employees and executives with the necessary tools and knowledge to use social media in the following ways: Personal Brand Management Social Media Seminar Topics: Mobile tools How to maximize social media within Rules and regulations your organization Privacy Social media integration throughout Best practices the organization Social media strategies Enhance customer relations 8.3.09v3
  • World Dealer / Solutions Sample Program
  • Social Media Launch Program 90 Day Launch & Monthly Content Syndication Social Media 90 day launch Profile set up / modification /inter-site integrations: Facebook Twitter YouTube Flickr Blog site Up to 20+ sites and related directories Network Expansion - Initial network launch - Ongoing network expansion Content Syndication Program - Initial content aggregation - Content development
  • Monthly Syndication Ongoing content syndication You (or your marketing agency; and/or combination) provide content; our syndication team will distribute to your social media landscape Includes content aggregation and creation program - Aggregation from manufacturer created - content; generic auto industry; niche content information
  • Social Media Solutions Process
  • Dedicated Social Media Expert (SME) Advantages: SME has complete knowledge of dealers social media program Single point of contact Customer service commitment Every dealer/client is Utilizes technology tools and given a personal social methodology to ensure brand media expert who acts as enforcement and/or editorial the single point of guidelines contact.
  • Next Steps Questions? Next Steps Related Links Contact Information 10.5.09
  • Related links Facebook Crosses 250 Million User Mark, Adds 100 Million New Users in 6 Months, Inside Facebook, 07.15.09 Facebook Marketing Breakfast Series Can Marketers Keep Up With Facebook?, Advertising Age, 06.29.09 Selling Cars with Social Media Part 2 John Walsh Child Safety Event Promoted by Twitter for Metro Ford Metro Ford Featured in CBS News Segment for Social Media Marketing for Car Dealers Fords Approach to Social Media Harr Auto Group Holds Twitter Contest for #1 Red Sox Fan Metro Ford of Schenectady, Potratz Unveil New Automotive Website Image credits: Facebook user growth image appears courtesy of Inside Facebook; Honda vanity URL page image courtesy of Mktgv9.24.09
  • Related Links | UGC Communities Dealership examples of created online UGC communities based on Web 2.0 site platforms. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Beck Toyota Scion Community at 6. The Upstate Honda Enthusiast Community - Breakaway Honda; Greenville, SC 7. The Boston Cadillac Community created by ADM Professional Chris Fousek 8. My Jeep Community at from Westbury Jeep in Westbury, NY 9. The Boston Honda Community at created for Honda Gallery of North Reading, MA. 10. The Acton Toyota Community is a great example of getting dealership employees to participate. 11. ADM's very own Amy Rothenberger has created an exceptionally well designed Mazda Community site. 12. A new Online Automotive Community at is from Rich Ford of Albuquerque. 13. Check out created by ADM's own Ken Nix! 14. Check out the 7 Store Kenny Ross Auto Group Community at which is set 15. up with all the optional Ning Premium Services including ownership of the Advertising space and revenue stream. 16. Gallery Honda in North Reading, MA: 17. Gallery BMW stores of Norwood and Norwell, MA: 18. Gallery Volkswagen of Norwood, MA: 19. Gallery Mazda of Norwood, MA; 20. The Automotive Avenues Credit Union affiliated dealership in Denver, CO; Mktgv4 9.5.09
  • Contact information Dan Ferguson Director of Business Development WorldDealer 866.485.8800 t 866-485-8800 c 412-716-5878 Nannette Staropoli MARKIT Group / WorldDealer Office: 412.567.3838 Mobile: 412.498.1314 [email protected] Skype: nanstarr1 Follow me on: 9.25.09v2