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  • 8/8/2019 Summer 2004 Transforming Lives Newsletter, Gospel Rescue Ministries


    Gospel RescueMinistriesWoshington, DCVolume 5, lssue 3Summer 2004

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    President Bush errrrrrrrends GnllfiSpeaking to a group of 1.600 at the First White House National Conference on Faith-Based andCommunit]' Initiatives on June 1 in Washington. D.C.. President Bush highlighted GRM's ministry as anerample of a faith-based organization reaching out u'ith compassion and love to help those in need.Brad Lassiter. a GR\l prc-rgram graduate and emplol-ee at the \\'orld Bank for almost six years. met\\ ith the President for a half hour prior to the President's talk. Bradrelated hou'his life had been dramatically changed while at GRM.We werehonored when the President later recounted Brad's story tothe conference attendees.\n ercerpt is reprinted belou.:"Let me tell )'ou aboutthis story. It is a successstory because of a faith-based program. BradLassiter - hs's the young-est of 17 children. He spentBrad, right, with Darryl Green at the\\'hite House Faith-Based Conference.

    no\\' he has a job at the \\'orldAmerica changes one heart at Bank. and he's goin-q to college to study computer science. America -time. one soul at a time. ..."

    ^rost of his childhood without a home. His education ended in the4th grade - essentially, he was abandoned and lived on the street- got addicted to drugs, took a bullet in the mouth, actually, atone point in his life, went to prison. And Gospel RescueMinistries gave him a place to live when he came out of prison.See. he started reading the Bible in prison. It is a powerful changeprison. And this guy was lost. and now he's found. agent when you start reading the Bible in

    He said this - here's u'hat Brad said - 'God blessed me. The Mission gave me an opportunity to changem1' life spirirualll. education-s ise and to build character. They made me $'ant to change.' Actually, theyu ere the agents - Brad, they u-ere just the messenger. when he finished his recovery - I want you toed on the streetsrirugaddict, couldn't read beyond thethird grade -GnM badly fur rreed of new eargrr vanThe need to haul food, supplies, equipment, clothes, furnishings and a variety ofother items has grown significantly over the past year. Our in-kind donations haveincreased and our ongoing renovation work at the Mission requires frequent hauling ofdebris and trash. Our cuffent cargo van is beyond repair.A low-mileage cargo van can be acquired for less than $15,000. A friend of GRM hasoffered to donate $ 1,000 for each $2,000 that is raised to purchase this van. Assuming$10,000 is raised in response to this challenge, the matching gift would be $5,000, cover-',g tl. cost of the van. Please use the enclosed response card if you are led to help usurchase the cargo van.Perhaps you know of someone who might want to sell or donate a cargo van in good shape toGRM. Please let us know by calling Don Melvin at202-842-1731. Thank you!

  • 8/8/2019 Summer 2004 Transforming Lives Newsletter, Gospel Rescue Ministries


    Starting $rith a bang...!GRM kicked off the summer with an outreach to local teensin an effort to help prevent drug

    and alcohol use among youngpeople. Performers from as faraway as South Carolina and asnear as our own building sharedpositive and encouraging mes-sages and music with our guests.Far left: Transforming LivesIlinistn- residentShelton performs a gosPel mime.Top right: GRM's Systems Administrator,

    Ardel Joseph, enjoys the day with his family.Bottom: Several of the Fulton House residentsdance along with Trinity Baptist Church'sversion of "Stomp." The kids, from Columbia,SC, took part in the event during a week-longmission trip to D.C. vGRM Visits Joe Gibbs'Youth for Tomorrow

    After Chaplain Denny Glusko and severalyoung people from Joe Gibbs' school for troubledyouth had come to volunteer at both Easter andSummer Explosion, we thought it was time to paythem a visit. The GRM Men's Choir, along withvolunteers Deborah Davidson and Kevin Klock,traveled to the Manassas school in early July andperformed some inspiring songs for the teens. Wethink TLM resident Wesley may have a futurecareer as a gospel rapper!

    Calvary United Methodist in Arlingtonhosted GRM residents and staff onceagain for an annual worship visit andpicnic. We thank them for the great wor-ship, company, food...and, of course, thoseunforgettableu'aterballoons.

    $'iTtwAbove: Calvary's BobWeick with TLM residenDavid and Kevin.Right: TLM's Anthonyshows off the bounty he earned with hiswater balloon skills.


  • 8/8/2019 Summer 2004 Transforming Lives Newsletter, Gospel Rescue Ministries


    Congressmembersestaff take'"suits ofttheirbacks"GRM's Darnell Wainwright andVirginia Stewart, above. are going back

    to work, and they received suits at thefirst annual Capitol PuTSUIT DRIVE oneFill to help get them on their way.The July 14 event, which yielded thou-sands of dollars worth of clothing for thearea's needy, was sponsored bY TheAmerican League of Lobbyists, CareerGear, Working Wardrobe, and Men'sWearhouse.

    School of Tornorrolv expands CIII.,.program through partnershiPThe School of Tomoffow at GRM has

    had a Commercial Driver's License pro-gram for the past 10 years, and now witha new partnership with the Maryland-based Driver Training and Transporta-tion Management. the school isamplifying the program.The expanded CDL program isunder the direction of Cawarnest Cruse,CtsO of DTTM and an experienced driver trainer andDMV compliance auditor. Cawarnest believes that the en-hanced CDL pro-qram u'ill enable more people to get goodjobs. "CDL is the best training program to get into a joband make substantial money quickly to be able to takecare of one's family." he said.

    Cawarnest Cruse

    William in the Meridianat Gallery Place lobby,wEere ne serv-es as nightconcrerge.

    PROFILE,SGRM has been blessed to have local corporate partners who will offerjobs to men and women in their final phase of the Transforming Lives orFulton House program. One such partner is Paradigm Management, areal estate developer that happens to have a brand new building right

    across from GRM. In the Meridian at Gallerl' Place apartment building,TLM resident Wiltiam Rogers has been rn'orking as the evening conciergesince May.William enjoys his duties of assisting residents, giving directions and infor-mation, redommending;estaurants and entertainment venues, and doin$ nightsecurity. "It's a really good group of people to work for," he said.William has extensive experience in the service industry, so the job atMeridian is an excellent fit. For his longterm goal, he plans to go

    back to school to become a youth counselor and work withtroubled teens.

    Another of our partners is the World Bank, which has beenhome to more than 40 Fulton and TLM graduates as they go backto work. Currently nine of our graduates are employed there.Mimi Teshome is one of those graduates. Mimi has beenworking as a file clerk since November. With years of experiencen the hospitality industry, she is enjoying a career field that isnew to her. In fact, she has decided that she would like to continuein clerical or admin work longterm.Mimi, second from left, atgraduation in December 2003.

  • 8/8/2019 Summer 2004 Transforming Lives Newsletter, Gospel Rescue Ministries


    Transitional Ilousing plan unveiledGRM held an open house on June 12 to celebrate various program anniversaries andshare plans for our enlarged rransitional Housing Program. GRM's Executive Director,John Jackson, introduced Bob Boulter, of Faithworksn Inc., who will take the lead inmaking the necessary community and funding connections to develop the program. we arethrilled that, over the course of the next two years, we will greatly increase our ability toplace program graduates in transitional housing with enhanced aftercare supportive servicesas they get back on their feet.Thank you for your generosity!In our May newsletter, we announced a goalof raising at least $20,000 by June 30 for the initialtransitional housing investment. Many GRMsupporters responded with a gift of $20 or

    more to become charter members of ourtransitional housing team. These gifts,combined with a matching grant, helpedus to exceed the $20,000 goal!

    Our current volunteer and in-kind needs:Skilled painters and carpentersTwin sheet setsTowelsOffice suppliesPlease contact Tracey Daniels at (202) 8A-1731y238 if you can help.

    You are invited...0Transforming LivesMinistry and FultonHouse of HopeGraduation, Saturday,September 11, Calvary Baptist Church(at the corner of 5th and I Streets, NW).Come and be blessed by the awesometestimonies of transformed lives!OGRM's Annual AppreciationBanquet, Saturday September 25, 6-9pffi, Mclean Bible Church on Route 7in Mclean. Special guest speaker willbe Jim Towey, Director of the WhiteHouse Faith-Based Office. Come sharein the celebration of our volunteers andsupporters ! Free. RSVP: [email protected] for eaeh other ...GRM has been treated to music by several traveling youth groups this surrmer. Since our residents andSamaritan ovemight guests feel so blessed by the teens' spirit and talent, often the GRM Nlen,s Choir willbless the youth right back by singing some of their own jammin' original compositions. Here is a sample:God is the Engineer by Rocshell Baker

    Welcome aboard, this train is heaven bound,And it's resentedfor those who've sened the crown.You don't have to worry about yourfare,Jesus paid the price for you to be there.So just relax, put your mind at ease,God is the engineer.No baggage required and no worries aboutwhat to wear.

    Teens from Temple BaptistChurch in Nova Scotiao Canada,sing to the men.Whatever's desired, you know it's going to be taken core.If Jesus has been your Might, or claim tofame,There's a seat for you, reserved in your name.

    The GRM men sing to the teens.

  • 8/8/2019 Summer 2004 Transforming Lives Newsletter, Gospel Rescue Ministries


    -Betreat brings rerrewal The Fulton House was closed July 26-30 so that the women could spend the week at Camp Oak Hill in Nottingham, PA for a retreat.It was the end of a phase for the older residents and a break before they start looking for work.All of the women helped out with cooking, maintenance, and gardening. Each day we had anew experience. We went to the Mennonite Information Center and toured the tabernacle. Wevisited a farm, ate a wonderful meal in anAmish home and received a history of theAmish faith. We were caught in a torrentialdou'npour as a tornado whipped throu_ehLancaster: sratefullv. u'e made it back tocamp. \\-e toured the Herr's Potato Chipplant. boated and kayaked on a nearby res-

    erv o ir,_1 au ghg!_ qr,lthe _l _0 0 - {.-w aters I i de,swam, played water volleyball. biked. tooklong u'alks. ate lots of good food and n'ereor-erall retieshed. The follou'ins are com-ments from the women:My experience at camp u,as relaxing and exciting at the same time.I enjoyed our tour of the Herr's Potato Chip factory, and was veryimpressed by the way they recycle their heat, water, and starch. Ihad my first experience kayaking on the lake. - eftrrryl' leamed thete is more than God's presence and quiet spiritual time. It's love and God is love. It's learning:ynow the Ashburn family can share love and teach about it. I had a lot of fun and now it's time to go back toreality! But I'm taking new baggage with me. - AitqfurioCamp Oak Hill is a spiritual experience as well as an opportunity to escape from city chaos and enjoy nature.It is definitely a fun experience. It is also an opportunity to interact and help others have a great camp experi-ence.


    It was truly a blessing for me. The freshness of air and trees and the green grass. I thank God. - A UzznI enjoyed my week at camp. I loved the walk through the woods and the peace and quiet. This is truly God'splace. -9ft4lliaAt Camp Oak Hill you can feel God's presence all around. - Jl4ail,T really elioyed my week at CampOak Hill. It was a very peaceful week^ and you can feel the quietnessmoving all around you. - kan ltpCamp Oak Hill has been a mind altering experience in the way of enjoying God's creations, getting high off ofaa1:.d[:s. - Qtu@fre

    ,,1 knew thst I needed a I came to D.C in January from Baltimore. I decided to justspirituel rebirth in :*t1i. myplace of venue. I was tired of doing drugs. I alwayswas able to keep a job and money, but the problem arose when Imy lW. ..." got the money. I just didn't have the strength to stop using.I had heard about the Gospel Rescue Ministries and I knew thatI needed a spiritual rebinh in my life. I thank God that I was ac-cepted into the program in February.I have actually noticed a change in myself. I enjoygoing to church. I am dealing with my daughter, and it feels good to have my daughterback in my life. I am working on getting my driver's license. This is just truly a blessing,iust beins here! - WaI,Jan

  • 8/8/2019 Summer 2004 Transforming Lives Newsletter, Gospel Rescue Ministries


    "Closing Thoughts"John JacksonExeurtive Director

    Dear Friends and Partners of Gospel Rescue Ministries,Gospnl Rrscur MrNrsrRrnsof lVashington, DC

    810 sth Street, NW\ilashington, DC 20001(202)842-173rFax: (202)898-0285

    ExBcurrvE DTRECToRJohn JacksonDerurr Execunve DlnrcronDon Melvin

    Boeno or TRusreesDavid Van DuzerChairman

    Jane BondJohn Jackson

    William HarperAlbert Manola

    As summer draws to a close and we plan for the busy Fall season, we arecontinually reminded of the real benefits (not just fringe benefits) that Godhas promised to those who are faithful and obedient to His call. Psalms103:3-5 lists some of these benefits: "Who pardons all your iniquities; Whoheals all your diseases; Who redeems your life from the pit; Who crownsyou with loving kindness and compassion; Who satisfies your years withgood things."Thank you for your support and words of encouragement over thesummer months. We continue to see many changed lives and are trustingGod to work a miracle in many more lives during the remainder of 2004.Our plan to increase transitional housing and to enhance aftercaresupportive services for men and women continues to move forward. Wehope to make some major announcements on the progress at our annualappreciation banquet on September 25. Please join with us if you can.Your heart will be blessed abundantly as program men and women givetestimonies, in word and song, of God's healing mercy and saving grace.When we join together on September 25, tt will be my privilege to turnover my responsibilities as Executive Director of GRM to Don Melvin,currently Deputy Executive Director. This culminates a lengthy period ofplanning and transition. Don is fully qualified to assume these responsi-bilities and has been associated with GRM for over 12 years. Don is a manof God and has a real heart for the ministry at GRM.I have served as Executive Director for over four years and it is time forme to support the programs of GRM on a full-time basis in the areas of de-velopment, fund raising and community partnering. My extensive contactsin the business communtty, area churches and government circles, and mymany individual friendships developed over the past 52 years in the Wash-ington D.C. area, will help to maintain a strong base of financial, prayer,volunteer and in-kind support for the GRM ministry.I am fully committed to the GRM ministry and will be available to men-tor and assist Don Melvin in any way possible. I will continue as a Boardmember and carry the title of President of GRM. Please continue to en-courage Don Melvin and the GRM staff with your prayer, volunteer andfinancial support.I look forward to an ongoing close relationship with many of you, andhope to have more personal contact to share what God is doing at GRM.With God's continued blessing, let's claim many more lives for His glory--trophies of God's grace.

    In His Service" tuw

    Rudolph Pruden Charles RobinsrAl Lawrence Donald MelvinJeff Wright

    Please send us qn email.'

    M#selem$F$8lt cfiurh?fECFREa;9p"5

    [email protected]