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Olympic Motivational keynote speaker Devon Harris teaches how to start setting goals as part of a long term personal development strategy in order to achieve permanent change instead of relying on resolutions made year after year.


  • 1. Keep On Pushing SeminarsPresentsStop making resolutions..START SETTING GOALS

2. Stop making resolutions..START SETTING GOALSResolutions: Short term quick fixes They represent a strong desireto effect change Do not provide realmechanisms for change 3. Stop making resolutions ..START SETTING GOALS"Of what use to makeheroic vows of amendmentif the same old lawbreakeris to keep them? Ralph Waldo Emerson 4. Stop making resolutions..START SETTING GOALSYou cannot get newresults with old habits!! 5. Stop making resolutions..START SETTING GOALSGoals: Systematic approaches towardsgrowth and success Building blocks for long term vision Cultivate repeated thought andhabit patterns 6. Stop making resolutions..START SETTING GOALS 7. Stop making resolutions ..START SETTING GOALSBegin with the end in mind What do you want your life tolook like 3 years from now? 8. Stop making resolutions..START SETTING GOALSBegin with the end in mind What kind of growth do you want toexperience? What milestones do you want toreach? What kinds of things would you liketo have or be doing by then? 9. Stop making resolutions ..START SETTING GOALSFour general areas of your life:1. Prosperity: finances, job orbusiness, assets2. Health: nutrition, exercise,weight management 10. Stop making resolutions ..START SETTING GOALSFour general areas of your life:3. Relationships: Spouse/lifepartner, family, friends, co-workers4. Lifestyle: leisure, personaldevelopment, spirituality 11. Stop making resolutions ..START SETTING GOALSAsk yourself. Whats working? Whats not working? What would you change? 12. Stop making resolutions..START SETTING GOALSCreate a plan 13. Stop making resolutions ..START SETTING GOALSCreate a plan Brings your goals into sharper focus. It forces you :i. To set a timeframeii. Identify resourcesiii. Break your goals into tiny manageable steps. 14. Stop making resolutions..START SETTING GOALSMonitor your progress 15. Stop making resolutions..START SETTING GOALSMonitor your progress Are you heading in the rightdirection? Become more aware of your lifeand gain better control over it. Become more responsible anddisciplined in achieving your goals. 16. Stop making resolutions ..START SETTING GOALSMonitor your progress Keeps you focused and creates asense of urgency It produces enthusiasm andmotivation when you see the positiveresults you are achieving 17. Stop making resolutions..START SETTING GOALSPersistence 18. Stop making resolutions ..START SETTING GOALSPersistence Be flexible in your approach Become creative Just dont give up 19. Stop making resolutions..START SETTING GOALS Visualization 20. Stop making resolutions ..START SETTING GOALSVisualization The ability to see in your minds eye. All improvement in your life beginswith an improvement in your mentalpictures. You cannot be what you cannot see. 21. Stop making resolutions..START SETTING GOALSTo recap.. Resist the temptation to go for thequick fix that resolutions offer Go for the long lasting effects thatyou get from goal setting. 22. Stop making resolutions ..START SETTING GOALS Begin with the end in mind Create a plan to get youthere Monitor your progress tomake sure you stay on track 23. Stop making resolutions ..START SETTING GOALS Persist despite the inevitableobstacles Visualize your desiredoutcome 24. Keep On Pushing!!