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  • 7/26/2019 The 50 Highest Paying Jobs in Computer Science


    The 50 Highest Paying Jobs in Computer Science

    While Software Developer is only #4 in salary.coms 8 hottest jobs of 2!4 list in terms of

    "rowth rate $eman$%& it probably "oes witho't sayin" that there are many well(payin" career

    opport'nities in )omp'ter Science an$ *+ *nformation +echnolo"y% in "eneral.

    *f yo're consi$erin" p'rs'in" a comp'ter science career& or j'st c'rio's& here is a list of , of

    the top(payin" jobs in the fiel$. While salaries for some roles vary wi$ely by location& in$'stry&

    e-perience level& $eman$ an$ sometimes as the win$ blows& this list sho'l$ "ive yo' a ro'"h

    i$ea of the more financially rewar$in" *+(relate$ roles.

    ot all of the followin" roles are p'rely technical& altho'"h all are consi$ere$ to be in the *+

    fiel$ in "eneral or relevant to *+. *n the interest of presentin" as many $ifferent types of wi$ely(

    achievable roles as possible for the avera"e can$i$ate& weve left o't 'pper(level *+ mana"ement

    positions s'ch as )+/& 01 an$ Director roles. *n some cases& where job titles are merely$ifferent $esi"nations base$ on e-perience& weve "ro'pe$ titles into one listin". .".& weve

    ma$e no $istinction in entries between j'nior& interme$iate& senior& an$ lea$ positions of the same

    type of role. So liste$ salary ran"es 's'ally cover all s'ch variations. Salary ran"es are a

    composite from $ifferent so'rces an$ sho'l$ only be consi$ere$ as a "'i$eline.

    Web Developer

    +his is a wi$e(ran"in" role that can incl'$e front(en$ Web browser3 avaScript& 5+67& )SS

    an$ relate$ technolo"ies% an$ bac(en$ co$in"& or re9'ire speciali:ation. ;ac(en$ co$in"

    co'l$ be 'sin" ava&

  • 7/26/2019 The 50 Highest Paying Jobs in Computer Science


    ,. Systems =nalyst or Systems n"ineer

    +his role is sometimes referre$ to as a )omp'ter Systems =nalyst& with $'ties that mi"ht overlap

    that of an *+ 1roject 6ana"er& if overseein" installation or 'p"ra$e of comp'ter systems. +his

    role typically analy:es an or"ani:ations comp'ter systems an$ proce$'resA maes

    recommen$ations for process improvementA interacts with partners? ven$ors an$ with

    pro"rammers or pro"rammer ? analysts. $'cational bac"ro'n$ mi"ht be technical& tho'"h this

    is more of an analytical than technical role that is foc'se$ on the b'siness aspects of technolo"y&incl'$in"3 analy:in" the cost of system chan"esA the impact on employeesA potential project

    timelines. ee$s to interact with $epartment mana"ers on *+ re9'irementsA incorporate fee$bac

    from both internal an$ e-ternal 'sers into b'siness re9'irements $oc'mentsA incorporate

    fee$bac from $esi"nersA contrib'te technical re9'irementsA a$vise technical teams on their an$

    their technolo"ys role in the or"ani:ationA provi$e "'i$ance to pro"rammer ? $evelopers with

    'se cases.

    Salary range3 B ,(!8C

    4. ;'siness Systems =nalyst

  • 7/26/2019 The 50 Highest Paying Jobs in Computer Science


    +his role foc'ses on specific comp'ter systems E compare$ to a ;'siness =nalyst& who will

    analy:e a broa$er ran"e of processes an$ systems for an or"ani:ation. +ypically& it re9'ires

    analytical sills an$ is b'siness(foc'se$& so often re9'ires a ;= bac"ro'n$& not necessarily a

    ;.Sc.. *t $oes& however& re9'ire an 'n$erstan$in" of comp'ter systems an$ information& an$

    more technical reportin" an$ $oc'mentation proce$'res. Fs'ally& 'n$erstan$in" the SD7)Software Development 7ife )ycle%& F67 Fnifie$ 6o$elin" 7an"'a"e% an$ other technical

    concepts an$ sills are often a re9'irement. +he role has optional certifications which brin"

    increase$ opport'nities an$ compensation.

    Salary range3 B G,(!C

    48. )

  • 7/26/2019 The 50 Highest Paying Jobs in Computer Science


    Salary range3 B 8(!C

    4G. Software Systems n"ineer

    +ypical responsibilities ? sills3 $evelopment an$ 'p"ra$e of comp'ter systemsA either interact

    with $ata an$ system sec'rity staff or $efine necessary proce$'res for them to followA $esi"n&

    $evelop an$ test software when necessary > often mi$$lewareA $oc'ment proce$'res for

    internal 'se& an$ provi$e vario's system an$ operations $oc'mentsA participate in vario's review

    meetin"s& incl'$in" $esi"n& pro"ram an$ test reviews with inter($epartmental co(worersA $efine

    a process for chan"e mana"ement.

    Salary range3 B GI(!!!C

    4I. Sol'tions =rchitect

    = Sol'tions =rchitect role is similar to other architect roles an$ can "o beyon$ the scope of *+.

    e-perience with har$ware an$ software systems is common re9'irement& as is an 'n$erstan$in"

    of b'siness operations. +his role is sometimes b't not always synonymo's with a Director or

    )+/ )hief +echnical /fficer% position. +ypical responsibilities? sillsA 'n$erstan$ the SD7)

    Software Development 7ife )ycle%A have broa$ technical nowle$"e of comp'ter systemsA

    con$'ct process flow analysesA transform b'siness? c'stomer re9'irements into technical

    re9'irements f'nctional $esi"n $oc'ment%A 'n$erstan$ an$ have e-perience with $atabasesA

    interact with $evelopers an$ bri$"e $ifferent *+ architect roles.

    Salary range3 B G(!!2C

    4,. ()ommerce =nalyst

  • 7/26/2019 The 50 Highest Paying Jobs in Computer Science


    =a ()ommerce ;'siness =nalyst. ;ac"ro'n$s for this role vary3 comp'ter science& finance&

    statistics& mana"ement& maretin"& comm'nications. While a bachelors $e"ree is stan$ar$& a

    masters $e"ree is sometimes re9'ire$. +ypical responsibilities ? sills3 analy:e c'stomer e(

    commerce $ata for behavioral or other tren$sA set'p or confi"'re reportin" or $ashboar$s for

    easy internal access to s'ch $ataA create c'stomer profiles for $emo"raphic tar"etin"A 'tili:e Web


    Salary range3 B G(!!4C


  • 7/26/2019 The 50 Highest Paying Jobs in Computer Science


    Similar titles incl'$e 1re(sales n"ineer& 1reSales n"ineer& 1re(sales +echnical n"ineer. +his

    role is for a pro$'ct a$vocate? evan"elist who wors with internal sales staff an$ possibly offers

    technical cons'ltin" to potential c'stomers prior to a sale. +hey "ive pro$'ct $emonstrations to

    sales staff an$ potential c'stomers an$ han$le the technical aspects of

  • 7/26/2019 The 50 Highest Paying Jobs in Computer Science


    +his role is foc'se$ on Web portals an$ often re9'ires nowle$"e of a specific portal software

    platforms. .".& *;6 WebSphere& 6icrosoft Share1oint. +ypical responsibilities ? sills3 interact

    with Web an$ other systems a$ministratorsA create or oversee creation of necessary portal

    $atabases an$ 'ser profilesA confi"'re an$ mana"e portal applicationsA perform confi"'ration an$

    'p"ra$e process testsA oversee inte"ration of new technolo"ies into the portalA $oc'ment portal

    'se policies an$ proce$'res internal%A han$le relevant tro'ble ticetsA train $evelopers& content

    mana"ers an$ en$('sers as necessary.

    Salary range3 B !(!2!C

    4. 1ro"rammer =nalyst

    =a )omp'ter 1ro"rammer ? =nalyst. 6ay have some overlap with a ;'siness =nalyst role&s'ch as performin" re9'irements analysis. *n some or"ani:ations& there is a lot of overlap with a

    Software Developer role& an$ in other places& the two roles wor to"ether. +ypical

    responsibilities ? sills3 $esi"n of applications from a hi"h level first E s'ch as by 'sin"

    flowcharts or other "raphical views > as well as act'al co$in" of softwareA testin" an$

    maintenance. Specific pro"rammin" lan"'a"e sills infl'ence salary ran"es.

    Salary range3 B I(!22C

    @. etwor =nalyst or etwor n"ineer

  • 7/26/2019 The 50 Highest Paying Jobs in Computer Science


    Sometimes referre$ to as a etwor S'pport n"ineer. +he role sometimes overlaps with

    etwor =rchitect roles. +ypical responsibilities ? sills3 wor with a variety of types of

    networs incl'$in" 7=s& W=s& K=s an$ 6=sA $etermine networ capacity re9'irements

    an$ ens're that the infrastr'ct're can han$le itA monitor an$ a$ministrate the networA

    tro'bleshoot problems. Depen$in" on the si:e of the or"ani:ation& a person in this role mi"ht also

    set'p& install an$ confi"'re all types of har$ware& from servers an$ printers to $estops an$

    laptops& ro'ters& switches& s'pport internal networ 'sers. on(stan$ar$ wor ho'rs are apossibility.

    Salary range3 B ,8(!24C

    @8. Wireless n"ineer

    +ypical responsibilities ? sills3 analy:e wireless networin" an$ comm'nication re9'irementsA

    $esi"n an$ $evelop networ infrastr'ct'reA capacity plannin"A recommen$ system

    improvementsA $oc'ment necessary processesA $evelop any necessary software s'ch as $riversA

    monitor systems 'se an$ performanceA set'p an$ r'n wireless networ tests. = senior position

    mi"ht lea$ a team of j'nior an$ interme$iate en"ineers.

    Salary range3 B 4I(!2,C

    @G. ;'siness )ontin'ity =nalyst

  • 7/26/2019 The 50 Highest Paying Jobs in Computer Science


    +his role is primarily foc'se$ on foc'se$ on $isaster recovery after a crisis with comp'ter

    systems. +ypical responsibilities ? sills3 $evelop strate"ies for $isaster prevention an$ for

    res'min" operationsA ens're bac'p of $ata for the or"ani:ation process(wise%A $esi"n an$

    implement comp'ter systems that will s'pport contin'o's operationsA interact with ven$ors when

    necessaryA $esi"n an$ test recovery plansA report ris potential to senior mana"ement. +he role

    may re9'ire ris mana"ement e-perience an$ nowle$"e of specific @r$(party systems?


    Salary range3 B 8G(!2,C


  • 7/26/2019 The 50 Highest Paying Jobs in Computer Science


    =a D;=. Sometimes has overlappin" $'ties with Database 1ro"rammer& Database =nalyst an$

    Database 6o$eller& an$ may report to a Database 6ana"er an$?or Data =rchitect. +ypical

    responsibilities ? sills3 maintain an or"ani:ations $atabasesA $esi"n an$ implement $atabases& in

    coor$ination with a Data =rchitectA sche$'le an$ r'n re"'lar $atabase bac'psA recover lost $ataA

    implement an$ monitor $atabase sec'rityA ens're $ata inte"rityA i$entify the nee$s of 'sers an$

    provi$e access to $ata staehol$ers& $ata analysts an$ other 'sers& as necessary. D;=s can have

    broa$ or speciali:e$ $'ties. .".& $ivi$e tass 'p3 System D;= 'p"ra$es software for b'" fi-es

    an$ new feat'res. =pplication D;= writes an$ maintains co$e an$ 9'eries for one or more

    $atabases in an or"ani:ation. +he role may re9'ire certification.Salary range3 B I@(!2IC

    @4. Software Developer

    +ypical responsibilities ? sills3 pro$'ce the overall $esi"n of new software or mo$'les base$ on

    re9'irements passe$ $ownA pro$'ce flowcharts& al"orithms an$ anythin" else necessary for the

    act'al co$in". 'nior $evelopers mi"ht start o't by maintainin" $eb'""in"% e-istin" co$e ?feat'res rather than $esi"n new co$e. *f co$e in an or"ani:ation is not $one separately by

    )omp'ter 1ro"rammers& then it falls to the Software Developers > who mi"ht also $o testin"

    an$ $eb'""in"& or wor with teammates who $o that wor.

    Salary range3 B 8(!2GC

    @@. +elecomm'nications 6ana"er

  • 7/26/2019 The 50 Highest Paying Jobs in Computer Science


    +ypical responsibilities ? sills3 i$entify telecom nee$s for an or"ani:ation& incl'$in" voicemailA

    create policies for the installation an$ maintenance of telecom e9'ipment an$ systems within an

    or"ani:ationA tae into acco'nt any compliance nee$s& especially for a p'blicly(tra$e$ companyA

    oversee act'al installation an$ maintenance of e9'ipment cablin"& mo$ems& ro'ters& servers&

    software%A mana"e of a team of telecom? networin" specialistsA stay abreast of new telecom

    technolo"ies for 'p"ra$e consi$erationA interact with ven$ors as necessary.

    Salary range3 B GI(!28C


  • 7/26/2019 The 50 Highest Paying Jobs in Computer Science


    Depen$in" on company si:e& this role may overlap with etwor =$ministrator. = etwor

    6ana"er has overall responsibility for an or"ani:ations networsA ens'res that networs are

    always r'nnin"& especially if c'stomers an$?or partners rely on themA $evises an$ implements a

    plan to either prevent or recover from a $isaster. /verall& they are responsible for all the

    networs& local an$ non& that $rive an or"ani:ation& an$ for maintainin" the har$ware an$ cablin"

    that "oes with the networin" infrastr'ct're. +hat incl'$es installin" har$ware an$ software&

    monitorin" networs& etc.& or mana"in" a team of etwor =nalyst? n"ineers an$?or the vario's

    etwor =$ministrators. )ertification may be re9'ire$ for some roles& $epen$in" on thenetworin" technolo"y 'se$ an$ especially if the role is si"nificantly han$s(on.

    Salary range3 B 4([email protected]

    @. etwor Sec'rity =$ministrator

    +ypical responsibilities ? sills3 implement an$ follow a networ sec'rity planA $oc'ment the

    networin" infrastr'ct're& incl'$in" any firewall protocols an$ policies& monitorin" an$ $isaster

    recovery plansA 'se v'lnerability assessment tools to $etermine potential rissA monitor an$

    investi"ate sec'rity breachesA recommen$ or"ani:ational sec'rity policiesA eep 'p to $ate on

    chan"in" networin" technolo"y& an$ review software an$ har$ware to be able to recommen$

    'p"ra$es when necessary.Salary range3 B ,([email protected]

    2. 1roject 6ana"er& =pplications Development

  • 7/26/2019 The 50 Highest Paying Jobs in Computer Science


    +his role may overlap with =pplication Development 6ana"er. +his is a fairly technical role an$

    sometimes re9'ires a bac"ro'n$ as an application $eveloper. =n =pp Dev 16 nee$s the ability

    to interact with co(worers from m'ltiple $epartments& to eep them on trac to achieve

    milestones& $rive a project forwar$ an$ resolve bottlenecs. +hey 'n$erstan$ the SD7)

    Software Development 7ife )ycle%& b'$"ets& project mana"ement principles& basic psycholo"y

    of motivatin" people. +his role sometimes re9'ires in$'stry nowle$"e an$ sol'tions& e.".&Jinancial software.

    Salary range3 B 88(!@!C

    28. Systems Sec'rity =$ministrator

    /verlaps with others a$ministrator roles. Sec'rity a$ministrators oversee access to an

    or"ani:ations comp'ter systems& whether by internal or e-ternal 'sers. +ypical responsibilities ?

    sills3 $evelop an$ confi"'re a'tomate$ sol'tions for "rantin" 'ser access ri"htsA oversee

    internal? e-ternal 'ser access ri"hts man'ally when necessaryA have nowle$"e of tra$itional an$

    lea$in"(e$"e sec'rity techni9'es an$ toolsA 'n$erstan$ sec'rity a'$itin" proce$'resA $etermine

    sec'rity rissA investi"ate sec'rity breaches. +his position may re9'ire nowle$"e of specific

    sec'rity(relate$ software an$ applications.

    Salary range3 B ,(!@!C

    2G. etwor Sec'rity n"ineer

  • 7/26/2019 The 50 Highest Paying Jobs in Computer Science


    +his role is typically responsible for networ an$ server architect'reA implementation& a$min&

    'p"ra$e of har$ware an$ software& e.".& firewalls& etc.A enforcement of sec'rity policies set $own

    by either the or"ani:ations etwor =rchitect& etwor Sec'rity =$ministrator& or similar

    positionA monitorin" an$ analy:in" networ 'sa"e for sec'rity iss'esA tro'bleshootin" networ

    problemsA contrib'tin" to the selection of new technolo"y an$?or 'p"ra$esA contrib'tin" to the

    $oc'mentin" of systems an$ processesA provi$in" technical s'pport for *+ coworers.

    )ertification may be re9'ire$. Cnowle$"e of comp'ter telephony technolo"ies s'ch as 0o*1 maybe re9'ire$& alon" with an 'n$erstan$in" of relevant compliance iss'es. 6ay re9'ire some

    physical effort& for cablin" an$ installation wor

    Salary range3 B (!@!C

    2I. Data Wareho'se Developer ? =nalyst

    = $ata wareho'se is a repository that combines $ata from several so'rces& internal an$ e-ternal&

    within an or"ani:ation E e.".& sales an$ maretin" E an$ is 'se$ for tren$ reportin". +ypical

    responsibilities ? sills for a Data Wareho'se Developer3 interact with b'siness analysts to

    'n$erstan$ the necessary b'siness lo"icA follow stan$ar$s an$ proce$'res for $atabases set $own

    by a Data Wareho'se 6ana"erA $esi"n an$ create $atabases for the p'rpose of $ata wareho'sin"A

    $esi"n an$ r'n +7 -tract& +ransform& 7oa$% proce$'res to e-tract e-ternal $ata an$ loa$ into

    a $ata wareho'seA test inte"rity of $ata wareho'seA write an$ maintain any co$e necessary for$ata wareho'sin" tass incl'$in" report "enerators. +his position may re9'ire e-perience with

    specific @r$(party applications& an$ often overlaps with Database Developer $'ties.

    Salary range3 B I(!@@C

    2,. Database Developer

  • 7/26/2019 The 50 Highest Paying Jobs in Computer Science


    +his role sometimes overlaps with Database n"ineer or Data Wareho'se Developer see above

    job $escription% an$ can cover a broa$ ran"e of tass. +ypical responsibilities ? sills3 $ata

    mana"ement an$ a$ministration& $ata mo$elin"& $ata wareho'sin"& investi"ate $ata inte"rity

    iss'esA $evise an$ con$'ct $ata tests for inte"rity& an$ follow an action plan for any necessary

    recoveryA $oc'ment access of specific $atabases for $evelopers in other $epartmentsA wor with

    lo"ical an$ physical mo$els of $ataA 'n$erstan$ principles of $istrib'te$ $ata& $ata re$'n$ancyA

    incorporate $atabase 'p$ates as per staehol$er re9'irementsA pro$'ce reports on analy:e$

    b'siness intelli"ence $ataA write $atabase 9'eries an$ complementary comp'ter co$e to s'pport

    internal applications& an$ which are possibly share$ with $evelopers in other $epartments. +his

    may re9'ire nowin" bac en$ pro"rammin" or scriptin" lan"'a"es s'ch as ava&

  • 7/26/2019 The 50 Highest Paying Jobs in Computer Science


    Jor an *+ project& this overlaps with )omp'ter an$ *nformation Systems 6ana"er. +his is a

    broa$er role than for an =pplications Development 1roject 6ana"er an$ may not re9'ire as

    m'ch of a technical bac"ro'n$. 1roject 6ana"ers sho'l$ have at least an 'n$erstan$in" of > if

    not e-perience with > the comp'ter systems or software bein" b'ilt ? maintaine$.

  • 7/26/2019 The 50 Highest Paying Jobs in Computer Science


    Salary range3 B I(!@,C

    2!. 1ro$'ct 6ana"er& Software Development

    =a Software 1ro$'ct 6ana"er. Fs'ally owns the $evelopment an$ maintenance of% one or

    more software pro$'cts ? applications ? platforms within an or"ani:ationA wors with maretin"&

    FM ? $esi"n& $evelopers& project mana"ers& etc.& in a lar"ely cross($epartmental role. /ther

    re9'irements an$ responsibilities3 be an evan"elist for the pro$'ct > internally an$ e-ternally

    where appropriateA research the maret an$ 'n$erstan$ what the 'ser wants > either in terms of

    improvements or new feat'resA be an infl'ential personality an$ possibly have an entreprene'rial

    min$setA be o'twar$(facin" an$ 'n$erstan$ both c'stomer nee$s an$ strate"ies for ac9'irin"

    c'stomersA have broa$ nowle$"e of relevant from pro$'cts from vario's $isciplines& notnecessarily $eep nowle$"e of one $iscipline.

    Salary range3 B ([email protected]

    2. Data Sec'rity =nalyst ? *nformation Sec'rity =nalyst

    +ypical responsibilities ? sills3 $etermine sec'rity riss for an or"ani:ations comp'ter systems&

    $atabases an$ networsA monitor e-ternal activityA install an$ confi"'re sec'rity(relate$ software

    firewalls& encryption%A 'n$erstan$ compliance iss'es relate$ to sec'rity& especially for a

    p'blicly(tra$e$ or"ani:ationA mae recommen$ations to mana"ement for sec'rity policies an$

    proce$'resA $esi"n an$ r'n penetration testin" sim'lation of attacs%A eep abreast of new attac

    techni9'es an$ implement means of preventin" these.

    Salary range3 B I!([email protected]

    !. =pplications Developer

    =a =pplication Developer. +ypical responsibilities ? sills3 foc's mi"ht be on mi$$leware

    applicationsA interact with b'siness analysts to 'n$erstan$ an$ incorporate c'stomer an$ b'siness

    re9'irementsA 'n$erstan$ the SD7) System Development 7ife )ycle%A follow $esi"n specs an$

    pro"rammin" stan$ar$s for co$in" applicationsA $evelop an$ test application(specific software

    an$ mo$'lesA interact with 9'ality ass'rance specialists. 1ossibly re9'ires e-perience with m'lti(

    tier environments.

  • 7/26/2019 The 50 Highest Paying Jobs in Computer Science


    Salary range3 B I([email protected]

    !8. +echnical S'pport

    =a 5elp Des +echnicians. +he foc's of a s'pport techs wor is interactin" with non(*+ 'sers&

    whether internal to a company or e-ternal. /ne "ro'p of technicians may s'pport internal 'sers

    of @r$(party software& while another "ro'p may s'pport internal an$ e-ternal 'sers of company


  • 7/26/2019 The 50 Highest Paying Jobs in Computer Science


    +his is a "eneral technical mana"er role an$ in some or"ani:ations& this title can incorporate

    other mana"erial $'ties incl'$in" overseein" networs& mana"in" networ en"ineers& $atabases&

    $atabase analysts an$ $evelopers an$ more. +ypical responsibilities ? sills3 mana"e help $es?

    technical s'pport teams for both internal an$ e-ternal 'sersA b'$"et for s'pport staff e9'ipment

    an$ softwareA be involve$ in corporate plans for har$ware an$ software 'p"ra$esA $efine service

    call proce$'res an$ policies an$ monitor employee behavior on callsA ens're the 'p$atin" of

    relevant $oc'mentation. +he role 's'ally re9'ires in$'stry(relate$ technical e-perience an$ can

    re9'ire physical effort.

    Salary range3 B GI(!4!C

    !,. *nformation +echnolo"y 6ana"er

    +his role 's'ally re9'ires a technical bac"ro'n$ an$ lea$s a technical team& which co'l$ consist

    of $evelopers& testers& analysts an$ more E whether or not the or"ani:ation is technical. +ypical

    responsibilities ? sills3 oversee the technical aspects of internal projectsA maintain corporate *+

    proce$'res& with $oc'mentationA hire an$ lea$ a technical team to s'pport the proce$'resA

    mana"e reso'rces within a b'$"etA eep 'p to $ate with new technolo"ies& for recommen$in"

    possible internal 'p"ra$esA interact with vario's $epartments& ven$ors an$ possibly cons'ltants

    ?contractors. +he role can re9'ire a masters $e"ree in comp'ter science or a relate$ fiel$.

    Salary range3 B (!42C

    !4. ;'siness *ntelli"ence =nalyst

  • 7/26/2019 The 50 Highest Paying Jobs in Computer Science


    +his is not always a p'rely technical role& tho'"h bac"ro'n$ co'l$ be an$ often is in comp'ter

    science or a similar fiel$. Fs'ally& its a b'siness(foc'se$ role that analy:es an$ reports on $ata

    'se$ within the or"ani:ation.

  • 7/26/2019 The 50 Highest Paying Jobs in Computer Science


    !2. *nformation +echnolo"y ='$itor

    =a *+ ='$itor& *nformation Systems ='$itor. +ypical responsibilities ? sills3 reviewin" an$

    recommen$in" compliance processes& especially for a p'blicly(tra$e$ companyA $etermine an$

    assess ris pertainin" to technolo"y& both for a sin"le location an$ other corporate officesA a'$it

    an or"ani:ations comp'ter systems an$ infrastr'ct're for sec'renessA comply with company

    a'$it policies e.".& if in a $ivisional office%A $raft a sec'rity breech prevention planA $efine a'$it

    proce$'resA report a'$it fin$in"s. +his role is more liely to re9'ire a bac"ro'n$ in 6*S

    6ana"ement *nformation Science% or b'siness a$ministration& altho'"h *+ sills are val'able.Salary range3 B IG(!4IC

    !!. L'ality =ss'rance =ssociate ? =nalyst

    Software L'ality =ss'rance SL=% wor is on of those 'n's'al sets of roles where compensation

    varies wi$ely. )ompanies that appreciate the val'e of proper testin" an$ co$e covera"e pay

    more for a "oo$ Software L= =nalyst? n"ineer than they mi"ht for a Software Developer ?

    Software n"ineer& an$ th's often re9'ire a seasone$ $eveloper? en"ineer. /ther companies pay

    less m'ch less an$ ten$ to employe L= testers > altho'"h both variations are sometimes

    referre$ to as a Software L= n"ineer. *n L= wor& these are overlappin" roles. +he tester role is

    foc'se$ on r'nnin" pre($efine$ test s'ites an$ verifyin" the res'lts& reportin" b'"s or interactin"

    with Software Developers? n"ineers. = L= =nalyst ? n"ineer is more lie to be the person

    $esi"nin" test s'ites an$ improvin" co$e covera"e to verify that everythin" that nee$s to be

    teste$ is bein" teste$. +he latter role can re9'ire e-perience with pro"rammin"? scriptin"

    lan"'a"es an$?or Web or 6obile platforms.

    Salary range3 B ,G(!4GC

    !. Database 6ana"er

  • 7/26/2019 The 50 Highest Paying Jobs in Computer Science


    =a D;= 6ana"erA has a role that overlaps with other $atabase specialists. +ypical

    responsibilities ? sills3 oversee how $ata assets are mana"e$ within a company& incl'$in" $ata

    or"ani:ation an$ access3 internally("enerate$ private an$ p'blic $ata& as well as e-ternally(

    create$ 'ser% private an$ p'blic $ataA $ata mo$elin"A $atabase $esi"nA $efine an$ ens're $ata

    bac'p processesA monitor an$ analy:e $atabase performanceA tro'bleshoot $ata inte"rity iss'esA

    mana"e a team of other $atabase specialists& incl'$in" Database =$ministrators. +he role may

    re9'ire an 'n$erstan$in" of one or more tra$itional D;6Ses or the newer technolo"ies& as


    Salary range3 B !G(!4C

    . FM Desi"ner

    =a Fser -perience Desi"ner. +his role comes in vario's forms3 $estop& Web& mobile&

    wearables. +ypical responsibilities ? sills3 $esi"n software interface flow& 'ser interactions&

    screen layo't an$ or"ani:ation& screen interaction between screens%& overall appearance vis'al

    $esi"n%& an$ optimi:es the 'ser e-perience > typically thro'"h iterative improvements an$ 'ser

    fee$bac& to create en"a"in" 'ser e-periencesA create wireframes or more realistic prototypes >

    possibly with the help of front(en$ web $evelopers or a web $esi"ner with the necessary

    $evelopment sillsA recommen$ $esi"n patterns that are both teste$ on other Web sites or apps

    or $estop software% as well as appropriate to the software at han$A $efine =?; Split +estin"

    st'$ies to $etermine which variation of an interface is more en"a"in". *n some companies& FM

    teams own an application instea$ of a $esi"nate$ content owner an$ can th's re9'est chan"esfrom software $evelopers $irectly as nee$e$. +his is not necessarily a strictly technical role& an$

    is always a creative role that involves an 'n$erstan$in" of 'ser psycholo"y. 5owever& it can

    re9'ire technical sills& especially if combine$ with another role& s'ch as front(en$ Web

    $evelopment or front(en$ mobile app $evelopment. =t the least& an 'n$erstan$in" what is an$ is

    not possible for a partic'lar software platform is important.

    Salary range3 B I,(!,C

  • 7/26/2019 The 50 Highest Paying Jobs in Computer Science


    8. 6ana"er& Software L'ality =ss'rance L=% ? +estin"

    =a L'ality =ss'rance 6ana"er& S%L= 6ana"er. +ypical responsibilities ? sills3 oversee all *+(

    relate$ 9'ality ass'rance efforts within an or"ani:ation > e.".& the entire application portfolioA

    mana"e a team of L= specialists testers& L= analysts& lea$s& s'pervisors%A interact with

    staehol$ersA atten$ hi"h(level project meetin"s for new? 'p$ate$ comp'ter systemsA b'$"et

    reso'rces for inter($epartmental efforts. Whether or not a L= 6ana"er co$es in their role& this

    position ten$s to re9'ire senior(level L= analyst e-perience.

    Salary range3 B IG(!,C

    G. Data =rchitect

    Depen$in" on the si:e of an or"ani:ation& this role can overlap with that of over $atabase

    specialists. +ypical responsibilities ? sills3 provi$e a $ata architect're for an or"ani:ations $ata

    assets& incl'$in" $atabases& $ata inte"ration combinin" $ata so'rces into one view%& $ata accessA

    $efine the formal $ata $escription& str'ct'res& mo$els& flow $ia"rams& an$ overall meta$ataA

    enable staehol$ers to mana"e their portion of the $atabases or $ata wareho'se& 'n$er "'i$ance

    an$ $ata access policiesA have lo"ical an$ physical $ata mo$elin" sills& whether theyre 'se$ in

    act'ality or to oversee a Data 6o$elers effortsA $efines $ata wareho'se policies incl'$in" for

    *nformation =ss'rance. +he role 's'ally re9'ires senior e-perience as a Database Developer?

    =nalyst ? n"ineer.Salary range3 B !!!(!,@C

    I. 6ana"er& Data Wareho'se

  • 7/26/2019 The 50 Highest Paying Jobs in Computer Science


    =a& Data Wareho'se 6ana"er. +ypical responsibilities? sills3 collect an$ analy:e b'siness $ata

    from e-ternal an$ internal so'rcesA interact with staehol$ers to 'n$erstan$ an$ incorporate

    b'siness re9'irementsA $atabase mo$elin"& b'siness intelli"ence sills& $ata minin"& $ata

    analysis& reportin"A oversee $ata wareho'se inte"rityA oversee benchmarin" of performanceA

    mana"e a team of Data Wareho'se Developer ? =nalysts.

    Salary range3 B !!,(!,4C

    ,. etwor =rchitect

    =a )omp'ter etwor =rchitect. Depen$in" on the si:e of an or"ani:ation& this role canoverlap with that of other networ specialists. +ypical responsibilities ? sills3 $esi"n internal an$

    intra(office networs& incl'$in" physical layo't3 7=& W=& *nternet& 0o*1& etc.A monitor

    networ 'sa"e an$ performance& $evise networ tests an$ eval'ate themA incorporate any new

    b'siness re9'irements so as to 'p"ra$e overal networ architect'reA $o any necessary cablin"&

    ro'ters& an$ install an$ confi"'re har$ware an$ softwareA follow or recommen$ a b'$"et for

    projectsA choose or recommen$ the appropriate networ componentsA sometimes report to a )+/

    )hief +echnolo"y /fficer%. etwor =rchitects 's'ally have five or more years of e-perience as

    a etwor n"ineer& an$ s'pervise vario's other en"ineers in implement a networin" plan.

    ;esi$es a ;achelor of Science $e"ree& $epen$in" on the employer an$ the specific role&

    sometimes an 6;= in *nformation Systems is re9'ire$ as well.Salary range3 B G8(!,IC

    4. Software n"ineer

  • 7/26/2019 The 50 Highest Paying Jobs in Computer Science


    =a )omp'ter Software n"ineer. *n "overnment positions an$ some more establishe$

    corporations& Software n"ineer an$ other *+ positions are often $ivi$e$ into 7evels in$icatin"

    e-perience ? ran. ach hi"her ran incorporates more responsibilities for the role. While there is

    a theoretical technical $ifference between a Software Developer an$ a Software n"ineer& many

    or"ani:ations 'se the term n"ineer when they mean Developer. +r'e software en"ineers are

    certifie$ by an en"ineerin" boar$. While a Software n"ineer creates? tests? $oc'ments software

    j'st as a Software Developer $oes& the former is more liely to also optimi:e software base$ on

    their technical& mathematical an$?or scientific nowle$"e. +hey pro$'ce more reliable software

    thro'"h en"ineerin" principles. +he salary ran"e liste$ here covers any 'se of the title Software


    Salary range3 B I!(!IC

    @. 6ana"er& *nformation Systems Sec'rity

    =n *nformation Systems Sec'rity 6ana"er oversees the sec'rity of company an$ c'stomer $ata

    an$ comp'ter systems in "eneral. +ypical responsibilities ? sills3 oversee all *+ sec'rity nee$s

    for an or"ani:ationA $etermine sec'rity re9'irementsA $oc'ment sec'rity policiesA implement

    sec'rity sol'tionsA mana"e a team of information sec'rity specialists. +his role ten$s to re9'ire

    e-perience with comp'ter or information science or a relate$ fiel$& e-perience with specific

    comp'ter systems sec'rity software& an$ may re9'ire one or more certifications.

    Salary range3 B !!,(!IC

    2. 6ana"er& =pplications Development

  • 7/26/2019 The 50 Highest Paying Jobs in Computer Science


    *ma"e so'rce

    =a =pplications% Development 6ana"er. +ypical responsibilities ? sills3 oversees an

    or"ani:ations internally(create$ software applications an$ platformsA "ather application

    re9'irementsA interface with 01 +ech& maretin"& project mana"ers& mana"ers of other teamsA

    mana"e software analysts an$?or $evelopers for an or"ani:ations application portfolioA monitor

    timelines an$ reso'rcesA sche$'le projects where necessary. +his role often re9'ires senior(level

    e-perience with $evelopin" applications an$ may re9'ire e-perience with $atabase $esi"n.

    Salary range3 B 8I(!I2C

    !. =pplications =rchitect

    =a =pplication =rchitect. +his title is sometimes mis'se$ an$ applie$ to what wo'l$ otherwise

    be a software $eveloper or software en"ineer position. +ypical responsibilities? sills3 broa$

    nowle$"e of software 'se$ within an or"ani:ationA project mana"ement e-perienceA senior(level

    software $evelopment e-perienceA broa$ly oversee the entire software $evelopment application

    portfolio% effort for an or"ani:ationA $efine application architect'reA interact with the vario's

    role(specific architects& project mana"er& c'stomer representativesA interact with $evelopers

    while enforcin" architect're. +his mi"ht re9'ire e-perience with specific pro"rammin"

    lan"'a"es an$ software $evelopment framewors.

    Salary range3 B II([email protected]