trust pictoguard to clean up your online reputation

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Trust Pictoguard to Clean up Your Online Reputation

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  1. 1. Trust Pictoguard to Clean up Your Online Reputation
  2. 2. Pictoguard is the leading expert in how to delete photos from Google images. Celebrities and other clients from all over the world trust in Pictoguards confidentiality and ability to remove name from Google search, to help enhance their online reputation. The internet is no longer the vast and untamed wild, wild west it used to be, even though anyone can post content and pictures, now, with Pictoguards help, inappropriate or unwanted pictures and content can be taken down. Google is no longer an impenetrable fortress; rather, it can be secured with the correct techniques and methodologies. Pictoguards expert staff is comprised of the best software programmers and consulting lawyers so that each and every one of their clients can expect only the best results. They have years of experience and to date have eliminated 100,000 images off of 15,000 websites. Leading Experts to Keep Your Name Protected
  3. 3. Dont Let it Go Viral One of the worst case scenarios on the internet is having an inappropriate image go viral. Before that happens, its important to start a campaign with Pictoguard ASAP. Once a campaign is started, they scan the internet for any unwanted pictures or comments. When they are located, they take the proper steps to remove name from Google search. It takes up to four weeks for images to be removed from Google, and a little bit longer for them to be removed from the Google cache. During the removal process, Pictoguard uses their web development skills to create a Google-friendly website for the client, complete with proper SEO optimization. They populate the website with client-approved, appropriate images and content with an aim to boost the clients search engine rankings.
  4. 4. Pictoguard is 100% confidential and boasts a client list of celebrities including models, actors, stylists, make-up artists, writers, as well as everyday average people. Sooner or later, everyone has reason to remove name from Google search. Whether its a matter of changing careers, fixing a past mistake, or a new life direction, Pictoguard is well-equipped with the skill and technological prowess to know how to delete photos from Google images and get their clients name ranking at the top of the search engines. Pictoguard Knows How to Delete Photos from Google Images
  5. 5. Contact Us:: Address : 1 Little West 12th Street New York, NY 10014 E-mail : [email protected] Telephone : +1 212 470 6452
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