social media cio forum june 3, 2010 charlotte, nc business in 140 characters or less

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Social Media CIO Forum June 3, 2010 Charlotte, NC Business in 140 Characters or Less Slide 2 The Panel Terry Bledsoe CIO, Catawba County Government Chuck Musciano VP &CIO, Martin Marietta Materials Sandy Pisitello VP of IT, Lash Group John Sanchez Infrastructure Manager and Social Media Enthusiast Coca Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated Slide 3 Social the communication medium of choice Info-Tech Research Group Social networking is now more popular than e-mail* Global time spent on social media is up 82% over last year* Last year, Tweets grew 1400% Facebooks greatest growth has come from people aged 35-49* *Source: Nielson Online Every minute, 24 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube LinkedIn has users on every continent Media Slide 4 Twitter a decent stand-in for public opinion polls Carnegie Mellon University Slide 5 Who Info-Tech Research Group In the old world, I just did a survey. In the new world, I'm listening to every water cooler conversation out there. - Jim Sterne, Target Marketing Inc. N=134 Is Using Social Media? Slide 6 Social Networks create the Friend-of-a friend (FOAF) trust model Organizations need to be aware of the fact that customers are more likely to trust an opinion of a product or service of someone within their FOAF model than statements made by the company itself. Info-Tech Insight: Influence Ripples Slide 7 Info-Tech Research Group Social networking Blogging Micro- Blogging Social Multimedia CRM Suites with Social Media Integration Social channel aggregators Social channel managers Slide 8 Set Goals When You Start Info-Tech Research Group Area of Opportunity Social Media Goals MarketingBuild a positive brand image MarketingIncrease mind share MarketingGain customer insights SalesIncrease revenue per customer SalesAcquire customers SalesGain customer insights ServiceIncrease customer retention ServiceIncrease customer satisfaction ServiceReduce cost of serving customers Slide 9 Meet Gavin Life is a Stage Perform Leading, Inspiring, & Motivating Young People across Our Nation! 2000 to 2008 Age 18 to 44 -8000 Slide 10 Info-Tech Research Group DomainOpportunity FacebookTwitterLinkedInYouTube Marketing Building Positive Brand Image Increasing Mind Share Gaining Customer Insights Sales Gaining Sales Insights Increasing Revenue Customer Acquisition Service Customer Satisfaction Increasing Customer Retention Reducing Cost of Service Proven Useful* Potentially Useful *Proven useful by statistical analysis of real-world implementations Not Created Equal Slide 11 Social Networks BLOGS Empower the People Hashtags Crowd Sourcing TwitterFall Slide 12 #cio140 Slide 13 Yes BUT what is Catawba County doing? Slide 14 Social Media CIO Forum June 3, 2010 Charlotte, NC Presentation at: Catawba County Technology Presentations Slide 15 Social Media CIO Forum June 3, 2010 Charlotte, NC Business in 140 Characters or Less