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Alfie Wolstenholme

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The incredible Hulk is an American superhero production with the Marvel Character hulk. The title sequence hints at what genre the film is through the Action and Adventure codes and conventions such as spectacle, combat and conflict, suspense and jeopardy and speed and motion. The editing throughout the title sequence also produces a sense of action and adventure as the editing is at a very fast pace. The theme of green is also constantly used throughout the title sequence in order to remind the audience who the film is based about which is of course the Incredible Hulk.

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One way in which this screenshot from The Incredible Hulk title sequence represents the genre action and adventure is through the spectacle of the X-ray of a skull, in which also includes some fancy high tech text that the audience probably wouldn't’t understand. The fact that there is an X-ray of what seems to be a human’s cranium connotes that the film may include some combat and conflict (Violence). Every Action and Adventure film has to include some sort of violence as if there was no violence it wouldn't be action and adventure. The screenshot of the security guard confirms the combat and conflict convention when we see The Incredible Hulk gets created and turns into a maniac who kills and causes damage to almost everything.

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The title sequence often exhibited spectacle. Spectacle often pleases the audience and almost makes them feel in awe. Spectacle is another action and adventure code and convention so therefore all the spectacle parts of the title sequence also connote that the film is an action and adventure genre. ‘The Incredible’ screenshot shows some sort of smoke/ clouds with almost like green lightning bolts striking the smoke. The fact that the lightning is green emphasizes how powerful the incredible hulk is as he is presented through the spectacle of the green lightning. Spectacle also appears when we see some sort of inside viewing of Hulks body as we can see the red blood vessels and the green cells. The fact that we can see the inside of hulk makes the audience feel a bit on edge or uneasy which is exactly what an Action and Adventure film is suppose to do.

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Suspense and Jeopardy is also symbolized many times throughout the opening sequence as the audience throughout the title sequence are often on edge. We see this in the Point of view shot of the three people looking at hulk. As they look at hulk they look scared and shocked. This obviously ends in disaster when hulk destroys the place and kills all three people despite being shot at. The fact that he was being shot at makes the hulk look even more invincible and powerful as it shows that he cant be destroyed. The other screenshot also shows some sort of alarm device with the word DANGER written across it which also shows suspense and jeopardy. The reason in which it says danger is due to the fact that The hulk is a powerful superhero who could destroy anything he wanted to, therefore the suspense and jeopardy really does emphasize the whole basis of the film.