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The Fascinating Eighties. Chiquasia Morris. What happened in the 80’s. 1980: Pac-Man Released 1981:President Reagan Assassination Attempt 1982: Michael Jackson “ Thriller” was released 1983: Sally Ride becomes the first American women in space 1984:PG-13 movie rating created - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • The Fascinating EightiesChiquasia Morris

  • What happened in the 80s1980: Pac-Man Released1981:President Reagan Assassination Attempt1982: Michael Jackson Thriller was released1983: Sally Ride becomes the first American women in space1984:PG-13 movie rating created1985: Titanic was found1986: Challenger space shuttle explodes1987: DNA first used to convict criminals1988: Pan Am Flight 103 bombed1989: Berlin wall falls

  • 1980Pac-man was released on May 22,1980.Toru Iwatani invented Pac-man.Pac man was thought of while Toru was eating pizza.The original for Pac-man was puck-man was later changed because the original sounded like a foul English word.

  • 1981March 30,1981 president Reagan was shot .25 year old John Hinckley Jr. shot him puncturing his lung and almost hitting his torso.Hinckley was found not guilty by reason of insanity.

  • THRILLER !On November 30, 1982 Michael Jackson released thriller ! Thriller spent 37weeks on US billboard.The Video was 14 minutes long.The original name was Starlight.

  • 1983Sally Ride

  • In 1983 Sally became the First American Woman in Space .

    She beat out 1,000 people for a spot at NASA.

    She is included in the National Women Hall and Astronaut Hall of Fame.

  • 1984On November 30,1984, pg-13 rating was introduced.

    Motion Picture Association of America oversees the rating system.

    Red Dawn was the first pg-13 movie released.

  • 1985September 1,1985 Titanic was found.

    More than 1,500 people died.

    If life boats were filled properly 1,178 people could of lived.

    882 ft long, 92ft in width, 175 ft tall.

  • 1986The Challenger exploded 73 seconds after lift off.

    Killing:-Francis R Scobee (commander) -Gregory B Jarvis -Ronald E McNair-Ellison S Onizuka -Judith A Resnik -Michael J Smith -Christa McAuliffe (first teacher to leave earth, wife, and mother)

  • DNA In 1987 DNA was first used to convict criminals.Professor Alec Jeffery dis0vered that each person carried a genetic fingerprint in his or her DNA.DNA doesn't lie but can be misleading ,it can also prove innocence.DNA has overturned about 240 convictions and has been around for about 24 years.

  • 1988On December 21,1988 Pan Am Flight 103 exploded over Lockerbie Scotland.

    270 people died.

    The bomb was hidden in a Toshiba Cassette Player.

    Terrorist, Ali Mohmed All Megrahi and Al Amin Khalifa Fhiman bombed Pan Am.

  • 1989

  • Berlin WallNovember 9,1989 the Berlin Wall Fell.

    For 28 years it separated West Berlin from East Berlin.

    The Wall was put up by East Berlin because they needed so bad to keep their population.

  • Thats The End ! Chiquasia Morris

    Credit Goes to :Bing .com&Chiquasia Morris 8th Grade Exit Project !