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  • 1. About The Author Born on 23rd March 1927. President of Creative Educational Services. American motivational writer and coach, best known for authoring The Magic of Thinking Big in 1959. Professor at Georgia State University, Atlanta. Died on 6th December 1987.
  • 2. Purpose Of The Book.. Thinking That Guides your Intelligence is Much More Important Than How Much Intelligence You Have From a Management Student Perspective sell better, manage better, earn more, and -- most important of all -- Find Greater Happiness & Peace of Mind.
  • 3. Working On The Basics WHAT IS SUCCESS???????? Believe You Can Succeed.. And You Will!
  • 4. Effective Medication For You! Cure Yourself From Excusitis. Dont Underestimate Yourself. Be Confident & Destroy Fear!
  • 5. How To Think BIG! Mind = Engine Be Positive & Be Constructive! You Are What You Think You Are
  • 6. Step Two Clean Your Environment. Think Right Toward Right People. Your Attitude Your Allies!
  • 7. Lights Camera.. ACTION! Develop The ACTION Habit! Keep Your Body Warm.. A Leaders Mind!
  • 8. Target Audience Professionals who need constant motivation. Business, Healthcare, Military. Students & Novice Workers.
  • 9. Strengths Inspirational & Encouraging. Research based. Example based. Catchy Phrases. Self Reflection Question. Weaknesses Brief. Monotonocity.
  • 10. Fulfilling the purpose Inspiring individual toward a better life. Easy to read. Step by step teaching. Easy to travel with.
  • 11. My learning Highly Recommend The Magic of Thinking Big. Three Most Important Takeaways 1. Cure Yourself of Exquisites 2. The How am I thinking? Checklist. 3. The four leadership principles. Favourite Quote The Mind is What the Mind is Fed.