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Toad Tips & Tricks. Tips for Maximizing Toad Productivity OOUG 2009 Columbus, OH July 16 th. Agenda. This is more of a “L ive-Demo ” (90 minutes) No Paper Minimal Slides – more demo in tool with Q&A (time permitting) Quest web sites offer free “Coffee Bite” Videos on such topics - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • AgendaThis is more of a Live-Demo (90 minutes)No PaperMinimal Slides more demo in tool with Q&A (time permitting)Quest web sites offer free Coffee Bite Videos on such topicswww.TOADworld.comwww.askTOAD.comGoalsEveryone, regardless of job title or Toad experience, will say:I did not know Toad could do that (too) Im walking away with 4-6 very useful tips Time well spent only wish it had been longer

  • *Bert Scalzo Database Expert & Product Architect for Quest Software

    Oracle Background:Worked with Oracle databases for over two decades (starting with version 4)Work history includes time at both Oracle Education and Oracle Consulting

    Academic Background:Several Oracle Masters certificationsBS, MS and PhD in Computer ScienceMBA (general business)Several insurance industry designations

    Key Interests:Data ModelingDatabase BenchmarkingDatabase Tuning & Optimization"Star Schema" Data WarehousesOracle on Linux and specifically: RAC on LinuxArticles for:Oracles Technology Network (OTN)Oracle Magazine,Oracle InformantPC Week (eWeek)Articles for:Dell Power Solutions MagazineThe Linux

  • *Books by Bert Coming in 2009

  • Couple of Questions (for both our benefit)How many people usingToad ( most / over-half / half / under-half )Toad 10gOracle 11gCurrent on MaintenanceToad Free Information & Collaborationwww.ToadWorld.comwww.AskToad.comToad Yahoo Discussion Groups

  • Couple of Cool Facts (for your benefit)Toad 9.6 made the PL/SQL Debugger part of Standard Toad version, thus no longer requires purchasing Toad Professional just for debugger

    Toad 9.7 gives you a free copy (for the same user) of our new Toad for Data Analysis the multi-database version of Toad aimed more at people who work with the data, and who often try to use lesser tools like MS Excel

    There is still a Toad freeware ( and were planning a significant update to it in 2009

  • Toad for Oracle 9.7 Developer Bundles

  • Toad for Oracle 9.7 DBA Bundles

    The DB Admin Module must be purchased with or added onto another edition of Toad for Oracle.

  • Oct 98Jun 99Feb 00Dec 00Apr 01Dec 01Apr 02Oct 02May 03v5Quest Buysv6.170+screensv6.3PL/SQL Debugger,SQLModelerv6.5DBA Modulev7.0ToadReportsv7.2Script Mgr,SQL*Loader Wizardv7.3HTML Schema Doc Generator,Command LineSupportv7.4Project Manager,QSR Script Runnerv7.5Team Coding,Adv data typesin data gridsNov 03Jul 04Jun 05Oct 05Oct 06Jun 07Nov 07Apr 08v7.6Session Brower,New ToolbarsV8.0XML Support, Code Xpert,Script Debugger, Rebranded: Toad for Oraclev8.5JIT (external)Debugging, Citrix support, RAC support, Enhanced 10g supportv8.6Query Builder,New Toad Fast Reports,Master-DetailBrowserv9.0Single Merged Tabbed Editor,New & Improved Code Xpert,Oracle OEMsASM/ADDM/AWR Mgrs and Reportsv9.1Policy Mgr,Action Recall,Toad Tips,Vista Supportv9.5Stats PackBrowser, 11g Support,PL/SQL Profiler,Code Xpert Batch Mode,SQL Opt 7.2Integrationv9.6Debugger to Standard,HC Vulnerability Assessment,Improved DB BrowserTDM IntegrationOracle 8iSep 08v9.7App Designer, Trace File Browser,New Formatter,RMAN support,Toad for Data AnalysisToad vs. Oracle Product Release HistoryOracle 9iOracle 10g R2Oracle 11gOracle 9i R2Oracle 10g8. 9i >= Toad 9.0 Oracle 10g >= Toad 9.6 Oracle 11g >= Toad 9.7

  • Oracle Client / Server Interoperability Support(See Metalink Document 207303.1)Toad may work with older client talking to newer databases - but there might be data type issues

  • DemoWill use Toad (latest & greatest GA version)Will try to focus on three different user personasOracle SQL and/or PL/SQL DeveloperOracle Database Administrator (DBA)Business Analyst (less technical business user)Will show lots of feature breadth for 3 personasWill show some feature depth for 3 personasWill make sure to say what comes with what bundle

  • Presenters:Bert Scalzo: [email protected] and Answers Note: these slides should be available on OOUG web site, but well also make sure to post them on our companys web site: You