big data, big thinking: operationalizing the buzz

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Download your complimentary fact sheet to get an overview of the key talking points of this on-demand webinar, featuring John Myers, Research Director, EMA and John Schitka, Solution Marketing SAP. This webinar reveals the key insights from EMA’s recent Big Data research program and explores how these can translate into meeting your business imperatives. For more information visit:


  • Big Data, Big Thinking: Operationalizing the BuzzHow do you move beyond the hype of Big Data to deliver its true promise?

    In this webinar, John Myers, Research Director, EMA and John Schitka, Solution Marketing SAP, reveal the key insights from EMAs recent Big Data research program and explore how these can translate into meeting your business imperatives.

    SAP Big Data, Big Thinking webinar series

  • As solutions mature and more projects go into production, Big Data is moving from hype to real implementation.

    The top three use cases for Big Data are:

    Speed of processing (50%)

    Combining data structures (41%)

    Pre-processing data (36%)

    Big Data isnt always big: 6 120 TB is the most common volume, not the petabyte-scale requirements that are the poster children for Big Data.

    120 TB

    1 PB

    Big Data isnt just a technology thing: 49% of Big Data funding is coming from non-IT budgets.

    Hey, big spender! Big Data budgets are typically in the range of 550K - $5m. Four out of ten organizations are assigning up to 20% of overall IT budgets to Big Data initiatives.

    IT is still the biggest sponsor of Big Data projects (29%) but Finance (15%), Marketing (14%) and Sales (13%) are a growing source of Big Data funding.

    From hype to real implementation

    IT Finance Marketing Sales

    SAP Big Data, Big Thinking webinar series2

  • The top 5 business goals to which organizations are applying Big Data today are:

    Solutions are maturing

    Big Data is being generated by three major sources:

    Machine generated


    Humans (33%)

    Process mediated (29%)Fraud analysis and risk


    Market analysis and campaign optimization

    Customer relationship management






    Workforce scheduling and asset optimization

    Billing and operational event processing

    SAP Big Data, Big Thinking webinar series3

  • Big Data is an ongoing pro-gram not a one-off project

    Most organizations have one or two Big Data projects on the go

    but 16% have five or more initiatives currently in play.

    From idea to reality: while a third of Big Data projects are in the planning stages, a fifth are in pilot and just over a third are already in production.

    Line of Business Executives are the biggest users of Big Data insights (28%)

    Followed by marketing, business and finance analysts (22%).

    Perhaps surprisingly,report writers and dashboard builders (7%)and application developers (6%) are the lowest users of Big Data results.

    Are their internal customers missing out?

    Big Data users

    SAP Big Data, Big Thinking webinar series4

  • Big Data doesnt deliver big benefits unless its applied! Its potential extends to: Improved financials Optimized offerings Customer retention Optimized supply chain Higher customer retention Proactive fraud management Targeted healthcare

    The key technology trends around Big Data are: advances in storage, memory and processing; in-memory computing; complex event processing; Hadoop; data mining and predictive analysis.

    Getting value from Big Data

    Machine Data Insight (from machines, assets and devices) and Omichannel Data Insight (from high volume and variety data) are todays biggest platform scenarios.

    eBay is working with a massive data set of more than 50 Petabytes to automate signal detection in its marketplace.

    Watch on YouTube

    What could you achieve for your business?

    SAP Big Data, Big Thinking webinar series5

  • To enable businesses to operate in real-time, the SAP HANA Platform converges Database, Data Processing and Application Platform capabilities with Predictive, Planning, Text, Spatial, Graph and Business Analytics libraries.

    It combines the strengths of different data processing domains:

    A complete foundation for your Big Data program

    Join usParticipate in this webinar series to understand how you can get started with Big Data. Join our expert speakers as they share their insights and guide you through real-world Big Data examples. For detailed information about the Big Data, Big Thinking webinars and to register, go to


    SAP also has an established, experienced team of Data Scientists with a wealth of industry experience who can help you explore and map out your path to Big Data success.

    enabling organizations to transact and analyze in real-time

    SAP IQ a petascale disk-based columnar database

    Hadoop to store and explore infinite amounts of unstructured data

    SAP Big Data, Big Thinking webinar series6