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  • St. Peter & St. Paul Ukrainian

    Orthodox G.C. Church 220 Mansfield Blvd. (mailing: PO Box 835), Carnegie, PA 15106

    Very Reverend Fr. Steve Repa

    Rectory: 412-279-2111; Emergency: 412-400-9782 Parish Hall: 724- 276-9718

    President: Howard West 412-910-9627

    November 19November 19November 19November 19,,,, 2012012012017777

    The Sts. Peter & Paul Ukrainian Orthodox Church Bulletin is published weekly by The Senior Chapter of the Ukrainian Orthodox League

    Editor: Michael Kapeluck Bulletin Submissions are due by 8:00 am Thursday morning. Written submissions can be: -hand delivered to the editor -placed in the Bulletin envelope in the church vestibule. -mailed to: 300 East Main Street, Carnegie, PA 15106 -e-mailed to: [email protected]

    2017 Parish Board of Directors President:

    Howard West Vice President: Shelly Trondle Rec. Secretary: Cynthia Haluszczak Treasurer:

    Sandra Rozum Asst. Treasurer:

    Jason Olexa Financial Secy. Victor Onufrey Asst. Fin. Secy Natalie Turicik Trustees:

    Sherri Walewski Steve Sawchuk Andrew Brennan Sandy Rozum

    Alice ONeil Vestrymen:

    Cliff ONeil Steven Sawchuk Jr.

    Auditors: Michele Kapeluck Ron Wachnowsky Millie Good Hall Rental: Chris Mills 412-716-0562

    Sunday, November 19Sunday, November 19Sunday, November 19Sunday, November 19thththth

    9:30 am, Divine Liturgy, tone 7 24TH Sunday after PentecosT

    St Paul the confessor EPH 2 : 4 10; LK 8 : 26 - 39

    Parastas in memory of Luke Kraftician, sophie stec, Daniel & anna Zinski, Jacob kuryliak

    Saturday, November 27Saturday, November 27Saturday, November 27Saturday, November 27thththth

    Vespers 6:30 pm

    Sunday, November 26Sunday, November 26Sunday, November 26Sunday, November 26thththth 9:30 am, Divine Liturgy, tone 8 25TH Sunday after PentecosT

    St john chrysostom EPH 4 : 1 - 6; LK 10 : 25 - 37

    This weeks Bulletin is sponsored by:

    Holovatiuk & Reiterovych families in honor of daughter-in-law Victoria on her birthday.

    Mnohaya lita ! many blessed years !

    Pearl Z. Homyrda & Peter Zinski in memory of their parents Daniel & Anna Zinski. Vichnaya Pamyat Memory Eternal

  • We welcome you today

    We would like to remind our visitors of the following;:

    All people are encouraged to participate in the sacred services of our Church. We hope that you will be able to worship as well as have fellowship with us. Should you wish any information about the Orthodox Faith or this parish in particular, please see the rector or any member of the church. We are able to place you on our mailing list.

    Only Orthodox Christians may receive the Eucharist (Holy Communion) in the Orthodox Church. In like manner, Orthodox Christians may not receive the sacraments in an non-Orthodox Church. While we hope that one day all Christians will find unity and be able to approach the chalice of our Lord together, we observe the teachings of the Church that the Eucharist is a gift of unity and not a means of unity.

    We remind our faithful and visitors of the following guidelines concerning the Holy Sacraments in the Orthodox Church.

    Orthodox Christians are urged to receive Holy Communion frequently. Communicants should be at peace with others before approaching the chalice(Mt 5:23-24) Realize the importance of making a thorough examination of sins and transgressions against God, ourselves and others and

    having prayed for forgiveness before coming to Holy Communion. Frequent communicants should come to Holy Confession at least four times a year (during the four fasting periods of the

    year). and additionally when an examination of conscience reveals the necessity to do so in order to heal any sinful behavior. Communicants should fast from all foods and liquids from the evening before receiving Holy Communion. Communicants should read prayers in preparation for receiving Holy Communion. All Orthodox Christians must receive the sacraments at least once a year. Those who are late for Divine Liturgy ( after the reading of the Epistle and Gospel) should not approach the chalice. Those who are ill or who have special physical needs are exempt from the above guidelines. Infants and children (up to the age of seven) who are Orthodox Christians may receive Holy Communion and are exempt from

    the above guidelines. Thank you for gathering to worship with us today. Together we have glorified the One God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. May we be brought closer to one another and closer to God by following the eternal teachings of our Lord.

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  • St. Paul the Confessor, Archbishop of Constantinople

    Troparion to the Resurrection Tone 7

    By Thy Cross, Thou didst destroy death! To the thief, Thou didst open Paradise! For the myrrh-bearers, Thou didst change weeping into joy!

    And Thou didst command Thy disciples, O Christ God, to proclaim that Thou art risen, granting the world great mercy.

    Troparion to St paul- Tone 3

    For confessing the divine faith, among her priests the Church has shown you to be another Paul.

    Abel cries out to the Lord together with you, as does the righteous blood of Zachariah.

    Venerable father, entreat Christ God to grant us His great mercy.

    Kontakion St paul - Tone 4

    Paul, you shone on the earth like a star of heavenly splendor; now you enlighten the universal Church for which you suffered,

    for you laid down your life, and your blood cries out to the Lord like that of Zachariah and Abel.

    Kontakion to the Resurrection Tone 7

    The dominion of death can no longer hold men captive, for Christ descended, shattering and destroying its powers! Hell is bound, while the prophets rejoice and cry: the Savior has come to those in faith! Enter you faithful, into the


    Saint Paul the Confessor, Archbishop of Constantinople, was chosen to the patriarchal throne after the death of Patriarch Alexander (+ 340), when the Arian heresy had again flared up. Many of the Arians were present at the Council which selected the new Archbishop of Constantinople. They revolted in opposition to the choice of St Paul, but the Orthodox at the Council were in the majority. The emperor Constantius, ruling over the Eastern half of the Roman Empire, was an Arian. He was not in Constantinople for the election of the Archbishop, and so it took place without his consent. Upon his return, he convened a council which illegally deposed St Paul, and the emperor banished him from the capital. In place of the saint they elevated Eusebius of Nicomedia, an impious heretic. Archbishop Paul withdrew to Rome, where other Orthodox bishops were also banished by Eusebius. Eusebius did not rule the Church of Constantinople for long. When he died, St Paul returned to Constantinople, and was greeted by his flock with love. But Constantius exiled the saint a second time, and so he returned to Rome. The Western emperor Constans wrote a harsh letter to his Eastern co-ruler, which he sent to Constantinople along with the holy exiled archpastor. The threats worked, and St Paul was reinstated upon the archepiscopal throne. But soon the pious emperor Constans, a defender of the Orthodox, was treacherously murdered during a palace coup. They again banished St Paul from Constantinople and this time sent him off in exile to Armenia, to the city of Cucusus, where he endured a martyr's death. When the Archbishop was celebrating the Divine Liturgy, Arians rushed upon him by force and strangled him with his own omophorion. This occurred i

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