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The Avengers

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The Avengers

First scene

The scene shows us who wrote the script and a part of an outfit. The name is played over generic music from the avengers, suggesting that although this person was important to the script, he isn’t necessarily part of the movie. It also shows us, a part from one of the heroes outfits. This is meant to tease the audience as they try and figure out who it belongs to. The metal shape is red while the surroundings are black and grey, suggesting that this character is pure in a world or curuption.

Second scene

As the music builds, more of one characters outfit emerges. Since this is the first part were we know who the character is (Captain America), he can think that this character could play a big role as he is the first to come out and tied in with a lift in the music. Again producers are just played along side, so we don’t have to think that they were important to the film. The helmet is scratched on the top of the head, meaning the character is battle hardened and can do the right thing and think under pressure.

Third scene

As the music dies down again, we see a big piece of yet another out fit. We can’t tell who it belongs to but we know that it belongs to someone who is good and pure. We know this because his outfit is bright and shiny compared to the other outfits so far and the surrounding of the clothes. Same goes for the peoples names.

Fourth scene

This is the first time we see the suit, and because we see it like this, we can see that it is heavily damaged meaning there could be a lot of fighting in this film, or this character could be in trouble. The shot happens just before the music builds up. Once again we know that this is for the a main character because the suit is surrounded in lights while everything else has been in darkness.

Fifth scene

This shows us the name of the actor, we know he is the actor because unlike all of the other names, his is just his name and it is next to the head of the suit. This can then be used to link that this actor will be playing this role and that he is quite important. The music also went quite dramatic when telling us the name of this character, meaning that the character like to have big openings when they arrive. Up close we can see how much the suit is damaged and we can think that this character could be in a lot of fights with enemies of friends.

Sixth scene

The character’s name comes into focus at the same time as cymbals play in the music. We can tell that this is captain America because of the same type of material it is made out of. The placement of this character in sequence right after Iron man, could suggest that these two characters fall out and fight with each. The name is once again the name of the actor because of how it is shown and that it is placed next to the symbol for that character.

Seventh scene

Unlike the other scene this one shows us classes on a table. The classes are cracked suggesting something broke them and got out. They look quite smart so it suggests that the owner of the classes was quite intelligent and knew what he was doing. In the back we see what looks like ripped clothing so we can imagine that it belongs to the same person that has the classes. The name like the previous two is the actors name and it happens to loud music

Eighth scene

This scene is played with generic music and a blurred background. This means that although these characters might be in the film and have lines, they might not be as important as others. Meaning that we shouldn’t have to remember all of the names. The background is just another section of another heroes outfit.

Ninth scene

In this scene we see a name and who that person is playing. This tells us that this character is important to the film but we won’t get who the character is because there is nothing he is associated with. The shot is a mix of dark and light suggesting that the character is mysterious and holds back secrets from those who he are his enemies and friends. However the light also suggests that he can be trusted. The music also builds up again for this person showing that he is a important to the film.