the pelicans esl primary school presentation

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THE PELICANS This project is by Omnia, Sandra and Joan.

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The pelicans ESL primary school presentation


  • 1. The pelicans are birds. They are carnivores. They are white and black. They arent friendly.

2. Theyve got a big mouth. Theyve got two wings to fly. Theyve got very small eyes. They sometimes gather in groups. 3. The pelicans live on the coast. They live in all continents, except Antartica. They live in warm areas. They dont live in Polar areas. 4. Pelicans eat all types of small and medium fish. They also eat amphibians (like frogs) and crustaceans (like crabs). They sometimes even eat small birds. 5. They can fly high. They can swim. They can catch many fish with their big mouths. They cant jump. 6. CsjHimqg 7. s/birds/pelica...