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Woman in India are in action now. From ICICI CEO Chanda Kochar to Biocon MD Kiran Majumdar are making news. There is also a new trend of young ladies coming up in Digital Media Industry and shaping the industry in a big way. This presentation presents 10 such ladies who has contributed hugely to the industry in last 5 years.


  • The landscape of Indian Digital Media Industry With the overwhelming growth of population in the last few years, very soon India is going to overtake United States as the second largest home for online population. This might seem to have put a lot of pressure in the Indian Digital media industry, however the digital ecosystem is not holding back either, todays 1200- 1500 crores INR will soon exceed several thousand crores. Indian Digital Media Industry has seen a lot of progress in a short span of time. It is getting ready for the big challenge. Here we enumerate a list of top 10 women from India who have stepped forward and taken up this responsibility. Please note this list is in no specific ranking order; but all of them have spent some good time and helped in building the digital ecosystem. Some leaders mentioned here have spent over 10 years, while some have popped up only in the last 2-3 years. One common thing is that their contribution to the industry has been phenomenal.
  • #1. Shradha Sharma Founder and CEO, Shradha founded, Indias largest platform for Entrepreneurs and have taken it to a new height. People see her as the Indias Michael Arlington of TechCrunch, King Maker of Silicon Valley. Shradhas contribution to the Entrepreneurs Community is huge. She is the driving force in bringing Entrepreneurs, Investors and Media under one roof. Image credits:
  • #2. Sweta Sharma Co-Founder and COO, Sweta , co-founded the Indias biggest Digital Media Product Successful story, Simplify360. She is a Statistician and a big believer of Analytics and Real Time Intelligence, and contributes by bringing the Customer and people angle to the product at Simplify360. Simplify360 is the Social Business Intelligence Company offering Social Media Marketing Suite for Agencies and Social Media Contact Center for BPOs. The company is amongst the Top 6 Analytics Product Companies in India as reported by NASSCOM and Frost & Sullivan. The company is sells in over 100 countries both directly; or through partners, and have some prestigious names in their client list including Star TV, ITC Foods, Mahindra Retail, Yamaha and others.
  • #3. Ankita Gaba Co-Founder and CEO, Social Samosa If Yourstory is Indias TechCrunch, SocialSamosa is the Mashable of India. Ankita is Indias Pete Cashmore. Ankita has been phenomenal in building the ecosystem around Social Media, and besides blogs the company hosts Social Meet-ups in different cities and provides great networking possibilities. SocialSamosa is bringing the entire ecosystem of Indian Social Media Industry under one roof. The company has grown significantly in the last 2 years and have established as the leader in Indian Blogosphere. Image credits:
  • #4. Rashmi Putcha Co-Founder and CEO, DMTI Rashmi is the co-founder of RedEye Media (a full service ad agency that caters to the education category) and the Founder & CEO of DMTI (Digital Marketing Training Institute). While lots of people went into building agencies in Digital Media, Rashmi took of pain of making people employable and usable in the industry. DMTI offers classes on Digital Media to people of all sectors and experience levels, and makes them Digital ready. DMTI has been contributing towards making India a hub for Marketing & Media from the Digital Strategy and Delivery sides.
  • #5. Sneh Sharma Co-Founder and Creative Head, Webenza Sneh is the Co-founder and Creative Head of Webenza, one of the fastest growing Digital Media Agencies in India. The agency has grown to over 30 people in the last 2 years, and has served clients like INSZoom, Schneider Electric, Bangalore Midnight Marathon and several others. They have left a strong mark with their focus on creative designs. The agency also boasts of having one of the best websites in the industry. Sneh Sharma also bagged the award of Top 50 Digital Marketers in Asia by Brand Congress recently. She is an aggressive marketer and a big believer in creativity, and is youngest on the list.
  • #6. Chhaya Balachandran Aiyer CEO & MD, BC Webwise BCWebwise is one of the largest digital agencies in India; and neither Chhaya nor BcWebwise needs any introduction. Chhaya and her agency is known for creativity which is reflected well in the profiles of her company as well its clients. The company serves several big brands including Hero Motor Corp, Godrej, Hypercity, Maruti Suzuki and others. Chhaya got the Corporate Excellence Award from the Indian Institute of Economic Studies in 2009 for BC Web Wise, and Udyog Rattan Award for Business Entrepreneur of the Year from the Indian Institute of Economic Studies in 2009. Image credits:
  • #7. Anjali Hedge CEO, Reprise Media Anjali is a seasoned professional in the industry and is an insider since 1994. She was one of the founding members of Interactive Avenues, which is one of the leading Digital Media agencies in India. Reprise Media is an IPG Mediabrands agency which offers all Digital Solutions under one roof. Reprise Media combines extensive Indian digital experience with Global tools, research and insights into world markets. Image credits:
  • #8. Jaitrali Jhanjharya Chief marketing Ideator, Ideatelabs Jaitrali is passionate about the new media, and has Digital Media experience of over 14 years, spanning across stints in digital media, search engine marketing, movie & entertainment marketing, events & promotions and movie production houses. IDEATELABS is one of the leading agencies in India that specializes in delivering Customer engagement models, enabling brands to reach out to their customers exactly the way, customers want. They say We Innovate, so that your brand can Dominate the digital world. Image credits:
  • #9. Sabina Kamal Co-founder and COO, Mobiquest Sabina, better known as Sabina Rahman is currently working with Mobiquest as Chief Operating Officer; a company she cofounded. Her contribution can be seen in the award winning Mobile Platforms that the company is proud of & the Customers/Partners Portfolio. Sabina has provided Techno-Creative Excellence for the companies she has been associated with. She specializes in the area of Interactive Communication & Digital Design. Constantly striving to provide Quality and creative edge to achieve Customer Satisfaction by creating reusable components to reduce costs and improve team productivity. Designing innovative Architectures for better User Xperience. Image credits:
  • #10. Sumana Samuk Account Director, [email protected] Sumana is the key digital gem of Ogilvy, and is Account Director for [email protected] She has been growing at a fast pace and has earned a lot of respect in the Social Media industry. Sumana is also one of the few creative leaders in the industry with deep understanding of Analytics and Marketing Products. She handles IBM as her client and runs IBM India Software Social Ambassador Program. In 7 years of her career, she has bagged 2 awards - The Manthan Award 2008 and Best Blogger with maximum search 2009.
  • Share with us! There are several other amazing ladies out there who are doing amazing stuffs. If you find one, share with us in the comment. Would like to know and appreciate them for their efforts.
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