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Big Thinking and Big Achievements is about what is and how to manage your mindset.


Big Thinking to Big Achievements

In this presentation I share with you a safety moment that may save your life. An amazing Myth about what multitasking really isand how to create a mindset that will allow you to Think REALLY BIG!Thinking Really BigBIG ACHIEVEMENTSBIG THINKINGhttp://richardgwallen.usIncidents with car batteries:A car battery doesn't always explode just when being jump-started or charged. There are cases where they suddenly explode due to the installed position, for example, or as a result of a crash.

Safety Moment

2http://richardgwallen.usThe key thing to remember is that when the jumper cables are attached, there will always be sparks when the last connection is made. It is those sparks that can ignite the hydrogen gas in the battery and cause the explosion. That is why it is important to connect the cables in the correct order.It is always recommended to wear approved safety protectionor the results may bea headline:Two local residents hurt in battery explosion Safety Moment (Continued)

3http://richardgwallen.usBattery Safety Resources:Electrical Safety Foundation InternationalSafe Travel Dot GovSafe Use of BatteriesLaptop Battery Safety YouTubeLipo Battery Safety (RC) YouTubeConsumer Product Safety CommissionNiMh Battery Safety TipsNational Capital Poison Center

Safety Moment (Continued)4http://richardgwallen.usMyth of MultitaskingTwo Most Important HoursThe Myth of Multitasking

5http://richardgwallen.usWhat is Mindset?A mental attitude that determines how you will interpret and respond to situations. Or, a set of beliefs or a way of thinking that determines ones behavior, outlook and mental attitude. Yesterdays Theory:No matter how much you learn or how hard you work your intelligence stays the same! Todays Theory: Mindset MattersThe distinguishing feature of geniuses is their passion and dedication to their craft, and particularly, the way in which they identify, confront, and take pains to remedy their weaknesses (Good, Rattan, & Dweck, 2008).

IN OTHER WORDSIts not what you are born with that matters; its your mindset that mattersDevelopment Mindset6http://richardgwallen.usHow to change your Mindset?Your mindset is a powerful thing. It has the ability to control you, persuade you and even hold you back from doing or achieving things in your life.

It can even make you feel unhappy, when circumstances seem to prove that you should be happy.Just wanting is not enough.You have to DO something

You have to commit. And commitment can't be in your mind alone - you have to commit with a definitive action.We all have the ability to change our mind-set - to change our core inner beliefs upon which we base our view of ourselves and of the world. But changing our beliefs is not an easy thing to do. Most people find changing one small belief extremely difficult, let alone a whole range of self-supporting beliefs based on negative pre-conditioning.Development Mindset

7http://richardgwallen.usCritical thinking...the awakening of the intellect to the study of itself. - UnknownReasoning, Interpretation, IdentificationHaving the ability to understand the information you are beingpresented with and being able to communicate the meaning of that information to others.AnalyzingHaving the ability to connect pieces of information together inorder to determine what the intended meaning of the inform-ation was meant to represent.EvaluatingBeing able to evaluate the credibility of statements or descriptions of a persons experience, judgment or opinion in order to measure the validity of the information being presented.Decision MakingDecision-making is the study of identifying and choosing alternatives based on the values and preferences of the decision maker.Problem SolvingAnalytical and critical thinking skills help you to evaluate the problem and to make decisions. Some fundamental steps for problem solving are: Identify, Define, Examine, Act and Look (the IDEAL model for problem solving)Critical Thinking Skills

8http://richardgwallen.usFocus on effort; be assertive and persistence despite setbacks Choose difficult tasks Focus on tactics; what is the best approach?Reflect on different tactics that work and dont work Focus on learning and improving Seek challenges Take massive actionNever give up you can never fail until you quitDevelop Your Mind or

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