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Are Phone Calls an Important Part of Your Business? Few companies could survive without the phone. They generate leads and close business over the phone. They grow accounts and support customers over the phone. It’s the backbone of their entire organization. Voice-based marketing automation is the technology that enables businesses to manage, measure, and automate sales and support calls. Marketers, salespeople, and support professionals use it to generate and track leads, close business faster, and provide better customer service. This guide is designed to introduce you to voice- based marketing automation. It will explain what voice-based marketing automation is and how businesses are using it to generate revenue, improve efficiency, and cut costs. It provides tips for selecting the right system and answers questions such as: • Why is voice-based marketing automation becoming so popular? • How is it different from traditional marketing automation? • What features make up a voice-based marketing automation system? • What value do businesses get from using voice- based marketing automation? Hopefully this guide will help you decide if voice- based marketing automation is a good fit for your business.




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    3 Introduction

    4 Section 1: What Is Voice-Based Marketing Automation?

    11 Industry Spotlight: Marketing Agencies

    12 Section 2: Trends Driving Voice-Based Marketing Automation

    15 Media Spotlight: Mobile Marketing

    16 Section 3: How Is Voice-Based Marketing Automation Different From

    20 Section 4: Voice-Based Marketing Automation Features

    41 Success Story: Sothebys

    42 Success Story: Go Configure7

    43 Section 5: Business Case for Voice-Based Marketing Automation

    52 Success Story: FundNET Systems

    53 Success Story: Pel Hughes

    54 Conclusion

  • Voice-based marketing automation is the

    technology that enables businesses to manage,

    measure, and automate sales and support

    calls. Marketers, salespeople, and support

    professionals use it to generate and track

    leads, close business faster, and provide better

    customer service.

    This guide is designed to introduce you to voice-

    based marketing automation. It will explain what

    voice-based marketing automation is and how

    businesses are using it to generate revenue, improve

    efficiency, and cut costs. It provides tips for selecting

    the right system and answers questions such as:

    Whyisvoice-basedmarketingautomationbecoming so popular?


    Whatfeaturesmakeupavoice-basedmarketingautomation system?

    Whatvaluedobusinessesgetfromusingvoice-based marketing automation?


    based marketing automation is a good fit for your


    Are Phone Calls an Important Part of Your Business?

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    Few companies could survive without the phone. They generate leads and close business over the phone. They grow accounts and support customers over the phone. Its the backbone of their entire organization.

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    SECTION 1:


  • To start, ask yourself a few questions.

    If you work in marketing, do you spend money on advertising to generate sales leads? Could be any

    type of ad: TV, radio, print, billboard, Google search,

    mobile, social mediaeven sky writing.

    If yes, is it valuable for you to know which ads drive

    calls to sales and which dont? Would it be helpful to

    reinvest only in strategies that work?

    And what about being able to tell which ads

    generated calls that turned into revenue?

    Would you benefit from being able to prove to execs

    or clients how your marketing is impacting their


    Now if you work in sales, do you or your reps spend time fielding calls from leads that arent

    interested in buying?

    Would your team be more effective if these calls were

    screened out so that only sales-ready leads were

    passed to reps?

    And would your team benefit if you could route calls

    to the right rep, no matter where they were?

    What about lead response time? Would being able to

    get hot web leads on the phone in seconds instead

    of days make it easier to close business?

    Could you increase sales if you had a system that

    called customers automatically to process reorders

    and confirm appointments?

    If you work in support, would your company benefit from a call center that didnt require

    expensive hardware to run or programmers to


    Would you be more efficient if your support staff

    could answer calls on any device from anywhere,

    even at home?

    Would your service levels improve if you had a

    system that could ask callers questions and provide

    answers before sending them to an agent?

    Would being able to record support calls help you

    train agents to provide better service?

    Would your customers appreciate receiving a brief

    phone survey to rate the service they received from

    your support team?


    If youre unsure if voice-based marketing automation can help your business, lets find out.

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, voice-based marketing automation may be for you.

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  • What: Voice-based marketing automation is a type of cloud-based software.

    How: It enables businesses to manage, measure, and automate sales and support calls.

    Why: So marketers, salespeople, and support professionals can generate and track leads, close business faster, and provide better customer service.

    Who: Voice-based marketing automation is used by companies of all sizes, from local businesses with less than 5 workers to Fortune 500 enterprises with large marketing, sales, and support teams. Early adopters were B2C organizations and marketing agencies, but today you will find businesses across all industries taking advantage of the technology.

    Voice-Based Marketing Automation Defined 6WHAT IS VOICE-BASED MARKETING AUTOMATION?

    Learn the what, how, why, and who of voice-based marketing automation.

    Voice-based marketing automation facilitates and automates many activities, including:

    Lead generationCall tracking & reportingCall scoring & filteringLead nurturingCall routing & recordingPhone surveysVoice broadcasts

    Without voice-based marketing automation, these activities are either impossible to do manually or require a significant investment in time and employee resources.

    If sales calls with prospects and voice conversations with customers are important to your business, you may benefit from voice-based marketing automation.

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  • Lead Generation





    Lead Tracking



    API Integration



    Lead Nurturing




    Call Scoring






    Virtual Call Center







    Upselling & Cross-Selling





    CRM Integration



    Virtual Call Center












    Help Desk Integration



    Voice-Based Marketing Automation Features7WHAT IS VOICE-BASED MARKETING AUTOMATION?

    One platform to better connect and align marketing, sales, and support.


    Pass qualified phone leads to


    Monitor how leads progress through sales


    Better retain customers

    with first-rate support

    Share customer interaction

    data to improve upselling and cross-selling

    Connect and align marketing programs, sales efforts, and customer support services with shared call data and call automation functionality.

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  • Prove (and Improve) Marketing ROI with Call Tracking

    Using voice-based marketing automation, you can

    track inbound calls back to their marketing source.

    You can attribute phone leads (and the pipeline and

    revenue they generate) to specific ads, campaigns,

    keyword searches, referring web sites, or any

    other marketing source. This means you can prove

    conclusively to your execs or clients exactly how you

    are impacting the business. Plus you can use call

    tracking data to pinpoint which activities are working

    and which arent and make improvements.

    Generate More Phone Leads (and Revenue)

    By reinvesting only in marketing that generates leads

    and revenue, you can grow your business without

    increasing your spend. Its a great benefit of call

    tracking. Plus voice-based marketing automation

    also provides tools like automated phone surveys,

    voice broadcasts, SMS texts, and web form call

    triggering to drive additional leads.

    Increase Efficiency by Filtering Sales and Support Calls

    Voice-based marketing automation makes it easy to

    filter sales and support calls automatically using an

    IVR. For sales, IVRs can qualify callers upfront and

    determine if they are truly ready to engage with a

    rep. Now reps dont have to waste time answering

    calls that arent sales-ready. Instead theyre free to

    focus on closing business. For support, it means that

    customers have access to an auto-attendant 24/7

    that can answer basic questions and enable self-

    service. Your business saves on personnel costs,

    and callers with complex issues wont have to wait

    as long for a live agent.

    What Voice-Based Marketing Automation Does for You8WHAT IS VOICE-BASED MARKETING AUTOMATION?

    How does voice-based marketing automation enable businesses to generate more leads and revenue, cut costs, and improve operational efficiencies? Here are some of the ways.

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  • Cut Costs with a Virtual Call Center

    Voice-based marketing automation makes it easy

    for businesses to cost-effectively deploy a virtual

    call center for sales and support teams. Theres

    no hardware to buy, no software to install, and no

    implementation or maintenance team to hire. Its

    extremely flexible, so your agents can work from

    home or an office location while still operating

    seamlessly as one team. Its also scalable, so you

    can easily accommodate extra agents during peak

    seasons. Plus you can even extend your hours of

    availability without paying overtime by employing

    agents in multiple time zones.

    Improve Customer Loyalty with Voice Broadcasts

    The best customer service isnt just reactive; it

    reaches out to customers proactively. Voice-based

    marketing automation enables you to deliver

    automated phone messages (voice broadcasts)

    to confirm appointments or deliveries, process

    payments, conduct satisfaction surveys, and more.

    Its also an effective way to relay vital information,

    such as changes to a customers account or travel

    itinerary. These services keep people up to date and

    make their lives easier, and that builds loyalty.

    Connect and Align Marketing, Sales, and Support

    You can see how voice-based marketing automation

    helps marketing, sales, and support individually. But

    by integrating with your CRM, help desk, and other

    systems, it also connects all three groups together

    and helps keep them aligned. Marketing can pass

    lead source data to sales when they get an inbound

    call, sales can pass lead lifecycle data back to

    marketing to optimize programs, support can access

    complete customers histories (including answers to

    phone surveys) and sales call recordings to improve

    service. All groups not only work better, but they

    work better together.

    What Voice-Based Marketing Automation Does for You9WHAT IS VOICE-BASED MARKETING AUTOMATION?

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  • Is Voice-Based Marketing Automation Right for You?10WHAT IS VOICE-BASED MARKETING AUTOMATION?

    Take this brief survey to see if youre ready to benefit from voice-based marketing automation.

    STATEMENT Strongly Disagree Neutral Strongly Agree

    My company uses the phone to close business and provide customer support.

    An important percentage of our customers required a phone conversation before purchasing.

    My company allocates an important percentage of our marketing budget to advertising.

    Our marketing team spends a significant amount of time on driving traffic to our web site using email, social media, and content marketing.

    Not every call that comes in is ready to make a purchase from sales. Some require nurturing.

    Our marketing team uses data to make decisions on programs.

    It would be difficult for our staff to call every lead and customer in our database in a timely fashion.

    Its important that we understand how our advertising is impacting sales.

    Our call center would benefit from having some agents work from home.

    Sometimes hot leads call in but cant reach a sales manager because they are travelling.

    Our sales team assigns leads based on the callers geographic location, company type, or product interest.

    Our marketing team has lead generation and revenue goals they must hit.

    If your total score adds up to mosre than 42, youre so ready for voice-based marketing automation!

    If you scored between 25 and 42, youre definitely in the neighborhood. You would benefit from learning more about voice-based marketing automation.

    If you scored less than 25, you might not be ready at this time. But perhaps as you read on it may change your mind!


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  • How Does Your Agency Drive Leads?

    Marketing agencies use a wide range of tactics to

    drive leads for clients. TV, radio, PPC, SEO, direct

    mail, social media, mobile, print, emailyou name it.

    And its critical that you can show your clients your

    true worth. That means being able to track every

    single lead you generate back to your marketing

    efforts. Its easy with web leads, but what about

    phone leads? Can you get credit for every inbound

    call you generate? Can you tell which Google paid

    search or SEO terms are driving leads?

    Get Credit (and Get Paid) for Every Lead

    Thats why agencies are adding voice-based

    marketing automation to their services. With voice-

    based marketing automation, you can track every

    inbound call you generate back to your specific

    marketing source and through to revenue. No

    longer can clients claim that a phone lead wasnt

    one of yours you have concrete proof. So you can

    get credit (and get paid) for every lead you generate,

    not matter how you generated it. Many agencies

    even sell call tracking as part of their offering to

    generate extra revenue. Its a win-win.

    More than Call Tracking

    And agencies are finding value in voice-based

    marketing automation beyond the benefits of call

    tracking. Many are using voice-based marketing

    automation to do things like:

    Deliverinteractivevoicebroadcastsforclientstogenerate leads and drive revenue.

    Captureleadsbyincentivizingthemtocallyouand take a custom IVR phone survey.

    QualifycallersautomaticallyusinganIVR,thenroute only the high-scoring ones to your clients.

    Useintelligentcallroutingtosendcallersfromyour campaigns to the right sales agent, or to the right store location, or to a custom voicemail box

    to hear a message and leave one of their own.

    To learn more about how marketing agencies are

    using voice-based marketing automation, you can

    visit the Ifbyphone web site and download the white

    paper Manage and Track Phone Leads with

    Voice-Based Marketing Automation for Direct




    Voice-based marketing automation helps marketing agencies prove their value to clients.

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  • SECTION 2:


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  • Trend #1: Marketers Now Focus on Growing Revenue

    Gone are the days when marketing could focus

    solely on building brand equity. Todays CEOs

    arent concerned with building brand; they

    care about revenue. They want marketers to

    demonstrate how campaigns will help generate

    business, not brand awareness. Marketers must

    now go beyond metrics that simply show opens

    and clicks by measuring leads, opportunities,

    pipeline, and earnings. To do so, they must be

    able to accurately measure the full business

    impact of their campaigns and that includes

    inbound phone leads. Tools like voice-based

    marketing automation now play an important

    role in measuring marketing ROI.

    Trend #2: The Importance of Phone Leads

    Not all leads are created equal. While white

    paper downloads and webinar registrations

    are excellent vehicles for generating leads,

    those prospects are often just beginning their

    research. Inbound phone leads are different.

    Someone who calls you is usually further

    along the buying process. They have specific

    questions they need answered in order to make

    their decision and need to engage with a sales

    rep (and usually wont purchase without that

    conversation). The high value of phone leads

    makes technology for generating and tracking

    them very attractive.

    Why Has Voice-Based Marketing Automation Become Popular?13TRENDS DRIVING VOICE-BASED MARKETING AUTOMATION

    A number of trends have made voice-based marketing automation an attractive solution for businesses.

    Why Are Phone Calls so Important in Sales?

    77% of online adults say they would be interested in getting help from a real person before making certain online purchases.

    82% say there have been times when they have not been able to get help from a real person.

    58% have a question that cannot be answered by information on the web site.

    52% of those who have not always been able to get the help they needed from a real person say it has affected their decision to not purchase the product.

    Source: IMShopping and Harris Interactive Survey, August 2009

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  • Trend #3: The Popularity of Smartphones

    There were over a billion smartphone users in

    2012, and that number is expected to double

    in the next three years. In the U.S. alone over

    135 million people have smartphones, and

    that figure is expected to grow 40% to reach

    192 million by 2016. The rising popularity of

    smartphones has changed the way businesses

    market and advertise. Because smartphone

    users would rather call a business than fill

    out a web form, mobile marketing strategies

    are focusing on how to generate, track, and

    manage inbound calls. Voice-based marketing

    automation has technology that is perfectly

    suited to assist.

    Trend #4: The Benefits of Moving Software to the Cloud

    The software as a service (SaaS) or cloud

    delivery model has changed the way businesses

    purchase software. It is very easy for marketing

    departments to purchase cloud-based software

    like voice-based marketing automation and

    get it up and running. First, it doesnt require

    IT support to deploy and maintain. Second,

    because SaaS software is licensed as a

    subscription with no hardware to purchase, it is

    not a capital investment. Marketing departments

    can therefore charge it to their discretionary

    operating budget, like they would a tradeshow

    or print ad. By making voice-based marketing

    automation both easily available and affordable

    to marketers, the SaaS model eliminated the

    largest impediments to adoption.

    Why Has Voice-Based Marketing Automation Become Popular?14TRENDS DRIVING VOICE-BASED MARKETING AUTOMATION

    A number of trends have made voice-based marketing automation an attractive solution for businesses.

    Projected U.S. Smartphone Adoption 2010: 62.2 million users (20.2% of population) 2011: 93.1 million users (29.7%) 2012: 115.8 million users (36.6%) 2013: 137.5 million users (43.1%) 2014: 157.7 million users (48.9%) 2015: 176.3 million users (54.2%) 2016: 192.4 million users (58.5%)

    Source: eMarketer report, May 2012

    2012 U.S. Smartphone Penetration by Age

    18-23 years old: 64% have a smartphone 24-32 years old: 72% have a smartphone 33-46 years old: 61% have a smartphone 47-56 years old: 39% have a smartphone 57-67 years old: 28% have a smartphone 68-88 years old: 16% have a smartphone

    Source: Forrester report, May 2012

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  • Why You Should Consider Mobile Marketing

    These days, it seems like everyone

    has a smartphone. People spend a

    significant amount of time each day

    on their mobile devices, and that

    includes time searching for and calling

    businesses. If you arent making it easy

    for them to find and call you and if

    you arent advertising your business on

    mobile you are missing a potentially

    lucrative marketing opportunity.

    How Mobile Differs from Other Marketing

    If you decide to build a mobile

    marketing strategy, keep this in

    mind: When people are searching for

    businesses on their smartphones,

    they often prefer to call the company

    rather than fill out a web form. Its

    easier and more natural. And its also

    great news for marketers inbound

    calls are usually more valuable to sales

    managers than web downloads. So

    as you devise your mobile marketing

    strategy, be sure to focus on driving

    phone leads.

    Some Tips for Driving Phone Leads from Mobile Marketing

    Haveamobile-friendlyversionofyour web site with a clickable phone number(amobileclick-to-calllink) prominently displayed. When clicked, it will automatically trigger a call to your business from that smartphone.

    TestoutdifferentGooglemobilepaid search ads. Include a clickable phone number for people to call your business straight from the ad. Be sure the mobile landing page for each ad also displays a clickable number prominently.

    Testoutafewbanneradswithacall to action of Tap to Call. You can run these with display networks targeting mobile sites and mobile apps.

    Besureallyouremailsaremobile-friendly. Chances are a good percentage of your audience is reading your email on their smartphones. Include a clickable phone number prominently in each one.

    Some Ways Voice-Based Marketing Automation Can Help

    InserttrackablephonenumbersinyourGooglemobilepaidsearchads.Whether a lead calls you from the ad or from your landing page, you can track the call back to the originating ad source.

    Determinewhichmobilebannerads are either generating immediate phone calls (if the call to action is Tap to Call) or driving visitors to your mobile site who ultimately call you.

    DeliverSMStextmessageblaststo smartphone users. Include a clickable (and trackable) phone number in the messages to drive inbound calls.

    SendcallerstoanIVRtobeinitiallyqualified before going to sales. Or send them to a store locator to be routed automatically to the nearest store location.

    Recordsalescallstorefineyourmarketing messages by hearing how prospects describe their pains and needs.



    Voice-based marketing automation helps business get the most value from their mobile marketing.

    To learn more about how voice-based marketing automation improves mobile marketing, you can visit the Ifbyphone web site and download the white paper

    Marketing to Smartphone Users:

    New Mobile Strategies for Driving

    Sales Calls.

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  • SECTION 3:


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    How does voice-based marketing automation differ from traditional marketing automation tools? If you already have a marketing automation tool, why would you need a voice-based marketing automation solution?

    Activity Traditional Marketing Automation

    Voice-Based Marketing Automation

    Lead Generation Uses emails and web forms to generate web leads Uses voice broadcasts, phone surveys, and SMS

    texts to generate phone leads

    Lead Tracking Tracks email success, web downloads, and web site activity

    Tracks voice broadcast success and inbound phone leads

    Lead Scoring Uses web forms to score web leads Uses inbound IVR to score phone leads

    Priority Lead Alerts Sends sales an email when high-scoring web leads come in

    Calls the right sales rep immediately when high-scoring web leads come in and then calls the lead to connect the two in conversation

    Lead Routing Routes web leads to sales Routes phone leads to sales

    Lead Nurturing Uses emails to nurture leads Uses voice broadcasts, phone surveys, and SMS texts to nurture leads

    Lead Reporting Generates real-time reports on web leads Generates real-time reports on phone leads

    CRM Integration Shares data with CRM tools like Shares data with CRM tools like


    value from traditional marketing automation. When

    implemented and used correctly, these tools like Marketo,

    Eloqua, and HubSpot enable marketing teams to:




    But while traditional marketing automation tools can

    track leads from web forms, they simply dont work if

    a lead picks up the phone and calls you. Your web site,

    emails, and advertisements could be driving high-quality

    sales calls, but how would you know? These phone

    leads wont show up in traditional marketing automation


    Thats where voice-based marketing automation

    comes in. Using voice-based marketing automation to

    complement your traditional marketing automation tool,

    you can create closed-loop marketing where every lead

    is captured, responded to properly, scored, nurtured, and

    tracked through the sales process. You get a complete

    understanding of which campaigns are working and how

    they are impacting pipeline and revenue.

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    Some vendors only offer call tracking capability. How is that different than voice-based marketing automation?

    Activity Call Tracking Only Voice-Based Marketing AutomationBasic Call Tracking Get unique phone numbers for use in your

    adsGet unique phone numbers for use in your ads

    Advanced Call Tracking -- Dynamically generate phone numbers to track calls back to SEO keywords, Google paid search ads, social media, and other sites

    Phone Lead Reporting Generate basic reports on call quantity for each unique number

    Generate basic reports plus advanced reports on call quality, which cities callers called from, which call sources are driving revenue, and much more

    Lead Generation -- Generate phone leads with voice broadcasts, phone surveys, and SMS texts

    Lead Scoring -- Automatically qualify and filter callers so only sales-ready leads get sent to sales

    Lead Routing -- Route sales-ready callers to the best rep no matter where they are

    Appointment and Delivery Confirmation

    -- Cut costs and improve customer service by using voice broadcasts to confirm appointments and deliveries

    Reorder Notification and Processing

    -- Send phone messages that prompt customers to order more products and process payment over the phone

    Store Locator -- Route calls to the nearest store location

    Phone Surveys -- Automatically deliver phone surveys to measure customer feedback on your marketing and customer service

    Call Recording -- Gather invaluable marketing data and improve customer service by recording your sales and support calls

    Some vendors only offer ad hoc call tracking capabilities without all the other abilities you get with voice-based marketing automation. And while call tracking is an important part of voice-based marketing automation, using it in a silo robs you of the value of integrating it with the other lead generation, scoring, routing, and nurturing tools.

    Voice-based marketing automation delivers all the benefits of call tracking along with integrated capabilities that you would otherwise have to cobble together using different standalone technologies. This can be a problem for marketing teams trying to reduce complexity and streamline operations.

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    Some IVR and call center solutions are on-premise, which means they require hardware to be installed at your office. How does that differ from the hosted IVR and virtual call center options in voice-based marketing automation?

    Activity On-Premise Solutions Voice-Based Marketing AutomationHardware Installed at your office No special hardware to install

    Cost to Deploy Expensive Inexpensive pay for what you useTime to Deploy Weeks or months HoursDifficulty of Updating Very requires programmers None updates are installed automaticallyFlexibility Improvements can take weeks and

    require extensive codingImprovements can be made on the fly by anyone

    Supports Work-from-Home Agents

    No Yes

    Works with Any Phone No Yes, including landlines, mobile, softphones, and even Skype

    Traditionally, IVR (interactive voice response) and call center solutions were all hosted on-premise. A business would have to purchase the equipment, deploy it at their own office, and maintain it throughout its lifecycle. That normally meant high setup, maintenance, and hardware costs, as well as lengthy deployment and update times. You would need to hire programmers skilled in IVR development and maintenance to keep things running and make improvements.

    Voice-based marketing automation changed all that. Because it is a cloud-based solution, you dont need to purchase and install expensive hardware. In fact, you dont need any programmer assistance at all. Your IVR and call center can be up and running in minutes, and changes can be made on the fly by marketing, sales, and support personnel without any technical background.

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  • SECTION 4:


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    Voice-based marketing automation provides a wide range of functionality, including call tracking and reporting, hosted IVR, voice broadcasting, advanced call routing, virtual call centers, custom call forwarding, agent panels and manager dashboards, web form call triggering, SMS messaging, and CRM integration, Zendesk and help desk integration, API integration, analytics, and more.

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  • Whether you do marketing for your company or

    generate leads for clients, you know how important

    it is to track every lead back to its source. Not just to

    understand whats working, but also to get credit for

    every lead you generate. Most marketers can do this

    for web leads, but struggle when it comes to tracking

    the source of inbound sales calls. And phone calls

    are often the most valuable lead type.

    Using voice-based marketing automation, you can

    create closed-loop marketing where every phone

    lead is captured and tracked back to its source:

    your work. You no longer have to guess which

    campaigns are really driving sales calls and you

    no longer have to bicker with sales or with clients

    about which phone leads you brought in. Instead,

    you get a complete, detailed understanding of which

    campaigns are generating phone leads and how

    those leads are impacting pipeline and revenue.

    Track Calls from TV, Radio, Mobile, Billboards, Print, Direct Mail, and Other Advertising

    Voice-based marketing automation makes it easy to

    attribute phone leads (and the pipeline and revenue

    they generate) to specific marketing ads. Heres

    how it works: the solution lets you insert unique

    trackable phone numbers (local, toll-free, or vanity)

    in your marketing material. When someone calls that

    number, the solution knows exactly what source

    theyre calling from. Whats more, if instead of calling

    you right away, the lead first visits your site and and

    then calls you after browsing around, the solution will

    attribute that call to the source that originally sent

    them there. You will still get credit for the lead.


    Track inbound calls back to their specific marketing source to prove and improve marketing ROI.

    Call tracking is the critical next evolution of measurement. It gives businesses a better understanding of the overall attribution model, enabling marketers to truly understand where leads originate and budget accordingly.

    - Brad Henry, Beacon Technologies

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    Track Calls from SEO, PPC ads, Social Media, and Referring Web Sites

    Voice-based marketing automation can also track phone leads back to

    specific keyword searches, pay-per-click ads, social media sites, or referring

    web domains. It will automatically display a unique phone number on your

    site based on where each visitor came from. If a visitor calls the number,

    voice-based marketing automation will attribute the call to the proper source.

    Imagine being able to understand what Google paid search ads generated

    the most phone leads and revenue, for example. Its easy with voice-based

    marketing automation.

    To learn more about the benefits of call tracking, visit the Ifbyphone web site

    and download the white paper Tracking Phone Leads: The Missing Piece

    of Marketing Automation.

    Inbound phone calls are considered by many marketers to be the most valuable lead type (data taken from 2013 Ifbyphone survey)

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    Build your own IVRs in minutes to route calls, qualify callers, process payments, and survey customers no programmers needed.

    IVR stands for interactive voice response. Its an automated phone menu

    that recognizes human interaction, either by telephone keypad or by

    speech recognition. Voice-based marketing automation enables marketers,

    salespeople, and support professionals to build and modify their own IVRs in

    minutes without having to hire a programmer.

    Use an Inbound IVR as Your Auto-Attendant

    Build your own IVR to answer incoming calls with professionally recorded

    greetings and route callers using interactive phone menus. Auto-attendants

    can replace live receptionists, helping your business cut costs and increase

    efficiency by automating routine business functions, like providing account

    balances or relaying business hours. Auto-attendants are also available 24/7,

    giving your customer around-the-clock service. You can make changes to

    your auto-attendant anytime in minutes without any technical expertise.

    Process Orders and Payments without a Live Operator

    PCI-compliant IVRs can also be used to automate order processing and

    payments securely without a live operator. For inbound callers, the IVR can

    answer the call, collect caller information, process the purchase or payment

    via credit card, and provide customers with additional order information. And

    if you sell products that require reordering, automating the reminder process

    with an outbound IVR can be a real cost-saver. The IVR automates an

    otherwise manual process, taking the customers order and inputting it directly

    into your CRM. If the call goes to voicemail, the IVR can leave a customized

    message or put the number back in the queue to call later.


    2013 Ifbyphone, Inc. | (855) 290-4190 | | |

  • Automatically Qualify Phone Leads before Passing to Sales

    Depending on the nature of your marketing

    campaigns, not every inbound call you generate will

    be ready to engage with a sales rep. Many might

    not be. And you dont want to waste a sales reps

    time by having them field incoming calls from leads

    that arent sales-ready. Voice-based marketing

    automation makes it easy to filter your inbound calls

    automatically using an IVR. The IVR can answer calls

    and ask callers the questions you determine work

    best to qualify them. Leads that score high enough

    are passed from the IVR directly to sales for an

    immediate conversation. Others can hear a custom

    marketing message, be given the option of leaving a

    voicemail for sales, or even be sent to a second IVR.

    Transfer Callers to the Closest Store Location

    Does your business have multiple locations

    or franchises? Using voice-based marketing

    automation, you can advertise one phone number for

    your franchise and route calls to the nearest location

    based on area code or zip code.

    Conduct Phone Surveys for Lead Generation and Customer Service

    For marketers, phone surveys are an excellent

    way to capture leads. You can create campaigns

    that drive people to take your phone survey for the

    chance to win a prize. You can also configure the

    survey to function as an ROI calculator or conduct a

    needs analysis, The survey will capture their contact

    information and give them the option of being

    transferred to a sales rep.

    For support professionals, phone surveys are an

    invaluable tool for measuring support effectiveness.

    Customers can be sent to a quick survey after

    speaking to a support agent, or you can have the IVR

    call them to take a survey right away or several days


    To learn more about how marketers are using IVR,

    you can visit the Ifbyphone web site and download

    the white paper IVR for B2B Marketing: New

    Strategies for Lead Generation, Scoring, and



    I am really so blown away by the response we got on the IVR today. This blows email marketing right out of the water, results wise. My head is spinning with different ways to test this technology for other clients. Im truly amazed.

    -Tresa N. Veitia, inktank LLC

    2013 Ifbyphone, Inc. | (855) 290-4190 | | |


    Generate leads, grow revenue, and improve customer service cost-effectively with personalized, interactive voice broadcasts.

    Voice broadcasts are a way to deliver prerecorded

    phone messages or IVRs to thousands of people

    at once. They can be a powerful business tool to

    automate phone calls for appointment reminders,

    delivery confirmations, event promotions, reorders,

    accounts receivable collection, phone surveys, and

    much more.

    Many businesses today use voice broadcasting as

    an effective alternative to email. People may receive

    a hundred or more emails in a day, and having your

    message stand out can be difficult. Voice broadcasts

    cut through the email clutter by calling your audience


    Voice-based marketing automation makes it easy

    for marketing, sales, and support to send out their


    simply use the cloud-based software to create your

    message or IVR, upload a spreadsheet with the phone

    numbers you wish to target, and let the system to do

    the rest. It also brings together a wealth of features to

    make voice broadcasting easier and more effective,


    Message personalization with text-to-speech: Personalizeyourvoicebroadcastsforeachrecipient by having the text-to-speech feature insert their name, company, account balance, or any other information you want into their message.

    Interaction with IVR: Use outbound IVR to add interactive functionality to your calls to collect information or tailor specific messages based on responses.

    Complete scheduling control: Get complete control over when to schedule broadcasts, how quickly to send out messages, and when to pause your voice broadcast campaigns.

    Live transfers: Give voice broadcast recipients the option to be transferred directly to a live agent to confirm or update an appointment, place an order, or any other activity.

    Voicemail detection:Customizeyourbroadcastswith two messages: one for when a live person answers the phone, and an alternative for when the call goes to voicemail.

    Credit card processing: Process credit card payments over the phone without the need of a live agent.

    Real-time reporting: Why wait to receive reports from an account manager? Access real-time broadcast reports on your voice broadcast campaigns online whenever you want.

    API integration: Integrate voice broadcasting with your companys software to trigger phone calls based on events in your database or to collect information and pass it back to your CRM system.

    2013 Ifbyphone, Inc. | (855) 290-4190 | | |

  • There is a wealth of ways businesses use voice

    broadcasting to cost-effectively generate leads, grow

    revenue, and improve customer service:

    Lead generation: Deliver your messaging straight to leads and enable them to register for an event, schedule a meeting with your business, connect directly with a live agent right away., and much more.

    Upselling and cross-selling: Grow revenue from your accounts by delivering upselling and cross-selling messages.

    Promotions and discounts: Keep your contact base aware of your latest promotions and sales.

    Reminders and confirmations: Remind customers and patients of upcoming appointments, confirm or reschedule important deliveries before you send out your crew, and much more.

    Reorders and collections: Proactively solicit and process customer reorders or due payments without the need of a live agent.

    Alerts: Ensure customers are always aware of important changes to their accounts and itineraries or advise employees or community members of big news or emergency warnings. Businesses also use alerts internally to notify employees at home or in the field of important information.

    Fundraising: Deliver your political, charity, or other fundraising messages to a large audience and process donations over the phone.

    Recalls: Keep customers in the loop on important product recalls.

    Phone surveys: Gather valuable data on your customer base or measure their satisfaction with

    your products, services, or support.

    To learn more about the benefits of voice

    broadcasting, you can visit the Ifbyphone web

    site and download the white paper New Ways to

    Integrate Intelligent Voice Broadcasting into Your

    Marketing and Sales Strategy.


    We have been able to reach out to customers quickly and efficiently by using Ifbyphone. This improved customer responsiveness has lead to increased business and marketing ROI.

    - Kevin P. Fitzgerald,

    2013 Ifbyphone, Inc. | (855) 290-4190 | | |


    Automatically route calls to the right person at the right time no matter where they are based on your business needs.

    Voice-based marketing automation has advanced call

    routing technology that enables your business to route


    can be easily set up and updated on the fly as needed.

    Some call routing options include:

    Route by schedule: Create custom routing basedonyourofficehours,thetimezonesofyourcustomers, weekends, holidays, and more.

    Route by agent: Want your best agents to receive the highest call volume? Ensure that your best performing sales reps or customer service reps receive the most calls by routing a certain percentage to specific agents.

    Route by geography: If your business has multiple locations in various geographical regions, set up incoming phone calls to be routed to the nearest location.Bydetectingtheareacodeorzipcodeof the caller, the call can be routed to the closest location.

    Route between multiple call centers: Set up multiple call centers and route call flow based on caller information, distribution schedules, and location.

    Route by number: Screen incoming calls and set up custom routing and queuing rules for specific phone numbers.

    Route by marketing source: Because voice-based marketing automation can tell which ad, marketing campaign, or other source a person is calling from, you can set up rules to route those calls to the best place based on that source. That place may be a particular agent, store location, IVR, voicemail box, call group, or other option you feel works best.

    Route based on IVR responses: Have callers answer qualifying questions and route them based on those responses.

    Reach Agents Anywhere on Any Phone


    by implementing conditional and selective call routing.

    Use this type of forwarding to route incoming calls

    to different types of phones (cell phone, work phone,

    home phone, Skype, etc.) and agents based on

    various schedules, including:

    Simultaneous ringing: Ring an agents home, work, and cell phone simultaneously to ensure that the call is answered, whether the agent is working from home or travelling.

    Specific ring order: Ring agent phones in a specific order, such as work phone first, cell phone second, home phone third, etc.

    Multi-agent ringing: Ring several agent phone numbers at the same time; the first agent who answers gets the call, even if they are working from home.

    Office schedule: Forward calls to various agents

    based on your office schedule.

    To learn more about the benefits of call routing for

    sales calls, you can visit the Ifbyphone web site and

    download the white paper How Sales Teams Use

    Integrated Virtual Call Centers to Close More


    Ifbyphone has enabled us to take control. We can now manage our complex routing needs along very specific parameters...And all the tools we use with Ifbyphone are hosted in one efficient platform. Our business and customer acquisition has increased now that we can track and respond to leadswe love this technology.

    -Greg Smith Equipment Sales

    2013 Ifbyphone, Inc. | (855) 290-4190 | | |


    Any sized business can rapidly deploy a flexible virtual call center for sales and support that cuts costs and improves operational efficiency.

    Voice-based marketing automation makes it easy for


    a virtual call center for sales and support teams and

    help desks. Theres no hardware to buy, no software

    to install, and no implementation or maintenance team

    to hire. You can set up an IVR auto-attendant and your

    custom call routing rules in minutes, and youre on

    your way.

    Its extremely flexible, so your agents can work from

    home or any office location using any phone while still

    operating seamlessly as one team. Its also scalable,

    so you can easily accommodate extra agents during

    peak seasons.

    Control Your Call Queuing Experience

    When callers are placed on hold, you want full

    control over their experience. Voice-based marketing

    automation lets you select the music or promotional

    messages they hear, the maximum amount of time

    theyll have to wait, the number of callers in your

    queue, and much more.

    You can also set up priority queuing to speed VIP

    customers to the front of the line.

    Integrate with Your CRM and Help Desk Systems

    Voice-based marketing automation integrates with

    CRM and held desk systems like

    and Zendesk. For sales leads, this means that every

    incoming call gets logged automatically in your CRM

    either as a new lead or as part of an existing record,

    along with data on the caller and the marketing

    source that lead them to call. For support calls, it

    means that every call gets automatically turned into


    your agents time and enabling them to serve more


    Record and Transcribe Calls to Improve Marketing, Sales, and Support

    Voice-based marketing automation can also record

    and transcribe every call for future review. Call

    recordings and transcription can provide a wealth

    of information from your leads and customers for

    marketing and sales to mine. What terminology do

    prospects use? How do they describe their pain

    points? What are the sticking points sales have

    to overcome? Use this knowledge to build more

    effective marketing campaigns and sales pitches.

    For support calls, you can also monitor the service

    levels of each agent to ensure your customers are

    getting first-class support.

    2013 Ifbyphone, Inc. | (855) 290-4190 | | |


    View Real-Time and Historical Call Reports

    Monitoring call center activity is easy using web-

    based real-time and historical reports. How many did

    each agent handle in a given time? How long did calls

    last? What was the average time a customer waited

    to speak with an agent? How many hours a day does

    each agent spend on incoming calls, outbound calls,

    and break? What time do agents first log in and last

    log out? All this data is at your fingertips.

    To learn more about the benefits of deploying a virtual

    call center, you can visit the Ifbyphone web site and

    download the white paper The Next Generation of

    Virtual Call Centers: Beyond the Cloud.

    Weve successfully eliminated our reliance on our physical call center by using Ifbyphone to dynamically route and record thousands of phone calls to staff working on their own schedule, with their own phone, from remote locations. The technology and cost savings has already helped us build a local presence in four new markets.

    - Steve Peris, AIM Attendance

    2013 Ifbyphone, Inc. | (855) 290-4190 | | |

  • About Ifbyphone

    Ifbyphone manages, measures, and automates voice

    conversations with your customers and prospects.

    These conversations cannot be managed using marketing

    automation or CRM software alone. Without Ifbyphones

    voice-based marketing automation platform, catching

    these interactions is like fishing with a hole in the bottom

    of your net leads and information fall out.

    The Ifbyphone suite is a set of software-as-a-service

    applications including ad tracking, lead distribution,

    hosted IVR, and voice broadcasting. Companies of all


    direct response, health care, real estate, home services, and

    lead generation. Learn more at



    (855) 882-5441

    300 West Adams Street, 9th Floor

    Chicago, IL 60606


    Never miss an important customer or conference call with custom call forwarding.

    Ensure that important calls to you or your agents are

    never missed, no matter where you are. Voice-based

    marketing automation has call forwarding technology

    that enables your hot leads and important customers

    to reach your sales and support agents wherever they

    are. Its a great service if you have sales staff travelling

    in the field or support agents who work from home

    or at client sites. Businesses also use it to proactively

    alert and connect groups for conference calls.

    Screen calls before accepting: Screen calls by listening to the callers announcement before choosing to accept.

    Forward calls based on your office schedule: Forward calls to different phones (office, cell, home, etc.) or a group of phones, based on your business hours.

    Forward calls in sequence or simultaneously: Ring several phones at once, in a specific order, or in a random order.

    Record calls: Keep a record of every conversation by recording phone calls.

    Receive emails with transcribed voice messages: Transfer missed or declined calls to voice mail and receive emails with both the voice recording and transcribed message.

    Connect groups for conference calls: Schedule the system to call each attendee and instantly connect them to the conference call. No more dial-in numbers or access codes to remember. Attendees can be proactively connected from their office, home, car, airport, or anywhere else they may be.

    As always . . . YOURE AWESOME!! Direct transfer of a clients call to either our personal cell phone or voice mail depending on the business hours has eliminated human errors in routing calls.

    - Gary Millard,

    2013 Ifbyphone, Inc. | (855) 290-4190 | | |

  • Agent Panels and Manager Dashboards32VOICE-BASED MARKETING AUTOMATION FEATURES

    Arm your sales and support agents with valuable data on each inbound call before they answer the phone. Centrally monitor and communicate with them in real time.

    Know Who Is Calling Before Taking the Call

    The more information sales and support agents have

    upfront about inbound callers, the more successful

    the call will be. So voice-based marketing automation

    provides a web-based agent panel that displays on

    each reps computer screen. Before taking a call, the

    sales rep can see who is calling and what ad, Google

    search term, referring web site, or other source led

    them to call. If the caller has a record in your CRM

    system, the panel provides one-click access to that

    record. If not, that same click can create a new record

    with pre-populated data.

    Transfer Calls When You Are Working from Home

    This panel can display on any computer, no matter

    if the rep is working in your office or at home. If an

    agent is working from home using their cell phone

    and wants to transfer a caller to someone in another

    location, the agent panel makes it easy.

    Monitor and Message Your Agents

    Voice-based marketing automation also has manager

    dashboards that you can use to monitor agents. The

    dashboard displays all data for agents, including the

    open/busy/closed status, answered calls, outbound

    calls, average hold and talk times, and more.

    Additionally, managers can send messages to agents

    via the dashboard.

    Good technology and excellent customer service this is the way software-as-a-service is supposed to work!

    - Darren Kincaid, WSI Full Spectrum Web Solutions

    Agent panels arm reps with valuable data on incoming callers

    2013 Ifbyphone, Inc. | (855) 290-4190 | | |


    Convert more web visitors into instant phone calls and close more business.

    Prospects are browsing your web site all the time.

    They may have specific questions that, if answered

    right away, could be the difference between a sale

    and the visitor leaving for a competitors site. To

    get answers, they often fill out a web form to have

    someone in sales contact them, with that lead being

    emailed to a rep or logged in a CRM system.

    But how long will it take for a sales rep to respond

    and get the lead on the phone? If they dont call right

    away, it could be hours, maybe even days. Research

    shows that a sale is 22 times more likely to happen

    when you make contact within the first five minutes.

    Waiting even ten minutes dramatically decreases your

    chances of converting that lead to a sale.

    Convert Web Leads to Instant Sales Calls

    Voice-based marketing automation has tools that

    make it easy for prospects on your site to talk to

    the right sales rep right away. Using voice-based

    marketing automation, you can generate immediate

    connections from any online form, including contact

    us, call me now, demo request, and content

    download forms.

    Heres how it works: Whenever a prospect completes

    your form and clicks submit, the system will

    immediately call your sales rep and whisper the

    leads information in their ear. This can include the

    name of the form that was downloaded, the leads

    name, and their phone number. If the rep decides

    to accept the call, the system will call the lead and

    connect both parties over the phone. It can be a very

    effective strategy for reducing web site abandonment,

    decreasing lead contact time, and increasing lead


    Recover Lost Revenue from Shopping Cart Abandonment

    If you have an online store, you probably worry

    about shoppers that abandon their carts before


    big problem. But with voice-based marketing

    automation, you can trigger a call to an agent

    whenever a potential customer abandons their

    cart. The system will whisper to the agent the

    customers name and what is in their cart. With a

    simple voice command, the agent can have the

    system call the customer to see if they can save the


    Trigger calls to your sales agents whenever someone fills out a web form

    2013 Ifbyphone, Inc. | (855) 290-4190 | | |


    Communicate effectively with your audience by delivering notifications, reminders, and promotional offers via SMS text message.

    Do you know anyone without a mobile phone? With

    the overwhelming popularity of cell phones today,

    text messaging has become an effective way for

    businesses to communicate with a large audience.

    Text message open rates and read rates are extremely

    high, and studies have shown that most texts are read

    within 15 minutes of being received, making them an

    attractive delivery option for marketers.

    Voice-based marketing automation makes it easy to

    schedule and deliver SMS texts message blasts to

    your target audience. Of course, text messages should

    always be a permission-based vehicle, with recipients

    opting in to receive your messages.

    Here are a few ways to use SMS messaging to

    communication with your customers:

    Appointment notifications and confirmations: Text your clients appointment reminders 24 hours before an appointment, asking for a yes, no, or

    reschedule confirmation.

    Phone number verification: If a flight, truck, or bus is delayed, deliver a schedule notification to those affected by the delay, or provide a number your audience can text to request schedule updates.

    Travel and inventory confirmations: Your customers could text you asking, when is my appointment? or where is the closest store to 60077? or is this product in stock? and then you can automatically respond with the correct answer via text message.

    Promotional offers: Build your marketing database by inviting customers to text you to receive texts with discount codes.

    Clickable phone numbers: Drive calls to your business by including clickable phone numbers in your text messages.

    Sending SMS messages with clickable phone numbers can trigger inbound sales calls

    2013 Ifbyphone, Inc. | (855) 290-4190 | | |

  • Google Analytics and Universal Analytics Integration35VOICE-BASED MARKETING AUTOMATION FEATURES

    Include phone call data alongside your other online and offline data to better understand whats driving customer activity.

    For years businesses have been using Google

    Analytics to better understand activity on their web

    site. In 2013 Google took their analytics platform

    to the next level with the release of Universal

    Analytics, which gives businesses the ability to track

    and compare not just web activity, but also offline

    interactions like phone calls and in-store visits, mobile

    app traffic, and other sources all in the same


    Voice-based marketing automation integrates with

    Google Analytics and Universal Analytics to add the

    critical call tracking data piece to Googles marketing



    understand how web visitors and callers find your

    business and better measure campaign ROI.

    Universal Analytics users can view rich, context-

    specific call tracking data alongside their other online

    and offline marketing analytics, so you can:

    Seewhichads,searchkeywords,orsocialmediaplatforms are driving web visits and phone calls to your business

    Comparewebvisitsandphonecallsfromorganicvs. paid search on one screen

    Seewhichofyourwebpagesorvideosapersonviewed before and after calling you

    Seewhichofyourcontenttheydownloadedoritems they purchased before and after calling you

    UsephonecalldatainyourwebpageA/Bteststohelp determine a winner

    Accessacolor-codedmaptoseewherepeopleare calling you from

    Including call tracking data in Universal Analytics helps marketers create meaningful customer profiles

    2013 Ifbyphone, Inc. | (855) 290-4190 | | |


    Track revenue from phone leads and improve sales team efficiency by integrating voice-based marketing automation with and other CRM systems.

    Voice-based marketing automation is designed to be a

    standalone platform. But it also integrates easily with

    CRM systems like, giving businesses

    additional value. CRM integration enables you to:

    Have customer information at sales fingertips before every call: When a call comes in from an existing customer or prospect, voice-based marketing automation instantly triggers a screen-pop with information on the lead, contact, and organization.Notimeiswastedsearchingforthecorrect CRM record.

    Boost agent productivity and reduce input errors: When a new lead calls your business, voice-based marketing automation creates a lead record in your CRM and auto-populates the contact number, lead source, and other information. This keeps your agents productive and improves the quality of your data.

    Track which activities generate phone leads and revenue: Voice-based marketing automation tracks which ad, search term, referring domain, or other source drove the lead to call your business. Its recorded in your CRM so you can generate reports detailing how your marketing is driving leads and how those leads are turning into revenue.

    Never miss a phone lead: If a call from a new

    lead goes unanswered, voice-based marketing automation creates a new lead record for you with an open case to ensure proper follow up. If the number is associated with an existing CRM contact, a new case is automatically added to the record.

    Gather extra demographic data for callers: Oftentimes you want more data on a phone lead than you were able to capture initially. Using

    reverse lookup you can quickly retrieve the associated name, city, and state for a given phone number and populate it in your CRM lead record.

    Trigger voice broadcasts based on CRM events: By integrating voice-based marketing automation and CRM systems, you can schedule voice broadcasts to occur automatically based on events in your database. For example, have the system call customers and offer them a discount on their birthday. Or call customers to remind them that their annual subscription will run out in 30 days.

    Enable customers to access and update their records: Dont waste an agents time answering routine questions from callers. Instead, callers can use your IVR to access account information from your CRM. Give them the power to access and reset passwords, look up their order status, view account balances, and much more.

    Record IVR responses in each lead record: Inbound and outbound IVR surveys collect a wealth of information that sales can use to close more business. Through CRM integration this data can be automatically added to each contacts record.

    DPS Uses IVR to Drive Revenue for their Clients

    Dealer Product Services, Inc. is a provider of marketing solutions to over 1,600 automotive retail clients. DPS wanted to integrate voice broadcasting into its clients CRM systems to automate phone calls to advertise warranty renewals, oil changes, and other services.

    We chose Ifbyphone due to their flexibility and their programming expertise, said Tim ONeal, President and CEO of DPS. They have helped us integrate our systems, streamline processes, and automate all of our call delivery.

    Using Ifbyphone, DPS was able to generate more revenue to their clients while realizing a cost savings of 20%.

    2013 Ifbyphone, Inc. | (855) 290-4190 | | |


    Improve customer support and help desk agent productivity by integrating voice-based marketing automation with help desk systems like Zendesk.

    Your business may handle hundreds or even thousands of support calls each week.

    But even if you only get a handful a day, each call is important. If your support team

    is taking too long to respond, customers get frustrated, their satisfaction level drops,

    and your churn rate goes up.

    By integrating voice-based marketing automations virtual call center technology with

    your customer support help desk system like Zendesk, you make customer support


    Turn voice messages into support tickets: Ensure customer voicemails are automatically captured and acknowledged. When a customer leaves a voicemail, your agents will automatically receive an email with both the transcribed text message as well as the recorded file. The system will automatically open a support ticket for the caller in your help desk system, and the caller will receive an email acknowledging receipt of their ticket.

    Enable your own virtual call center: Many help desk systems like Zendesk dont include a phone component. By integrating them with voice-based marketing automation, you can implement a professional call center in minutes without any expensive hardware.

    Manage calls and tickets on one platform: Agents simply sign in to their Zendesk account and they are automatically logged into the call center. They can then make and receive calls without leaving the Zendesk system.

    Enable agents to work from anywhere: If you have agents that work remotely, now you can enable them to make and receive customer support calls on any phone, even Skype. All agent activity can still be monitored centrally by their manager.

    Weve successfully helped ourselves and helped our clients through this automated integration. I highly recommend Zendesk customers consider Ifbyphone as their phone solution!

    -Jonathan Hunt, FundNET Systems Inc.

    2013 Ifbyphone, Inc. | (855) 290-4190 | | |


    Add voice-based marketing automation to your business applications quickly and easily using API integration.

    You want flexibility when running your business. The flexibility to choose the

    applications that work best for you and the flexibility to use those applications

    so they return the most value. Thats why voice-based marketing automation is

    designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems with a full suite of

    APIs, including:

    Call Initiation APIs: Establish conditions in your other applications that automatically trigger voice broadcasts. For example, send a delivery notification one day in advance and another the day of a service call with the option to reschedule if necessary.

    Account Management APIs: Forward calls in real time based on responses to automated questions. For example, a customer that needs a taxi can be automatically routed to the right dispatcher based on answers to simple questions such as location and destination.

    Reporting APIs: Take all the real-time reports from the voice-based marketing automation platform and integrate them into your other reporting applications.

    The NetGet APIs: Enable call data to be pushed into your other systems in real time as a call progresses. The data can be stored in your own database, used to look up info in your database, and then sent back as a simple XML-formatted response.

    Post-Call Action APIs: Send data to your web server as soon as a call is completed. The data can include such things as the date and time of the call, call duration, caller ID, actions taken, and more.

    Voice-based marketing automation platforms are also compatible with white label,

    co-branded, or reseller solutions that wish to manage multiple client campaigns

    through one reseller portal.

    I had a critical need to add voice services to some internal tools. With very little effort, (less than an hour start to finish,) I was able to tie together our phone list with our groupwares calendaring system and have a powerful and dynamic system thats been 100% reliable.

    -Joshua Barratt, CTO, Media Temple

    2013 Ifbyphone, Inc. | (855) 290-4190 | | |


    Use real-time web-based reports to understand and improve marketing ROI, monitor call center activity, measure voice broadcast success, and much more.

    Reporting and analytics play an essential role in

    helping businesses measure, monitor, and improve

    their processes. Voice-based marketing automation

    has a wide range of reports you can view and


    your businesss inbound and outbound calls. This

    detailed data can be used to better understand how

    marketing is generating leads, how sales is closing

    business, and how support is helping customers.

    Reports can be viewed in real-time via the online

    portal. Alternatively, you can schedule ad hoc or

    daily/weekly/monthly reports to be emailed to key

    stakeholders or clients automatically. Plus, you can

    integrate call report data into you existing applications

    (such as, Google Analytics and

    Universal Analytics, Google AdWords, or other

    business software) using API integration.

    Marketing Analytics

    To make better decisions, its important to constantly

    measure your marketing effectiveness. Voice-based

    marketing automation analytics enable you to

    determine which activities online, offline, and mobile

    are generating phone leads, so you can adjust your

    strategy and increase marketing ROI. And because

    voice-based marketing automation integrates with

    your CRM system, you can see which activities are

    not just driving phone leads, but revenue as well.

    SEO and Paid Search Analytics

    Tying a phone lead to a search keyword gives you

    unique insight into how leads are finding you, what

    they care about, and the phrases they are using.

    Voice-based automation reports show you exactly

    which search terms are driving inbound calls. Also,

    if a lead called you after clicking on a paid search

    ad, you can include that data as part of your Google

    AdWords reports to fully understand ad conversion


    Lead Funnel Analytics

    Tracking the marketing source of phone leads is only

    the first step. Voice-based marketing automation also

    enables you to generate reports that follow phone

    leads through each stage of your lead funnel. For

    example, you can generate reports on which ads

    converted phone leads to opportunities and revenue

    at the highest rate. Or which ad sources generate the

    best ROI.

    Call Geography Analytics

    Understanding which geographic areas generate the

    most leads helps marketers better plan their local

    programs. Voice-based marketing can generate

    graphic reports showing you exactly which area

    codes, cities, and states are calling you the most.

    2013 Ifbyphone, Inc. | (855) 290-4190 | | |


    Call Center Analytics

    How many calls did each sales or support agent

    handle in a given time? How long did each call last?

    What was the average time a customer spent on hold?

    How many hours a day does each agent spend on

    calls? What time do agents first log in and last log

    out? You can monitor activity in real-time via the online

    portal or generate historical reports to understand

    each agents effectiveness.

    Voice Broadcast Analytics

    Access detailed reports on the success of each

    broadcast. Data is updated in real-time so you

    can pause campaigns mid-broadcast to make

    adjustments. If your voice broadcast is an IVR that

    requests and collects data, you can view reports on

    each recipients responses and pass that data to your

    CRM system or other business applications.

    Inbound IVR Analytics

    Businesses use inbound IVRs to route callers to

    the right agent, qualify and score leads, survey

    customers after interacting with an agent, and much

    more. You can generate reports showing the number

    of callers to each IVR, their answers to IVR questions,

    where they sent based on their responses, and other


    As a marketing firm, we are committed to providing transparency to our clients. Ifbyphone allows us to present a call detail report that shows the effectiveness of our campaigns.

    -Bobby Vickers, VRB Analytics

    2013 Ifbyphone, Inc. | (855) 290-4190 | | |

  • Challenge

    Sothebys International Realty

    specializes in selling luxury properties.

    They were spending millions of

    dollars on print advertising without

    having a clear understanding of its

    effectiveness. They needed a way to

    measure what ad programs were really



    1. First, using Ifbyphones call tracking, Sothebys was able to understand exactly which ads were driving phone calls.

    2. Second, by setting up call routing, they directed every phone lead from their ads directly to the listing agents primary phone. If the agent didnt answer, Ifbyphone finds them by calling a progression of their other numbers (desk phone, mobile phone, home phone, etc.).

    3. When the agent answers, Ifbyphone whispers the phone number and the newspaper in which the ad appeared. For example, a whisper from a Connecticut ad would say, Call from The New York Times for 120 Peacock Rd.


    Using Ifbyphones call tracking,

    Sothebys reduced their newspaper

    advertising spend by 30% without

    affecting lead flow. In some cases,

    they were able to use Ifbyphone data

    to renegotiate advertising rates. We

    used Ifbyphone to get print ads in line

    with where they should be, said Brad

    Nelson, VP of Marketing of Sothebys.

    We reinvested these dollars into other

    advertising mediums that increased our

    listings total exposure.

    Not only did Ifbyphone help measure

    ad effectiveness, but it also helped

    Sothebys office in Sarasota increase

    sales by 25 percent. Agents were now

    missing fewer calls: We realized our

    agents were missing calls because

    of poor cell reception, said Nelson.

    Ifbyphone call reports gave our agents

    the opportunity to see what calls they

    missed and call those leads back.

    Our agents also get excited about

    the whisper. When agents know

    where the call is coming from, they

    immediately know the quality of that

    lead, said Nelson. I believe these

    added benefits keep our agents happy

    and productive, which ultimately helps




    Luxury realtor uses voice-based marketing automation to reinvest 30% of budget in better-performing ads and boost sales by 25%.

    We used Ifbyphone to get print ads in line with where they should be. We reinvested these dollars into other advertising mediums that increased our listings total exposure.

    -Brad Nelson, Sothebys

    2013 Ifbyphone, Inc. | (855) 290-4190 | | |

  • Challenge

    Go Configure, Inc. is an outdoor

    products delivery and installation

    company with over $14 million in sales.

    While the company sought growth

    opportunities, they were constrained by

    staffing expenses. Go Configure saw

    an opportunity to increase efficiency

    while also reducing expenses by

    automating the five phone calls their

    in-house staff was making for each



    Using Ifbyphones outbound IVR

    technology, Go Configure was able

    to automate voice broadcast calls

    to suppliers, drivers, and customers

    regarding each delivery. As a result of

    using voice broadcasting to automate

    the notification and confirmation

    process, we have had the opportunity

    to grow our business without

    increasing our staffing expense, said

    Dawn Rivera, Director of Operations for

    Go Configure.


    Overall, Ifbyphone provided an easy

    and reliable outbound IVR service that

    positively impacted Go Configures

    daily business operations, while saving

    the company over $70,000 per year.

    Go Configure42


    Voice-based marketing automation saves delivery company $70,000 per year.

    We have been able to double the efficiency of our staff and reduced the cost of staff and overtime by 60%. Without this technology, we would not have had the opportunity to grow our business without increasing our staffing expense.

    - Dawn Rivera, Go Configure, Inc.

    2013 Ifbyphone, Inc. | (855) 290-4190 | | |

  • SECTION 5:


    2013 Ifbyphone, Inc. | (855) 290-4190 | | |


    There are three main benefits to using voice-based marketing automation:

    1. Measure and Optimize Marketing Spend

    John Wanamaker has a famous quote: Half the money I spend on advertising

    is wastedthe trouble is, I dont know which half. Its never been more critical

    for marketing teams to track the full ROI of every dollar you spend. That means

    knowing exactly how many leads and revenue each program generates.

    Track phone leads back to your marketing: Most businesses find that inbound calls are the best type of lead, yet few have the ability to track where they came from. Voice-based marketing automation enables you to understand exactly which marketing programs are driving phone leads. It lets you generate truly closed-loop reporting where every lead is captured, tracked, and reported on.

    Prove to execs and clients how you are impacting revenue: Get credit for every lead and revenue dollar your marketing helps generate. Be able to

    stand in front of your executive team with concrete proof of how your programs are driving revenue. Or if you do lead gen for clients, get paid for every single call you generate.

    Renew campaigns that work, cancel those that dont: Make intelligent campaign decisions based on whats really working. You can stop wasting money on advertising that isnt generating leads and instead funnel that money into proven performers. Its an easy way to grow lead volumes without extra budget.

    Call tracking has really opened our eyes and helped us close a big loop in providing marketing optimization tactics in a multi-channel manner.

    -Paul Stackpole, Pel Hughes

    1. Measure and optimize marketing spend2. Grow revenue faster3. Save time and money

    2013 Ifbyphone, Inc. | (855) 290-4190 | | |


    2. Grow Revenue Faster

    At the end of the day, growing revenue is really what matters. Voice-based

    marketing automation helps businesses grow revenue by improving lead

    generation, converting more web leads into phone leads, and delivering automated

    voice broadcasts.

    Better leads = more revenue: Voice-based marketing automation helps marketers pinpoint what campaigns are really bringing in revenue. You can then reinvest in the most successful programs and give sales the high-quality leads they need to close more business.

    Faster lead response = more revenue: Research shows that a sale is 22 times more likely to happen when you make contact within the first five minutes. Voice-based marketing automation has tools that make it easy for prospects on your web site who fill out a form to get a sales call in seconds. It also has intelligent call routing that gets inbound calls to the right sales agent faster and no phone leads gets missed.

    Automate upselling /cross-selling calls and reorder reminders: Maximizethe revenue you receive from every customer with automated voice broadcasts. They are an effective way to promote the value of upgrading to a higher-tiered product or purchasing additional services. They also help remind customers when it time to reorder or renew.

    3. Save time and money

    Beacon Technologies Sees Over 400% Higher ROI with Call Tracking

    Beacon Technologies is a web technology and marketing agency. Beacon uses Ifbyphone as the critical link between online marketing