tullow oil – an irish success story

Tullow Oil – An Irish Success Story Engineers Ireland, 06 October 2010 Slide 1 Engineers Ireland

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Page 1: Tullow Oil – An Irish Success Story

Tullow Oil – An Irish Success StoryEngineers Ireland, 06 October 2010

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Page 2: Tullow Oil – An Irish Success Story


This presentation contains certain forward-looking statements that are subject to the usual risk factors and uncertainties associated with the oil and gas exploration and production business and production business.

Whilst Tullow believes the expectations reflected herein to be reasonable in light of the information available to them at this time, the actual outcome may be materially different owing to factors beyond the Group’s control or within the materially different owing to factors beyond the Group s control or within the Group’s control where, for example, the Group decides on a change of plan or strategy.

Th G d t k bli ti t i h f d l ki t t t The Group undertakes no obligation to revise any such forward-looking statements to reflect any changes in the Group’s expectations or any change in circumstances, events or the Group’s plans and strategy. Accordingly no reliance may be placed on the figures contained in such forward looking statements.

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Page 3: Tullow Oil – An Irish Success Story


S ti PSection Page

History of Tullow Oil 4

Company Projects 11

Tullow Culture 18

Forward Plans 21

Q & AQ & A

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Page 4: Tullow Oil – An Irish Success Story

Tullow History

• Founded by Aidan Heavey in 1985

- No oil industry experience

- No money

- No local market

• Today Tullow’s market cap. is US$17 billionbillion

- Operations in 24 countries

- Production of 60,000 boepd

- 30th largest company on FTSE

Exploration Growth

Borrow and Buy

Establish Company

Start Up

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Page 5: Tullow Oil – An Irish Success Story

Senegal 1986 – Tullow’s First Project

• Senegal

• Old abandoned wells

• Old abandoned pipelines

• Unavailable power station

• Challenge . . .

• Get wells on production

• Repair pipeline

• Get power station working with gasg g

• Drill and explore

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Page 6: Tullow Oil – An Irish Success Story

Typical Early Asset – Suri Field Pakistan

• Dublin office managed assets in Pakistan, UK, Syria, Egypt, Romania, Bangladesh and Ivory C Coast.

• Tullow’s early focus was on low cost, onshore.

• Full cycle E&P approach:Li li ti- License applications

- Acquire geological data and seismic

- Exploration drilling

- Appraisalpp

- Development

- Production Operations

• In 1990s Tullow built a base for future growth

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Page 7: Tullow Oil – An Irish Success Story

2001 – 2007 Major Acquisitions

• BP Southern North Sea Assets (£200mm)- Big step change in value and manpower

- Re-registered as a UK company in 2000

• Energy Africa ($570mm)- Increased African portfolio in 2004

- Timing was great with rise in oil prices

- Integration challenge – assets & staff

• Hardman Resources ($1.1bln)- Friendly acquisition in 2007

- Added Mauritania and Uganda acreageAdded Mauritania and Uganda acreage

Fast & Flexible Deal Maker

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Fast & Flexible Deal Maker

Page 8: Tullow Oil – An Irish Success Story

Ghana programme delivering excellent results

Four fields discovered since 2007

J bil ld l il fi ld • Jubilee – world-class oil field

• Odum – potential satellite development

• Tweneboa – oil and gas-condensate field

• Owo – major new light oil field discovery

Ongoing Exploration and Development

• Jubilee 1st Oil Nov/Dec 2010

• 120,000 bopd production

• Forecast Capex - $3.35 billion

O o T eneboa & On in a ells• Owo, Tweneboa & Onyinya wells

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Page 9: Tullow Oil – An Irish Success Story

Ghana – FPSO Kwame Nkruhmah

Discovery to first oil in 40 months

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Discovery to first oil in ~ 40 months

Page 10: Tullow Oil – An Irish Success Story


• 1 Billion barrels discovered

35 t f 36 ll f l • 35 out of 36 wells successful

• Purchased Heritage Oil’s share

A i h T l d • Agreement with Total and CNOOC for divestment


Ugandan Resources (P50)


Prospective Resources

>2.5bn boe

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Page 11: Tullow Oil – An Irish Success Story

Tullow offices worldwide









Côte d’IvoireGabon


Corporate Offices

Key Regional Offices



Uga da




Note: Tullow also has serviced offices in French Guiana.

y g

Local Offices

Cape TownSouth Africa

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Page 12: Tullow Oil – An Irish Success Story

Resourcing Model - Contract and Outsource

• Joint Ventures – Operated v Non Operated- Industry wide model to mitigate risk

• Core Competence – Internal- Drilling design planning & controlDrilling design, planning & control

- Seismic interpretation

- Geological interpretation

- Reservoir Engineering

- Planning and EHS compliance

• Outsource for Offshore Services- Drilling Rigs

- Seismic Vessels

- Design, Fabrication & Installation

- Field operations

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Page 13: Tullow Oil – An Irish Success Story

In-House Drilling and Reservoir Engineering Expertise

• Drilling Engineering

- Safe environmentally compliant wells- Safe, environmentally compliant wells

- Well planning & design

- Maintain production wells

• Reservoir Engineering

- Reservoir modelling & prod forecasts

- Field well count and prod ratesp

- Reserves booking

• Development and Operations

- Safe surface facilities

- Design and project management

- Manage field operations

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Page 14: Tullow Oil – An Irish Success Story

In-House Geology and Geophysical Expertise

1) Interpret seismic data2) Identify potential leads and prospects



Top Triassic

Top Permian SaltMiddle Jurassic

Sea Bed

1 2 3

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Page 15: Tullow Oil – An Irish Success Story

Jubilee subsea facilities

Subsea EquipmentQuantity

Installed Total

Umbilicals 14 14 Miles

Ri id J 2 41


Rigid Jumpers 2 41

Rigid Flowlines 29 29 Miles

Trees 14 16

Electrical Flying Leads 48 110

Steel Flying Leads 37 46

Manifolds 8 8

Tether Pile 9 9

Riser Bases 2 2

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Average water depth – 1,200m

Page 16: Tullow Oil – An Irish Success Story

Jubilee FPSO – Topsides Equipment

Gas compression - Singapore

Water treatment - Malaysia

Oil processing – Indonesia

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Turret Lift - Singapore

Page 17: Tullow Oil – An Irish Success Story

Jubilee field – Operational scale

Initial Estimate (Phase 1)

150-160 Tullow Ghana positions

~700 in-country total

Accra-Takoradi upgraded air-bridge from Nov 09, 10-15 contractor

HQ office~130 TLW +20-30 contract + MODEC Accra

~700 in country total contractors, of which ~400 rotational positions

Total personnel ~1200

P j t i t ll 400 500 Project install +400-500 persons at any one time

Supply + port base+ port ~30 TLW + 20-30 contract persons inc MODEC+ ~25 direct labour contractor+20 stevedore etc

MPV – Bourbon Astyanax

FPSO 50-80 POB, max 120 Rig 1, 100-120

Da ghte

Upgraded helo operation10 pax + 2 crew, x2 craftLatest OGP spec; 20-25 contractor

Daughter Craft.

Slide 17Engineers Ireland

Tanker handlingTug/AHT ~12

Rig 2, 100(rig share)

Marine Fleet1 MPV with ROV, 1-3 AHT/PSVs1 daughter craft, ~100 direct contractor staff

Page 18: Tullow Oil – An Irish Success Story

Creating Stakeholder Value

- Ghana: Jubilee discoveryGhana: Jubilee discovery& fast track development

- Uganda: commercialisation, pre-emption & farmdown

Consistent and repeatable strategy• Sustainable long term growth

• Balance exploration, major projects & funding

- High impact exploration portfolio

• Safety, environment, stakeholders & people

Underpinned by financial strategy- $2.75bn debt facilities

- $2.1bn equity placings

- Uganda transactions

Underpinned by financial strategy

• Strong, well funded balance sheet to enable growth

- Debt and equity funding

P tf li tg

- Jubilee Phase 1 first oil Nov/Dec 2010

- Portfolio management

• Significant future operational cash flow

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Page 19: Tullow Oil – An Irish Success Story

Tullow Values

Focus onResults

WorkIntegrity and


Work Together


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Page 20: Tullow Oil – An Irish Success Story

Social Enterprise Approach and Strategy

‘Establishing a culture of success that cuts across many social sectors’

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Page 21: Tullow Oil – An Irish Success Story

Industry Outlook

Peak Oil

• Supply & Demand

• Oil price outlook

Shale Gas

Gas p icing impact• Gas pricing impact

• LNG market

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Page 22: Tullow Oil – An Irish Success Story





• National Oil Companies




Sinopec - Different type of Competitor

- Access to Licenses

- Overseas expansion

0 100 200 300 400



BHP Billiton

M k C $B


Market Cap $Bn

• “Drilling on Wall Street”

- Threat of Acquisition

- Premium required by shareholders

- Not in Tullow’s Plans

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Page 23: Tullow Oil – An Irish Success Story

Corporate Level

• Build on Success

- Add acreage, develop discoveries$1,483m2010 Forecast$1,500m

• Long term view

- Deliver on promises to shareholders

2009 $1,140m

- Company reputation and resources

• Portfolio Balance

C i i l


0 400 800 1200 1600



- Contingent to commercial reserves

- Finance growth and exploration


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Page 24: Tullow Oil – An Irish Success Story


• From small start up to FTSE 100p

• Entrepreneurial outlook

• Get right people

• Success is possible

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Page 25: Tullow Oil – An Irish Success Story

Tullow Oil plc5th Floor, Block C

Central Park, LeopardstownDublin, D18

Tel: +353 01 213 7300

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website: www.tullowoil.com