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What do people mean when they say, "That's so gay"?


  • Thats so gay!
  • Thats so gay! ! Everyone says it. Right? Its no big deal.!! Maybe you say it, too.! ! But what do you mean when you say it, exactly?! ! Thats so gay?!
  • Do you mean brilliant like Alan Turing the British mathematician and logician who cracked German codes, which helped defeat the Nazis?!
  • Do you mean witty like Oscar Wilde the Irish poet and writer from the 1800s, who we still quote today?!
  • Do you mean athletic like Martina Navratilova, the Czech-born tennis player who was number 1 in the world and arguably the greatest player of either gender ever?!
  • Do you mean artistic like Andy Warhol, the American artist and leading gure in the Pop Art movement?!
  • Do you mean poetic like Walt Whitman, the father of free verse and probably the greatest American poet of all time?!
  • Do you mean intellectual like Ludwig Wittgenstein, the Austrian-born philosopher?!
  • Do you mean smart or adventurous like Sally Ride, the physicist and astronaut and the rst American woman in space?!
  • Do you mean musical like Tchaikovsky, the Russian composer, who wrote some of the most popular music in the classical canon?!
  • Do you mean brave like Harvey Milk, the rst openly gay person to be elected to public ofce in California?!
  • Do you mean dashing and talented like Sir Ian McKellen, one of the greatest and most respected actors of our time?!
  • Do you mean compassionate like Florence Nightingale, the English social reformer and founder of modern nursing?!
  • Do you mean tough like Michael Sam, defensive end for the St. Louis Rams and the NFLs rst openly gay player?!
  • So many great words to choose from when youre describing something. ! ! Gay is just one.! ! Why not be clear about what you mean?! ! Gay people will probably appreciate it.!
  • In honor of all my LGBTQ brothers and sisters | Pride Month, June 2014! ! @stribs! Thank you!